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You Pick Wednesday: Cute and Comfortable Shoes

Shopping · You Pick Wednesday

Last week Maggie asked me via Twitter for help finding cute and comfortable shoes. In her words, ballet flats aren’t supportive enough and “good” shoes tend to be ugly.

Well, I suppose that if what you remember are the Aerosoles, Clarks and Naturalizer shoes your grandmother wore then, yes, comfortable shoes are ugly.

But, believe me when I say that shoe brands are starting to get the message. In fact, I bet you can’t guess what brands the shoes below are!

Cute and comfortable shoes


Clockwise from top left: Aerosoles wedges | Aerosoles flats | Clarks flats | Naturalizer flats | Naturalizer wedges | Anne Klein wedges | Sofft flats

I’m personally in love with those leopard print smoking loafers from Clarks. Seriously in love. They also come in other colors but if Zappos wanted to send me a pair (or if a spare $100 fell out of the sky) these are the ones I’d pick.

Overall, I went for shoes that fit my two main criteria for not looking like a frumpy grandmother:

  1. No square toes. Stick with almond, round or even pointed.
  2. No block heels. Unless it’s a wedge, make sure the heel is no more than 1/4 of an inch.

I’ve also heard good things about the Cole Haan Air series but those are pricey. Definitely try on a pair in the store and then look for them online for sure.

Personally, the brand I wear the most is Bandolino but that’s because they fit my wide forefoot and narrow heel the best. Still, I sit at a desk all day so other than the walk to and from the train I don’t necessarily put a lot of mileage on them. Now, though, I have a slightly longer commute so I might be looking for my own pair of cute, comfortable shoes soon!

Do you have any suggestions? Which pair do you like?

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What to wear with seersucker

You Pick Wednesday

Valerie recently commented on another post of mine that she had a question that she wanted me to address: what do you wear with a seersucker blazer?

See, she has this one but wasn’t sure how to wear it. As she said:

I have a seersucker blue print blazer and I am never sure what to wear it with…I feel like dark colors don’t work with it so it doesn’t leave me many options, and the print may not work with other prints.

I do not own anything seersucker so I turned to the personal stylist to the Internet: Pinterest. And created a board just for Valerie!


As you can see, I found her quite a few options. They include:

  • Seersucker with jeans
  • Seersucker with white skirts or pants
  • Seersucker with red, coral, yellow, burgundy or green
  • Seersucker with navy or cobalt
  • Seersucker with floral print
  • Seersucker with stripes
  • Seersucker with a graphic tee

The Limited also currently has a light blue blazer on sale that could give Valerie some ideas on how to pair her light blue seersucker blazer.

For example, they’ve put it with these floral shorts. And although shorts aren’t office-appropriate, I think the print is a perfect pairing!


So, Valerie, I hope this has given you some more ideas on what to wear with your seersucker blazer!

What is your favorite outfit pairing?

You Pick Wednesday: Spring Party Dresses Under $100

Shopping · You Pick Wednesday

It’s getting to be that time of year when invitations to spring weddings, graduation parties and baby showers appear in our inboxes. Plus, we’re all so tired of cold and nasty weather that any excuse to break out a fun spring dress is a welcome one.

A reader recently asked me for suggestions of what to wear to her daughter’s graduation party at a nice restaurant. I told her that she’s in luck because the latest trend of fit-and-flare dresses are perfect for the occasion AND perfect for just about every body shape.

Spring party dress, spring dress sandals

Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Dress 3 | Dress 4 | Dress 5 | Dress 6 | Dress 7 | Dress 8

Shoes 1 | Shoes 2 | Shoes 3

Not a fan of showing off your arms? Throw on a shawl or a colorful cardigan and you’re good to go! Let the dress stand out by pairing it with some fun heels and keeping the jewelry simple.

Feel like you need to define your waist? Try a belt! Some of these dresses come with a belt but feel free to add one to others if your waist is the narrowest part of you and you want to show it off.

But no matter what you wear, don’t forget to have fun at those spring parties!

What to Wear to Business Casual Interview

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter · You Pick Wednesday

What to wear to a business casual interview


A reader recently contacted me to ask about what she should wear to a business casual interview. She’s been out of the interviewing game for a few years so she wasn’t sure what was appropriate.

I’m pretty sure this is a question we all ask ourselves. Do I wear a suit? Is a dress okay? What about a skirt? Here are my thoughts.

1. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed so wear a suit if you feel comfortable in it. But don’t wear a suit just to wear a suit. Black dress pants and a fun jacket or a nice cardigan can be just as professional.

2. See if you can do some research on the company beforehand and see if you can find any images of employees online. That might give you an idea of how they dress. But if they’re wearing jeans in the photos that doesn’t mean you can wear jeans! But maybe you can go with something more fun like some beautiful cobalt blue dress pants instead of black.

3. Dresses and skirts are fine but since tights and nylons are coming back into style it’s a good idea to wear a pair. Sheer black is always a good move with a closed-toe heel.

4. V-necks are totally fine, but just be sure to wear a nice camisole underneath so you’re not flashing all the goods.

5. Keep the jewelry minimal. No jangly bracelets or huge statement necklaces. Those are fun but save them until after you get the job.

I chose the pieces above because many of them you could mix and match to suit your own personal style. Black suits are fine and dandy but, hey, don’t forget to let a little bit of your personality shine through!


Four Simple Rules for Wearing Sequins to the Office

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall · Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring · Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter · Shopping · You Pick Wednesday

How to wear sequins to work, office style

It’s the holiday season which for many people, me included, means it’s time for all things sparkly! But, I actually love sequins all year round and I don’t think they should be relegated to just those evening and weekend holiday parties. And after wearing my sequin skirt to work yesterday and getting so many compliments that I lost count (including from the baristas at Starbucks and the security staff of my building) I think everyone should try to wear something sequined to work and get their own compliments!

There are some rules to wearing sequins to the office appropriately. Fail to follow these and you’ll look like you belong in Las Vegas and not leading a meeting.

The Four Simple Rules for Wearing Sequins to the Office

1. Stay away from black sequins

Go with silver, blush, light gold or, if it’s Christmastime, red. Black is for night clubs, not offices.

2. Wear your sequins with tailored pieces

Notice I pair mine with plain blazers, pencil skirts, turtlenecks and cardigans along with simple shoes.

3. Keep the accessories minimal

Sequins don’t need a lot of accessorizing. They’re pretty awesome all on their own.

4. Nothing too tight, short or low-cut

Save those sequin mini skirts and skin-tight shirts for Vegas, please.

Need some shopping ideas? Here are 14 of my picks that are office appropriate! Note: the black Old Navy tank comes in lots of colors. I just couldn’t get anything other than black to show up in the slideshow below.

Making Pencil Skirts Casual for the Weekend: Three Key Things to Know

Casual Clothes · You Pick Wednesday

You probably have at least one in your closet. A pencil skirt. An business office wardrobe staple for many of us. And they might get a lot of wear, too. I mean, we are at work more than we’re at home. Or, at least, it seems like that for me. But who wants to have two entirely separate wardrobes? One for work and one for play. I mean, that gets expensive! Which is why faithful reader Kelsey asked me how should could make her pencil skirts casual for the weekend.

Pencil Skirts Casual Outfits

Clockwise from top left

Shout Out to You | Merrick’s Art | Celebflair.com | Gap | Atlantic-Pacific | Fashion on the Fly | J. Crew | Refinery29

I collated 8 different casual pencil skirt looks that include what I consider to be the staple pieces in making your pencil skirts casual.

1. A loose-fitting, casual shirt.  Plain, patterned, striped, graphic, whatever. It needs to be casual and not super-tight.  T-shirts, sweatshirts or tank tops will all work for this purpose as long as they are loose and comfy.

2. Flat shoes. Sneakers are a great way to dress down your skirt but if you think that’s TOO casual then just flat sandals are a good way to go in the summer.

3. Casual outerwear. For work we tend to pair our pencil skirts with cardigans or blazers. For the weekend, though, jean jackets, utility jackets, or zip-up sweatshirts are the key making those pencil skirts casual.

So, what do you think? Would you wear any of these outfits?

Don’t forget you can always submit your own You Pick Wednesday questions via Twitter, Facebook or email!


Comfortable Sandals Under Sixty Dollars

You Pick Wednesday

Comfortable walking sandals under sixty dollars



It’s officially summertime so for this week’s edition of You Pick Wednesday we’re going to tackle sandals. Specifically, comfortable sandals you can wear during your walking commute that won’t leave your feet sore or your knees aching. Here’s Bethany’s question:

While I normally blow off every warning about how flip flops are terrible for your feet/legs/body in general, since I’m training for Chicago [Marathon] this year and my #1 goal is to remain uninjured, I’d like to do whatever I can to make myself less likely to get injured or aggravate something…and poor footwear choices don’t seem like the best way to go about doing that.

Basically, I’m looking for sandals that 1) will be nice to my legs, particularly since I walk two miles (not all at once, just overall) on my commute, 2) are more appropriate for a twentysomething who more or less likes to keep up with shoe trends…. 3) are flat or very close to flat, since I avoid any shoe with anything resembling a heel at all costs on work days (see: two miles of walking in my commute), and 4) are not $$$$$$. $30 or less is ideal, but I’d be willing to go up to $50 if absolutely necessary.

Okay, so, the tricky part of Bethany’s question is the price. Supportive shoes and under $30 don’t really go together. At least not that I’ve found. Perhaps if you scour clearance racks and stalk sales you could find some, but chances are good you’re going to have to spend $50 or even $60 to find them. But, if you think about it, you have your feet and legs for life, right? And we pay $$$ for running shoes to keep ourselves uninjured. Why not spend that money on our every day shoes?

By the way, this is a case of do as I say, not as I do. I’m a hypocrite. I admit it.


The six sandals above range in price from $39.99 to $59.00 (although, I bet you could get the $59 one for less since they’re from Macy’s and Macy’s is always having sales and coupons). All get good reviews in terms of comfort and walkability. And most come in a variety of colors so you can pick something neutral or something fun.

The key is find something that isn’t just piece of leather or plastic attached to some straps. Cushioning and arch support are key. And if you MUST have flip flops, I can personally recommend the Montrail brand. You put them in the oven so that they warm up and then put them on and they conform to your fit. A little pricey but your cost per wear will be one of the best deals you can find.

Do you have comfortable sandals you love to wear in the summer? What kind are they?


Don’t forget, you can always submit your own question for a future You Pick Wednesday!

Five Summer Hats That Aren’t Baseball Caps

Casual Clothes · You Pick Wednesday



When I asked on Facebook for questions my fans wanted answered, one of my readers (and long-time friend) asked:

I’m tired of wearing baseball caps out (unless I’m running) but still want to keep the sun out of my face…. Just please don’t say “fedoras,” I’d feel like a poser.

So, in response, I picked 5 summer hats from Target (because, really, who doesn’t love Target).  One “cowboy” style hat, two floppy hats, one traditional sun hat, and one conductor style hat.

If you’re transitioning from a baseball cap I think the conductor hat is probably the closest match if you don’t feel comfortable jumping right to a floppy hat or a cowboy-style hat. Personally, my summer hat is a purple floppy one that I bought at a boutique in Michigan.


And if you don’t like my hat picks, here are a few more summer hat posts that might inspire you more.

Summer Sun Hats (WARNING: Contains fedoras)

White on White (Super cute hat also from Target)

The Grass is Always Greener (The perfect floppy hat outfit)

And a few other bloggers who keeps hats on constant rotation as part of their accessories:

Jen at Librarian for Life and Style

Katie at Alaskan Weredork

Four Ways to Wear a Maxi Skirt to the Office

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Say hello to Anne from Anne Really Blogs! She does her own occasional style posts (along with posts about yummy recipes, travel, her dogs, fitness, and much more) but recently she asked me for help with ways to wear her new GAP maxi skirt to work.


GAP Striped Maxi Skirt



I’ve worn my own maxi dresses to work (sometimes even turning them into skirts) but I admit that this time I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. So here are my takes on four different ways you can make your maxi skirt work for the office.


Black and white striped maxi skirt with gold accessories


Shirt | Shoes |Belt | Similar Necklace |Similar Earrings


Neon cardigan with striped maxi skirt

Cardigan | Shirt | Necklace | Shoes



Striped Maxi Skirt with Coral Top and Black Blazer


Blazer | Shirt | Clutch | Shoes

Striped maxi skirt with white top, obi belt, and statement necklace

Shirt | Belt | Shoes | Anne’s own necklace!


Key takeaways?  Here are three.

1. Avoid flat sandals. They make it look like you’re going to the beach.

2. Pair the skirt with some “lux” accessories. Faux (or real) leather belts, shiny jewelry, and non-cotton tops are all good choices.

3. Wear something more structured, like a blazer or a waist belt to give you some shape and decrease the casual factor.


Do you have a maxi skirt or dress? How do you like to wear it?

For more maxi skirt inspiration, head over to Marionberry Style. Her trend of the month is maxi skirts!


cat bow tie

Crazy Cat Prints: Dos and Don’ts

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A few months ago I saw a shirt on Fran and emailed the link to my friend Kim with the subject “Classy cat shirt”.  Kim is a HUGE cat person so I thought she needed some cat clothes.

cat bow tieNo, not like that. Like this:

Gap-Boyfriend-Cat-Shirt-Navy, cat print


We have a ongoing joke about ugly cat shirts and how I believe they should not be allowed outside of your house. Ever.

Ugly cat print t-shirts

(Although, to be honest, the top right one isn’t half bad)


So, of course, Kim was excited that there was actually a Loop Looks approved cat print shirt. Which means when I asked for “You Pick” posts for this week while I’m on vacation, she immediately responded asking for more Crazy Cat Lady-friendly yet office-appropriate cat print clothing items.  Believe it or not, they were easier to find than you’d think. This first one I actually saw being worn by Sarah’s Real Life!


Anthropologie Printmaker Shirt

Carousel Animal Print Shirt

Other Items

It helps that fun prints such as cats, birds, household objects, and other animals are trending right now. The key, though, is to keep the print small or in just one or two colors.

Cat print dresses no one should wear

Cat print dresses from Dorothy Perkins

Dress One | Dress Two

Other Items

Three cat print blouses that can be worn to work

Shirt One | Shirt Two | Shirt Three

Other Items


Would you wear a cat print shirt? Are you a cat person or a dog person?

P.S. If you want to see actual photos of my outfit from last Monday, they’re up at Work Your Wardrobe along with my tips on how to incorporated printed pants in to your wardrobe if you’re scared of looking like a clown.

(Full disclosure: I am a dog person all the way)