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In the country, no one can see your abs

Casual Clothes

I  joked on Facebook that I was hoping to take some outfit photos while on our little rural Missouri vacation but that it was going to be 90+ degrees so swimsuit pictures would have to do. Turns out that my husband insisted that I actually take some swimsuit photos and post them.


We rented a cabin via VRBO.com just outside Steelville, MO from Saturday to Tuesday ostensibly so Jason could photograph the solar eclipse, but, honestly, I just enjoyed hanging out on the property, reading and exploring.


same shorts | same sandals | similar swimsuit


The cabin is dog-friendly so Chewie got to come, too. He loves water so he made a beeline for the pond every time we got anywhere near it. He also enjoyed snuffling around in the woods and running laps around the cabin itself.

As for me, I discovered that somehow, between my trip to California in June and this trip this swimsuit top no longer really fits. I think I’m going to blame all the strength training for giving me a broader back and more developed shoulders than I used to have. Yes, that’s it.


P.S. In the interest of full disclosure, I did not do any touch-up work on any of these photos. No photoshop, no editing, no nothing. I *may* be flexing in a few of them (such as it is, anyway) but I didn’t use any software tools on any of the pictures, including this one below of the solar eclipse at full totality. Kudos for my husband for the great photo!

There’s no need to miss out during swimsuit season


Head’s up that this post was sponsored by Target. If you would prefer to skip it, that’s your call. But believe me when I saw there are some pretty awesome photos in here. Moving on….

I saw a post on Facebook from a grad school friend a few days ago that read “I need to buy a swimsuit. I feel like this calls for a tranquilizer of some sort.”

And this made me sad. Because I don’t think buying a swimsuit needs to be a traumatizing as we make it out to be. Will every suit look amazing on you? No. But that’s no reason to avoid swimsuit shopping.


Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3 | Option 4

Save 20% on swimwear for all. Valid 4/3-4/9

Target has SO MANY amazing swimsuits right now that there’s got to be something for you there. And Target is challenging women to try something out of their comfort zone as part of their #NOFOMO campaign (that’s “no fear of missing out” for the uninitiated). For some people that’s just putting on a swimsuit. For others, like me, that meant trying on styles of swimsuit I wouldn’t normally pick.

And then taking pictures in public.


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in this weird position where I’m trying to put on weight. As a result, I’m not 100% comfortable in my own skin. So while in the past I would have stuck to my rules of a buying a halter top bikini with bottoms that had embellished sides, I decide to break out of my comfort zone and try a monokini.


But, let me honest: I’ve never once seen someone in a swimsuit of any kind and though “oh man, she shouldn’t be wearing that.” Instead, I tend to think, “go you for rocking that swimsuit!” Because you know how you get a bikini body? You buy a bikini and put it on your body. Done.


Am I 100% happy with my body right now? Nope. I mean, I’m probably 90% happy. But clearly I’m not going to let that stop me. So, don’t let it stop you. Try on those swimsuits. Try on something you wouldn’t normally pick. Find a color or a pattern that makes you happy. And then rock that baby at the pool, the beach, your backyard, or on a bridge in Chicago. Believe me when I say that you might feel self-concious at first but you won’t feel that way for long.


Try it yourself! Pick up a suit at Target, take a picture, and share it on social media with the hashtag #NOFOMO and you’ll find yourself in some good company.

This post was sponsored by Target as part of my partnership with Rakuten Marketing. However, I did spend my own hard-earned cash on this swimsuit and all opinions are my own. So there’s that.

The Great Swimsuit Hunt

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Top | Bottom

On my second to last day of vacation the clasp on the top of my brown and pink bikini broke.


RIP bikini that I’ve had since at least 2008

This was actually the second time the clasp had broken. The first time I had my mom replace the clasp with a new one. I didn’t pay that much for this swimsuit but it was worth it to me to repair it. Why? Because finding a swimsuit that has all the criteria I need is like my own personal white whale.

My criteria?

1. No tie in the back. It can tie at the neck but I don’t want one that ties at the back.

2. Not too much padding. Even if I don’t plan to swim in it there’s always a chance I’ll get wet and having sopping wet sponges attached to my chest is not a look I covet.

3. Some kind of tie or embellishment on the hips. I need something that distracts from the fact that I carry most of my weight around my hip bones and almost every bikini bottom gives me a little bit of muffin top (notice how I am cleverly hiding it behind my arm in the above photo).

4. A halter top. I think this shows off my shoulders the best and I happen to think my shoulders look goooood.

The hardest thing to find? A halter top with light padding that doesn’t tie in the back! They are super rare. And I look in every store I go into that has bikinis just in case. So when my mom and I wandered into a Glik’s in downtown Grand Haven, MI and I saw TWO halter bikinis that didn’t tie at the back I was ecstatic! The first one didn’t have my size in the top (sad) so I tried on this one called Beneath the Rainbow from Hobie.

FYI – the bottoms run super small. They didn’t have a medium so I tried on the small. Uh, that was a tad bit scandalous. But, the bottoms are adjustable so I tried on the large and voila! They worked. I could probably get away with a medium as well but the large was what they had so that’s what I bought.

Of course, it was the LAST day of vacation and the weather was cruddy so I haven’t actually gotten to wear the swimsuit out anywhere yet. I guess this means I need to take another vacation!

P.S. I couldn’t find my camera this AM and I was running late for work. Hopefully regular outfit posts will return tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who submitted a question for last week’s “You Pick” series.

P.P.S. I have a bracelet giveaway that starts tomorrow over at Coming Unstitched. If you aren’t reading her yet, now would be a good time to start.