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Career vs Comfort

Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring

orange_stripe_top_black_pants 005_edit

orange_stripe_top_black_pants 009orange_stripe_top_black_pants 001_edit

orange_stripe_top_black_pants 015

Blazer – Forever 21

Cardigan & Necklace – The Limited

Shirt – Stitch Fix (<—Note: if you sign up using this link I get the referral credit)

Pants – Gap

Shoes – Nine West

I love blazers.  I love they way they look.  I love that they can take an outfit from BLAH to WOW.  They add polish and professionalism to almost any outfit.

That being said, some days I just can’t handle the feel of the blazer collar on my neck or the restriction on my shoulders.  Perhaps this means my blazer doesn’t fit as well as I’d like.  Or maybe it just means my body is craving a bit of comfort.  Hence the cardigan.

Which look do you like better?  Blazer or cardigan?  What do you wear when you want to look professional but feel comfortable?

My First Stitch Fix



Have you heard of Stitch Fix?  It’s a personal shopping website.  Here’s how it works:

1.  You fill out a survey about your style, body shape, likes and dislikes (complete with lots of visuals to choose from)

2.  You choose a delivery date.  You can have them pre-set (as in, the first of every month) or you can just log-in and request a “fix” whenever you want.

3.  You pay $20 for each “fix”.

4.  The Stitch Fix personal shoppers choose 5 items including jewelry, dresses, tops, and pants and mail them to you on your “fix” date.

5.  You get a few days to try them all on with your own stuff in the comfort of your own home.  Anything you keep your $20 goes towards the price of that item.  Anything you don’t want you return in the provided postage paid envelope.  You don’t get your $20 back, though, if you decide not to keep anything.

I signed up and just got my first “fix” this week.

Items #1 & #2 – Blouse and Necklace

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 008

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 001 looplooks_stitchfix_sale 007

Pros – Both the blouse and necklace looked much cuter once it was on than they did in the box

Cons – The dolman sleeves on the top looked a little ridiculous and I felt like I was swimming in the top.  The necklace was a little long and heavy for what I usually wear.

Item #3 –  Sleeveless Blouse

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 015

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 009 looplooks_stitchfix_sale 014

Pros – Love the cut of this top!

Cons – The colors weren’t my favorite.  Also, it has a huge keyhole style back.

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 011 I’d have to wear something over it to wear it to work and that would take away from the cuteness of the shape.  Or I suppose I could wear a cami under it but I’d rather just be able to wear it on its own.

Item #4 – Tank top

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 024

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 016 looplooks_stitchfix_sale 021

Pros – Versatile!  Looks just as good casual as it does dressed up.  Made of bamboo and cotton so it’s eco-friendly.

Cons – Not sure how bamboo wears over the long term.  A little more than I would normally spend on a top.

Item #5 – Strapless dress

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 030

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 028 looplooks_stitchfix_sale 029

Pros – Cute pattern!  The skirt part fit well.

Cons – Strapless.  Where would I wear this?  Also, the top was pretty tight.

So, in the end, what did I decide to keep?

The tank top!

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 017 looplooks_stitchfix_sale 020

My first “fix” was fun!  I definitely would not have picked any of those items off the rack at the store.  When I first pulled them out of the box I wrinkled my nose at all of them.  But I took their advice when they said “Try on all of your goodies (even the ones you think are so not you.  You might be surprised!).”

So far I would highly recommend Stitch Fix to anyone who likes shopping, hates shopping, feels stuck in a rut, or just wants to try something different.  And if you don’t like anything?  You’re out $20.