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October Stitch Fix Review


Thanks to those of you who have signed up for Stitch Fix using my referral link! It’s allowing me to keep trying Stitch Fix. From what I’ve read, the more you do it the better they get at nailing down your style. And although I didn’t end up buying anything from October’s fix, it was more due to fit issues and not style issues. If the items they’d sent me would have fit I would have kept at least three of them!

October Stitch Fix ReviewSo, what happened?

Items 1 & 2

  • Kensie Todd Colorblock Slub Knit Raglan Sweater – $78
  • Kut from the Kloth Delphine Houndstooth Corduroy Pants – $78

stitch-fix-review-october-2014I’ve been looking for a white or cream sweater and this one was fun because the sides were white and the rest was cream. The fit was comfy and the fabric was soft. However, it felt a bit boxy and was a tad too sheer for my liking. Also, I’d already ordered a cream sweater from American Eagle that I ended up liking better.

The pants, though, I really wanted to fit. The dark houndstooth and corduroy are like nothing I have in my closet and I would have paired them with lots of different, fun colors. Sadly, they were too big in the waist although they fit great in the thighs and calves.  Stupid “athletic” legs. No, wait. Stupid pants manufacturers.

Items 3 & 4

  • Octavia Bennie Heathered Stripe Knit Infinity Scarf – $34
  • Market and Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee – $44

stitch-fix-review-october-2014-1The scarf was a definite no because the red and black? navy? just weren’t working for me. Neither was the infinity style. This was the one item I wouldn’t have kept and of course it was the one that “fit”.

The top is one of my favorite colors but the fabric wasn’t my favorite. When I originally saw that my Fix had shipped I logged into my account and went to “checkout” and started Googling the items. I saw this top in gray on a lot of other bloggers and was really hoping I got that one. I probably would have kept it if it was gray but although I used to own a ton of items this color, I just wasn’t feeling this one. So close, though!

Item #5

  • Staccato Franz Plaid Tab-Sleeve Top – $58

stitch-fix-review-october-2014-2You guys, I LOVED this top. Loved it. So why didn’t I keep it? It was too tight in the butt and hips. It looked fine if I stood perfectly still but if I moved it bunched up and did weird things. I was so sad, though, because it was super soft and I loved the colors.  Also, I think it was designed to be worn with leggings because of how long it was in the back and, well, I’m just not a leggings person.

So, as you can see, I loved something about four of the five items but in the end it was the fit and fabrics that just didn’t do it for me. I’ve scheduled another Fix for November and told them to avoid hi-lo tops and things that they expect would be paired with leggings. Fingers crossed this is the time they nail it!

Stitch Fix Review #8


I recently ordered another Stitch Fix  (<– that’s my referral code so if you use it I get a $25 credit) and specifically asked for white jeans and more casual tops. Also, after my last one I asked the stylist to review this here blog so she could get an idea of what I already own so I didn’t get items that already duplicated clothes I had in my closet.

Well, I didn’t get my white jeans and the stylist said it was hard to pick out items that I didn’t already have, but I did get some fun tops!


So, what exactly did she send?

Item #1 – Just Black brand Jake Slim Ankle Length Jean, $88

These were soft and stretchy and I liked the dark color and that they weren’t super tight on my ankles, but they were WAY too small in the waist (serious muffin-top going on) and they were a tad too short. I may only be 5’4″ but my inseam is something ridiculous like 31″. I know, right?

Clearly these got sent back.

Item #2 – Daniel Rainn brand Paulina Graphic Print Lace Detail Blouse, $68



I debated about this top. At first I liked it. I liked that it was different than items I already own. I liked the lace at the top. But the more I looked at it the more I felt that it just made my top half look really square and it started to remind me of the housedress/apron things my grandmother used to wear.

So, it went back.

Item #3 – Pomelo brand Priya Arrow Print Knit-Back Tank, $54



Another top that I debated on for a day or two. I even took the tags off and wore it around the house. I loved the print and that it was really comfortable. Unfortunately, the bust darts on the side were too low on me. and that made the armpits too droopy.  If the shoulder straps were shorter I probably would have kept it but after wearing it around for a bit I realized it was too big.

Also, I decided that the $54 price tag was a bit too much for what was essentially a polyester and jersey top.

Item #4 – Three Dots brand Nevin 3/4 Sleeve Leopard Print Sweatshirt. $74


You guys, I LOVED this sweatshirt. LOVED it. However, it felt a tad bit too small for how I like my casual tops to fit. So, I did what any good shopper does: I asked if I could get another size. I’d found it online so I knew it was in stock in the size I wanted SOMEWHERE. I just needed to know if Stitch Fix could get me the sized I wanted so I could apply my $20 styling credit.

Turns out they could! So, I sent back the small and have a medium on it’s way to me. I’m so excited to wear this top this fall with jeans, skirts, scarves, etc.

Item #5 – Street Level brand Jamie Animal Print Folded Clutch, $48

stitchfix-clutch[1]This was the first time I’ve gotten a bag in my Fix and this one is freaking adorable. It also comes with a detachable cross-body strap (which I love). I only own one smaller cross-body/clutch bag and I got it for free from The Limited years ago. It’s slightly dressier and I thought this one would be perfect for going out to festivals or brunch or whatever. The snap is a bit tough to use but I’m guessing it will loosen up over time (or maybe I’ll pay someone to replace it with a magnet). And for $48 I thought it was a good deal considering what I’ve spent on purses in the past.

So, in the end. I kept TWO things from this Fix! I think that might be a record.

Do you agree with my choices? What item(s) do you like?


Stitch Fix Review #7


Those of you who have been around the blog world a bit have probably heard of Stitch Fix (that’s my referral link, by the way). It’s the service where you pay a $20 styling fee, their stylists send you 5 items to try on, then, if you purchase anything, your $20 fee go towards the items you purchase.

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, I’ve now tried it seven times. My first time was all the way back in March of 2012 so I was totally using Stitch Fix before all the other big bloggers. I’m such a Stitch Fix hipster. Ha ha.

Anyway, I tried it again this month. Since I started my new job and have an entirely new dress code, I asked them to send me more casual pieces I could wear to work. And while they definitely got pretty close to my style (sharing your Pinterest board helps) I didn’t end up keeping anything. Here’s why.

1. Market and Spruce Alexia Chambray Belted Shirt Dress


I pulled this out of the box and was immediately dismayed at how badly it was wrinkled. And then when I held it up to show my husband he wanted to know if they were sending me Amish clothes. Aside from the buttons, it did look pretty matronly! And, as you can see in the photos, it was NOT flattering. Too long, too frumpy, too ridiculous. The decision to send that back was easy.

2. Mystree Jackie Striped French Terry Asymmetrical Jacket

3. Liverpool Vinny Ankle Length Colored Skinny Jean


Now, these two items are definitely more my style. In fact, they are so my style that I already own very similar items. I own a navy and white striped jacket and red ankle pants. Granted, I don’t own any colored jeans (other than white) so I admit I was tempted to keep these pants anyway. But, they were baggy at the knees and the rise was a tad bit higher than my short-waisted self likes. So, back they went. Although, I was pleasantly surprised at how well they fit otherwise. Especially considering someone who has never met me pick them out and sent them to me!

Oh, the jacket went back, too, because as cute as it was, I already have a striped jacket I like just fine.

4. 19 Cooper Adrina Short Sleeve Button Up Blouse

5. 41Hawthorn Stacey Lightweight Leopard Print Infinity Scarf


The blouse was the one items I was really hoping would work. They also very nicely sent a cami with it since it’s entirely sheer. However, when I put it on I was sad that A. it was so boxy and B. because it was so sheer I didn’t like the way it showed my pants underneath it. I felt that it was cutting me off at a spot that made me look very rectangular.

As for the scarf, my love of leopard is well documented. In fact, I already have two leopard print scarves. I couldn’t justify a third even though it is adorable.

stitch-fix-review-overallIn the end, I was pleased that the stylist sent me 3 out of 5 things I would have kept if I didn’t already have similar items in my closet. That tells me she at least understands my style! I’ve scheduled another fix for August and asked her to please look at my blog so she knows what items I already have. We’ll see what happens!

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Stitch Fix #6


In case you need to get caught up on my history with Stitch Fix or aren’t sure what it is, why not read through my previous shipment reviews and outfit posts?

Now that you’ve done that, let’s move on to my latest Stitch Fix shipment.  I had a $25 credit (thank you to whoever used my referral link!) and thought, hey, I haven’t gotten a Stitch Fix order in over a year. Why not get one now? So, I placed my order.

Since the last time I got a “Fix” they’ve added the ability to link to your blog if you have one or a Pinterest page so they can get a better idea of items or outfits you find yourself drawn to. Which means that in this latest Fix I actually loved the look of all of the items!

Review of items from Stitch Fix order November 2013

Well, you already know I kept the sweater since I wore it on Monday. But what did I think about the rest of the items?

1. Katherine Barclay Tobias Crew Neck Knit Sweater – $98


Loved the color, super soft, fit perfectly


Price is more than I would pay for a sweater but with the $25 credit it brings it down closer to Banana Republic pricing and this sweater is very reminiscent of another sweater I have from there that I’ve worn to death

Verdict? Keep

2. Tart Jackman Plaid Cinched Back Cotton Flannel – $58


LOVED the style, fabric and print and the great details on the back


WAY too small. I couldn’t even get it buttoned. This made me very sad as I would have bought this in a heartbeat if it fit.

Verdict? Return

Items from Stitch Fix shipment3. Leota Fiore Box Pleated Skirt – $98


Definitely fits with my desire to expand beyond pencil skirts. Comfortable fabric with pull-on waistband design.


This skirt definitely accentuated my hips! I think it would look adorable on someone taller with a less-curvy figure but on me it just made my bottom half look really, really wide.

Verdict? Return

4. Katherine Barclay Julian Zipper Detail Ponte Skirt – $98


Someone was listening when I said I needed a new black pencil skirt! The zipper and pocket detail on the back are a nice touch. thick elastic waistband and fun front seam details also give it a unique quality


I don’t know if I would necessarily call this “ponte” as it’s a lot more like a stretchy, heavier cotton. Regardless, ponte skirts and I don’t always get along and that was the case here. Too form-fitting for my personal tastes. Also, the price point was too high. I can get something similar and better fitting from The Limited.

Verdict? Return

5. 41Hawthorn Tear Gems Fringe Bib Necklace – $38


A necklace style I don’t have yet at a decent price point.


I think I’ve learned why I don’t have a necklace like this! Even getting it to lay nicely in the box was driving me crazy! I just knew I would spend all day fiddling with getting the gems to lay flat. Also, the gold parts of the necklace felt kind of cheap and I was worried about its durability.

Verdict?  Return

In the end, I only kept the sweater. But this shipment definitely has me wanting to look for a blue gingham shirt now! And I was pleasantly surprised that every single item in the box was something I could have loved if it had fit me better. But, of course, that’s a difficult thing to do when you’re sending items to someone you’ve never met, you know? Although, the element of surprise is what makes Stitch Fix kind of like getting a present every time you place an order!

What To Wear With Plaid

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall · Uncategorized

Stitch Fix Katherine Barclay sweater with plaid pants

Gree sweater, gold polka dot shirt, leopard print watch Stitch Fix Katherine Barclay sweater with plaid pants

Sweater – Katherine Barclay via Stitch Fix (similar) | Shirt – Forever 21 (similar) | Pants – The Limited (similar) | Boots – Bandolino (similar) | Watch – Groopdealz (similar)

I know, I know, I just wore a sweater over a collared shirt last week. But the look is classic for a reason. It even got chosen as this week’s Inspiration Monday photo:

image Click photo to see full image

And in a case of getting something new and not wanting to wait to wear it, I received this sweater as part of my latest Stitch Fix order (full post to come on Wednesday) and I immediately wanted to pair it with my brown plaid pants.

Would you believe that for years I thought the only colors I could wear with these pants were brown and cream? The first time I wore them with chambray I was so happy. Now that I’ve got this green sweater I’m thinking of even more colors I can pair with them! Navy? Burgundy? Black? So many ideas!

Also, you may have noticed that I did not take something from Friday’s outfit to pass on to today. Nope. I decided that Monday’s are a reset on the Take One, Pass It On challenge for me. Cheating? Maybe. Do I care? Nope!

Stitch Fix Katherine Barclay sweater with plaid pants

Stitch Fix #5–What To Do


Last day to enter the Because I Shop Too Much Giveaway!  There’s money and tote bags on the line.


After taking some time off to give my wallet a rest, I had another Stitch Fix shipment delivered this week.  And now I’m struggling with what to do.

stitch_fix_5 045

Also, I apologize in advance for the photos.  The lighting in our apartment is…special.

So, let’s see what I got, alright?

Viereck Gemina Sleeveless V-Neck Dress – $137


stitch_fix_5 019stitch_fix_5 023

stitch_fix_5 025


Pros – The print was fun and the sleeveless nature makes it easy to wear over or under other items.

Cons – It was tight on my legs but poofy at my belly.  Way too expensive for what I would normally spend on a dress like this.

Sanctuary Alpes Cotton Henley Sweater – $88

stitch_fix_5 030stitch_fix_5 031


stitch_fix_5 034

Pros – Looked way cuter on than it did in the box.  Loved the suggestion to wear with white jeans and boots and it works well over my blue dress.  The gold accents were a fun touch and it fit decently.

Cons – The weave made it feel (and look) a little too much like long underwear.   Perhaps a bit too snug.

Eight Sixty Gould Jersey Crewneck Tee – $50

stitch_fix_5 038stitch_fix_5 041

stitch_fix_5 046

Pros – Can easily be dressed up or down.  I love stripes.  Comfy and has unique bottom hem.

Cons – A bit sheer.  Also, $30 (if you subtract the $20 I already paid) for a striped t-shirt?  Plus, it’s 100% rayon which means it may or may not wash and wear well over time.

THML Dylan Chambray Cotton Blazer – $74

stitch_fix_5 048stitch_fix_5 053

Oops, forgot to take a close-up of the tag and material for this one.

Pros – SUPER cute!  It’s chambray but more of a black & white instead of a blue.  Loved that it can go casual or dressy.  Two buttons are a plus.

Cons – Do I really need another blazer?  Cotton so it’s going to wrinkle.  I also already have a similar blazer with one button and a bit darker color.  Perhaps a tad bit big in the waist.

Tashi Mixed geometric square earrings – $35

stitch_fix_5 054stitch_fix_5 055

Pros – LOVED these!  So so so cute.  Totally my style.

Cons – I have a ton of silver dangly earrings.  Do I really need another pair?

So, as you can see, I’m torn on whether I should keep any of it or part of it.  I’ve already ruled out the dress.  But the sweater, blazer, shirt and earrings are all maybes.  I’d prefer to limit my purchase to two items at the most.

Would you keep any of these items?  Which one (or two)?

Summer Romantic

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

black_skirt_rose_top 004

black_skirt_rose_top 014

Top – THML via Stitch Fix | Skirt – Banana Republic Outlet | Necklace – Overstock.com | Shoes – Tahari via TJ Maxx | Earrings – gift

If I had my way today I wouldn’t leave the house.  I’d crank up the AC in my apartment and sit on the couch watching old episodes of Supernatural.  The heat and humidity was already stifling at 8:30 AM.

Alas, I not only have to go to work I also have to facilitate a professional organization meeting this evening.  What do you wear when it’s going to be a scorcher outside?

Something lightweight!  This top that arrived in my latest Stitch Fix fit the bill perfectly.  It’s 100% cotton and the top is just a little bit sheer.  Unfortunately I need to wear a camisole under it to make it totally work appropriate but otherwise the material is perfect for a hot, summer day.

Sadly, the blazer I plan to wear with this for the meeting this evening is not so summer appropriate.

black_skirt_rose_top 009

That will definitely be going on at the last minute, for sure.

Is it hot where you are?  What do you wear when the mercury climbs?

Fall Back

Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring

circle_print_dress 012

circle_print_dress 014circle_print_dress 013

circle_print_dress 016

Dress – Stitch Fix | Camisole – The Limited | Belt – The Limited | Earrings – The Limited | Necklace – NY & Co | Tights – Target | Boots – Bandolino via 6pm.com

Although I’m sure almost everyone in Chicago is lamenting the return of unseasonably cool temperatures, I actually welcomed the opportunity to wear my new dress from Stitch Fix!  It has a very “fall” feel to it so since our weather is more fall-like than summer-like I decided to dress the part.

When you get a new item in your closet do you wear it right away or do you hang onto it for awhile?

I much prefer to be able to wear my new items ASAP which is why I was excited to be able to wear this dress within a few days of getting it!

Stitch Fix #3



Time for another Stitch Fix!

Seriously, I love getting the box in the mail.  I’m always so exited to try everything on.  This time I got a pair of earrings, three dresses, and a blouse.

So, here are my thoughts:

Item #1 – Gold Earrings

stitch_fix_may 002stitch_fix_may 040

Pros – I need more gold jewelry in my jewelry box.   They’re good casual earrings.

Cons – A little more than I usually spend on jewelry but not too bad when you factor in the $20 I already spent for the Fix.

Item #2 – Silk print dress

stitch_fix_may 005

stitch_fix_may 014 stitch_fix_may 016

Pros – I loved the print and the drape of this dress.  Very classy and perfect for work.

Cons – The waist hit me at a weird spot (zoom in on the pic on the left and you can see the elastic above my belt…and the belt is at my actual waist).  The arm holes were a little too big.  Too pricy for the fit.

Item #3 – Long sleeved Circle Print Dress

stitch_fix_may 003

stitch_fix_may 026 stitch_fix_may 021

Pros – I loved the print.  I only own one other long sleeved dress.  It’s also a super-comfy fabric.

Cons – A little short and low-cut.  But could be adapted for work with tights/leggings and a camisole.

Item #4 – Strapless Tweed Peplum Dress

stitch_fix_may 006

stitch_fix_may 027 stitch_fix_may 029

Pros – What a fun print and style!  Even though I don’t really need any strapless dresses in my closet I really wanted to love this one.

Cons – WAY TOO SMALL!  Seriously, it was a feat in and of itself to get this thing up over my hips and there was no way it was going to zip.

Item #5 – Linen patterned bib top

stitch_fix_may 004

stitch_fix_may 031 stitch_fix_may 035  stitch_fix_may 034

Pros – Looked pretty good with the black pencil skirt.  Different than other items I have in my closet already.

Cons – Arm holes were too big.  Didn’t like how see-thru it was without a pattern to distract from the sheerness.

So, what did I keep???




I kept TWO items!!

The gold earrings and the long sleeved circle printed dress.  I really wanted to keep the silk dress, too, but the price was just too high to keep both it and the circle print dress.  And since the circle print dress fills a hole in my closet (long-sleeved dresses) I went with that one.

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  No?  Why not?  Sign up now! No obligation beyond the first $20 Fix!

Stitch Fix #2




Time for another box from Stitch Fix!  If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix before, check out my first experience with them.

I received another 5 items on Friday and tried them all on Sunday night.  When I opened the box at work on Friday I was super excited about a few of the items.

Item #1 – Zebra Printed Top

stitch_fix_2 001


stitch_fix_2 005stitch_fix_2 010

Pros – Fit well, print was fun, can be dressy or casual

Cons – The fabric!  It’s 100% viscose which I’m trying to purge from my closet.  In fact, I had a shirt by this exact same brand that pilled up after two wearings.

Item #2 – Silver necklace

stitch_fix_2 006


Pros – Unique style, good length

Cons – Price.  This was more than I’d typically spend on a silver necklace for myself.  Also, I have a lot of silver necklaces that hit at my collarbone.

Item #3 – Silk shirtdress

stitch_fix_2 011

stitch_fix_2 012stitch_fix_2 018

Pros – I liked the color.  Sleeves were the right length.

Cons – Shape and length!  This was WAYYYY too short!  Also, it just looks like a pajama top to me.  Also, the price was too high (over $100) for me.

Item #4 – Gray cardigan

stitch_fix_2 021

stitch_fix_2 023stitch_fix_2 026

Pros – Comfy. back had a unique eyelet pattern

Cons – A little too small and the shape of the bottom just accentuated my hips a bit too much.  I didn’t love it for the price.

Item #5 – Black and brown dress

stitch_fix_2 031

stitch_fix_2 033stitch_fix_2 034

Pros – I LOVED LOVED LOVED the style of this dress.  The black sheath dress with the brown accents was love at first sight when I pulled it out of the box.  The price was awesome, too.

Cons – It was WAY too small!  The picture of the back is to demonstrate that I couldn’t zip it up any further.  It just wouldn’t fit around my ribcage and it was a bit too tight at my hips.

So, sadly, I’m not keeping anything from this Fix.  But I’ve ordered another one for May because it’s just so fun!  And for only $20 I feel like I’m getting a deal on the shipping.  If you want to try it you can click here to request an invite. It’s a great way to get exposed to things you never would have picked up in the store.  Even though I’m not keeping any of these items I actually got some great ideas for future outfits just by trying this stuff on!