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Legs are so out

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You guys! We’re finally getting days in Chicago where it’s warm enough to wear a skirt sans other leg covering (aka tights)! All I had to do was tell Bri that it was too cold to wear my new red skirt and BAM! Chicago proves me wrong.

gray-leopard-sweatshirt-red-skirt-1Jacket – Langford Market (similar) | Sweatshirt – Three Dots via Stitch Fix (similar) | Skirt – LOFT (similar) | Shoes – c/o fibi & clo (same) | Necklace – JF&A Show (similar)

gray-leopard-sweatshirt-red-skirt-4I suppose it’s only appropriate that I wear this skirt during Sarah’s Top 10 Remix since seeing it on her was what inspired me to buy it in the first place. I’ve already gotten compliments on it so that means it’s a winner in my book.

However, even though it may be warm enough to wear a skirt to work it’s not quite warm enough every evening to enjoy dinner al fresco. Thankfully, the Weber Grill in downtown Chicago has just built a new patio that can be enclosed and heated when it’s a bit chilly or opened up when it’s nice outside.

My friend Kelsey and I took advantage of their new spring menu last night and I have to say I’m already planning a return trip. Kelsey used to live in the area and went to Weber Grill all the time but I’d never been. Weber Grill is a local restaurant with only four locations in the Chicago area and they have AMAZING food.

weber-grillI’m not a food photographer so I apologize if I made an amazing meal look unappetizing. I also apologize that I forgot to take a picture of the adorable desserts of which I wanted many, many more. Peanut butter, chocolate and caramel bites anyone?

Also, you know it’s a good meal when one of the drinks and the salad contain four food items I typically avoid and I eat them anyway. I am NOT a picky eater but there are a handful of things I categorically don’t like: cilantro, olives, artichokes and gin.

gray-leopard-sweatshirt-red-skirt-3One of the cocktails? Gin, blueberries, lemon, lime & cilantro. I still ordered it. I still drank all of it. It was tasty.

The salad? Olives and artichokes. I still ordered it. I still ate it. It was also tasty. Just goes to prove that roasted veggies outrank almost anything else.

Beef brisket with BBQ sauce? Well, I’ll eat that any time. Highly recommended. Kelsey ordered the fish and said it was excellent. Next on my list? The Prime Burger. It comes with fried pickles!

Good thing this skirt is a little bit too big! gray-leopard-sweatshirt-red-skirt-2


Summer to Fall: Patterned Skirts for all Seasons

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

Remember back in August when four bloggers teamed up to show you different ways to wear patterned skirts for summer? Well, we’re back using those same skirts and showing you how to transition them to fall!

Greater Than Rubies

I Do deClaire

Viibryd vs zoloft

Fashionably Employed

In full disclosure, I haven’t worn either of my outfits to work yet, but I full plan to before it gets too cold and windy to go sans tights. Which means I’ll probably be wearing them next week.

P.S.  I love Laura’s gingham and polka dot combo and since I own those same pieces I’ll definitely be recreating that!

Weekend Silver Lining

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

So, I mentioned on Friday that I was looking forward to having an entire day to myself on Sunday. I had grand plans! Go to Goodwill and look for jeans to turn into cut-offs. Head to Athleta to cash in some gift certificates. Do ALL my laundry. Guess what I did instead?

Floral skirt with cardigan and silver flats

Cardigan – Van Heusen (similar) | Top – Old Navy (same) | Skirt – White House Black Market (similar) | Shoes – Sole Society (same)

I actually ended up spending two hours at the dog park with my husband and my pup. See, on Saturday Chewie figured out how to play in the doggie wading pool and we wanted him to enjoy it some more.

It took him awhile but, if you follow me on Instagram, you see that he ended the day as one wet pup.

I also took a nap, which seems to be my weekend M.O. lately. I put on some old episode of some forensics show from the Investigation Discovery channel via Netflix and pass out on the couch.

And, of course, since it’s Sunday I made our weekly dinner menu and grocery list and we went to the store.

But what about my outfit?

Mint cardigan, floral pencil skirt, silver shoes

I’ve wanted to wear this skirt with this cardigan ever since I got this skirt! I don’t know why it took me so long. And the shoes? I’m in love with them. I’ve been wanting a pair of silver heels for almost a year but couldn’t find any that weren’t super-duper high. Then I found these silver flats at Sole Society. I still had credit there and flats are more my office dress code speed these days.

These shoes might be making a lot of appearances so hopefully you won’t get sick of them!

Linking up with Fashionably Employed More Pieces of Me and On the Daily Express

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Does augmentin have sulfa in it Fluoxetine and abilify · Shopping

Tuesday I introduced you to Comfort Me Boutique and showed you the original items from my own closet I was using as a base with which to incorporate the beautiful items Comfort Me carries.  Yesterday I gave you three more outfit options including some trendy silky jogger pants.

Today we’re going back to skirts and dresses starting with this super comfortable knit skirt.

Comfort Me Boutique knit skirt, black blazer

Comfort Me Boutique knit skirt, black blazer

Squasht by Les skirt – made in Chicago | Snug tank – made in USA |Jojo & Sofia necklace – made in Chicago |Ali’s Collection agate cuff – made in Chicago

This jersey knit skirt has a pull-on waist and pockets! I know you like pockets. This skirt could also easily transition from work to play just by ditching the blazer and adding sandals.


Finally! The dress that came home with me. I wasn’t even originally going to put it on but something about it just called out to me. Maybe it was the bows.

Comfort Me Boutique Bow Dress

Comfort Me Boutique Bow Dress

Comfort Me Boutique Bow Dress with black blazer

Eva Franco bow dress – made in LA | Elise M belt | Tania Rodamilans agate necklace – made in Chicago

I don’t own anything like this and admittedly it was more money that I normally spend (even with 30% off) but it’s SUPER well made and just so adorable. See, that’s what you get when you boutique shop. They hand pick the cute items and even though you may pay a bit more for them, if you find a good boutique you know they also pick for quality.

Plus, as you can see, Comfort Me does a great job sourcing their items from the United States or even Chicago locally when possible.

So, there you have it! My first Chicago Boutique Week (a term I made up, by the way) is over! I hope you got some new ideas on how to break up those closet staples and mix them with new pieces. Or, at the very least, you found out about a new place to shop when you’re looking for something unique for you, a friend, or your home.

Comfort Me Boutique Chicago Outfits

And don’t forget if you see something you just HAVE to know more about, you can always email Comfort Me Boutique directly at info@comfortmeboutique.com, Tweet at them at @ShopComfortMe or check out their online store.

Note: Comfort Me Boutique did not ask me to write these posts. I’m doing it because I thought the store was adorable, Alyssa was super nice, and their clothes are unique and excellent quality. The only compensation I got was 30% off my purchase.

All the Way from Italy

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Red striped shirt, navy and white striped mini skirt, silver boat shoes

Red striped shirt, navy striped skirtSilver Nine West Boat Shoes

Shirt – gift (similar) | Skirt – gift (similar) | Shoes – Nine West (similar) | Necklace – The Limited (similar)

This is the week that all of my family decided to visit at once! Albeit on different days. Anyway, my mother-in-law visited first over the weekend and today I’m off work because my dad is in town. So, in the spirit of being off work I decided to share with you a casual outfit my mother-in-law brought me all the way from Italy! She was in Siena for a few months earlier this summer while my father-in-law taught a study abroad class. My MIL went shopping with some of the college students, saw this outfit on a mannequin, and thought of me.

I wore it to a day at the Chicago Botanical Gardens and it was actually quite comfy! The skirt is shorter than I typically wear but for a casual day I figured why not? And of course I love the pattern mixing. Great job, Italian mannequin. Great job, mother-in-law!

Of course I paired it with my silver boat shoes since the colors and stripes have a fun nautical look and I had my denim jacket in the car in case it got cool. Overall it was a great outfit for wandering around the gardens!

Red striped shirt, navy striped skirt, silver boat shoes

Emerald Office

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

emerald_green_black_and_white_skirt 010_edit

emerald_green_black_and_white_skirt 014emerald_green_black_and_white_skirt 016


Cardigan – The Limited (similar) | Tank top – The Limited (similar) | Skirt – Nordstrom Rack (similar) | Shoes – TJ Maxx (similar) | Necklace – NY & Co (similar)

I’m back! Did you miss my smiling face? What about if I bribe you with an awesome giveaway? Yes, I’m giving away a beautiful Gorjana bracelet over at Coming Unstitched. And, hey, you can earn entries for doing what you already do. You know, reading this here blog. Easy, right?

You know what’s not easy? Getting dressed in “real” clothes after spending a week in my swimsuit and not showering until 5 PM every day. Thankfully a gal I saw in Target along with a Pinterest find gave me the idea to pair my emerald green tank with my black and white skirt. Also not easy is getting a good photo when it’s raining outside. Hope you enjoy this slice of my day job office.

I feel like this outfit is a little bit “traditional” but, you know, there’s nothing wrong with that. Adding a colored top to a black and white skirt is sometimes a style revelation for people so even though it may seem simple it’s not always for everyone. And since my goal at Loop Looks is to help people think outside their uniform rut, maybe someone seeing this will have a light bulb moment and copy this look. And that’s perfectly fine by me.

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Tretinoin chemotherapy Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall · Fluoxetine and abilify · Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer · You Pick Wednesday

Say hello to Anne from Anne Really Blogs! She does her own occasional style posts (along with posts about yummy recipes, travel, her dogs, fitness, and much more) but recently she asked me for help with ways to wear her new GAP maxi skirt to work.


GAP Striped Maxi Skirt



I’ve worn my own maxi dresses to work (sometimes even turning them into skirts) but I admit that this time I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. So here are my takes on four different ways you can make your maxi skirt work for the office.


Black and white striped maxi skirt with gold accessories


Shirt | Shoes |Belt | Similar Necklace |Similar Earrings


Neon cardigan with striped maxi skirt

Cardigan | Shirt | Necklace | Shoes



Striped Maxi Skirt with Coral Top and Black Blazer


Blazer | Shirt | Clutch | Shoes

Striped maxi skirt with white top, obi belt, and statement necklace

Shirt | Belt | Shoes | Anne’s own necklace!


Key takeaways?  Here are three.

1. Avoid flat sandals. They make it look like you’re going to the beach.

2. Pair the skirt with some “lux” accessories. Faux (or real) leather belts, shiny jewelry, and non-cotton tops are all good choices.

3. Wear something more structured, like a blazer or a waist belt to give you some shape and decrease the casual factor.


Do you have a maxi skirt or dress? How do you like to wear it?

For more maxi skirt inspiration, head over to Marionberry Style. Her trend of the month is maxi skirts!


A Little Friday Fun

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Blush sequined skirt, tan cardigan, nude heels


Cardigan – Target (similar) | Shirt – Gap (similar) | Skirt – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Bandolino (similar) | Necklace – The Limited (similar)

Total outfit cost = $146

Yes, it’s Friday and yes, I could be wearing jeans. But I’m not. Instead I decided to break out my sequined pencil skirt. Why? Well, I have a luncheon to attend at the Chicago Cultural Center for my job’s Distinguished Service Awards. At first I was super excited thinking that I’m getting some kind of awesome recognition. Turns out it’s just because I’ve been at my job 5 years. Still, it’s an excuse to wear something a little out of the box, don’t you think?

Plus, this afternoon Kim and I are going to trapeze class together! It will be her first time and I’m so excited to share my new-found trapeze love with a friend. That calls for a celebration in my book!

Pairing the fancy sequined skirt with a neutral colored cardigan and nude heels helps keep it from being too bling-y or overwhelming. Just like the last time I wore it, I wanted it to be part of the outfit, not an in-your-face statement piece.

Pink sequined skirt, oatmeal cardigan, nude heels, white blouse

Linking up with AJ for Friday Favorites since if you click the link in the post you can see another way I’ve worn this skirt!


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purple_skirt_black_top 016_edit

Scarf – Target

Cardigan – Nordstrom Rack

Skirt & Belt – The Limited

Shoes – Bandolino/DSW

purple_skirt_black_top 012purple_skirt_black_top 011

Look!  It’s warm enough outside to go bare-legged.  Actually, it was raining this morning and for some reason I prefer to wear skirts when it’s raining.

I debated back and forth this morning over belt or no belt.  Obviously I went with belt.   Still not sure it was the right decision but sometimes you’ve just got to make up your mind and own it!