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Should you wear shorts to work?

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We had a few days of 90+ degree temperatures in Chicago recently. You know, those days when taking the train and walking to work leaves you sweaty and gross by the time you get to your desk? Yeah. Normally on those days I try to wear dresses and sandals but lately I’ve been thinking: could I wear shorts to work?

Our dress code at work is literally “wear what’s comfortable but not too revealing.” Every summer we get an email about not wearing “Daisy Dukes” (aka super short shorts) to the office. But there’s no mention of longer shorts. And the guys wear shorts when it gets hot. So, why not me?

So, I did it.

IMG_2320Top – Le Tote (same) | Shorts – Express (similar) | Shoes – DSW (similar) | Purse – Stitch Fix (similar)

It helps that I saw my VP in shorts the day before. And while I truly believe that you should dress nicely no matter what your boss wears, I decided that wearing nice shorts with a nice top, jewelry and heeled sandals counted as dressing up my shorts.

I felt a bit self-concious at first but really, no one noticed or said anything. And, to be honest, I was still dressed more professionally than some people in our office.


I also ended wearing this outfit to a party at the triathlon store in my neighborhood after they put on a DIY Triathlon on Saturday morning. They set up the bike racks and had someone watching our “transition” area so we could swim, bike, run whatever distances we wanted. I needed a confidence boosting swim and I got one! I swam the full half mile distance with no stops, no backstroke, and no treading water.  I was definitely ready to celebrate after that!

Short Suit

Viagra and clonidine · Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

You know when you see things in a magazine as being on-trend and you think, “Who the heck can wear those things to work?”

I now have the answer.

I can. And I’ll still be more dressed up than some of the people there. Like the girl I saw yesterday whose dress barely covered her butt. Black blazer with black shorts and red blouse

Blazer – The Limited (similar) | Shorts – The Limited (similar) | Shirt – Express (same) | Shoes – c/o Fibi & Clo (same)

I’ve seen that shorts suits are apparently in style right now and it turns out I can actually wear one to work! Although, to be honest, this one didn’t turn out quite how I envisioned. It feels a bit frumpy to me and I think it’s because the jacket is too long for the shorts. And my shirt is tucked in funny.

But, hey, when you’re trying to take outfit photos while wrangling a bratty dog who won’t listen you take what you can get.

Although, this isn’t the first time I’ve worn shorts to work! Nope! I actually wore them at my old job, too.  Of course, those were longer. And, come to think of it, I haven’t worn them in a long time. I should break them out again. And then be sad at how I’m pretty sure they won’t fit.

Sigh. Anyone want some adorable pinstriped walking shorts? How about an adorable but bratty puppy?

Black shorts suit with red shirt

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DIY Jean Shorts for less than $10

Say hello to my thrift store jeans! Yes, these jeans cost me less than $10 from the local Goodwill and they are perfect for a DIY jean shorts project. They’re a tad bit too short but that doesn’t matter. Because I’m going to cut off most of the legs anyway!  Just make sure the pair fits well in the butt, the waist, and the thighs. Not too tight! Oh, and wash them first just to make sure they aren’t going to shrink any more.

The first step in starting your DIY jean shorts is determining how long you want them to be. This is the best part about making your own jean shorts. No Daisy Dukes, no riding up, no chub rub (unless you want that sort of thing).

DIY jean shorts from thrift store jeans


I use a tap measure to determine how long I want them to be. On me, this is usually about 6-7 inches. Put the end of the tape measure in the crotch and measure to the appropriate inseam length. Err on the side of measuring too long versus measuring too short. And definitely measure them when they’re on!

Then, of course, take them off.


Put the tape measure along the inseam again. But this time make sure you leave the tape measure at least an extra inch to half inch longer than what you measured when you were wearing them.


Now, remember I measured a 6.5 inch inseam when I was wearing them. I am NOT going to cut at the 6.5 inch mark. Nope, I’m going to cut at the 7.5 inch mark. Why? Because you should ALWAYS cut them longer than you think. Trust me on this. Trial and error has taught me that somehow jeans will magically shrink up once you put them back on after taking the scissors to them.

Be sure to cut at an easy to remember mark, such as a half inch tick on the measuring tape. Why? Because you have to cut at the same spot on the other leg! So once one leg is done move the tape measure to the other side and cut at the same spot on the tape.

Finally, put your new jean shorts on!


This is where you can decide if you like the length. I typically just end up rolling mine up once if they feel too long.


Alternately you can trim off more of the leg but be sure to do it in no more than half inch increments!

And there you have it! DIY jean shorts for under $10 and in less than 10 minutes. Perfect for summer.

You Pick Wednesday–Shorts & Tall

You Pick Wednesday



Readers, meet my friend Whit:


Me on the left, Whit on the right.  Believe it or not, I’m wearing three inch heels.

Whit emailed me recently with a question.  Her situation?  Regular shorts feel too short for her height but she’s tired of capris.  What’s the solution?


No, not those plaid things you associate with tourists wearing cameras around their necks.    These:

Bermuda Shorts

Why Bermuda shorts?

They cover more leg than regular shorts.  Perfect for people with long legs who feel that regular shorts show too much.

Tapered Bermudas are especially flattering on tall, thin people but can be equally flattering on those of us who are almost petite.

polka_dot_top_striped_shorts 003

Tapered Bermuda shorts are also a little less likely to fall into the “dowdy” camp that capris can sometimes end up in.  As long as you avoid Bermudas that are too wide, too high-waisted, or look too much like the ones you pictured when I originally wrote Bermudas.

Bad Bermuda Shorts
You Look Fab has some great articles on how to wear Bermuda shorts.  Check them out and then go grab up some Bermuda shorts off the sale racks before the summer ends!

Tapered Bermudas for the Gal on the Go

Two Elegant Tunic and Shorts Ensembles

Dressy Bermuda Shorts

Do you have a style question you’d like me to address?  Leave a comment, shoot me an email at looplooks@gmail.com or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter!

The Longest Short Day

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

polka_dot_top_striped_shorts 003

polka_dot_top_striped_shorts 008 polka_dot_top_striped_shorts 009


Top – Gap | Shorts – The Limited | Necklace – New York & Company | Shoes – Nine West

Another hot day so another day of trying to stay cool while looking professional.  Now, shorts are probably not the most professional thing out there and normally I would save these for a Friday, but since my boss was out of the office today I figured hey, why not?

Although, since they are the same length as a pencil skirt, there really isn’t that much difference.  Pair them with some heels instead of flats and you’ve got one comfy but classy outfit.

P.S.  Check out the post by my latest closet consultation!  We took her from looking like a Southwest flight attendant to using items she already owned to punch up her wardrobe!