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What is the maximum dose of metformin you can take Shopping

Yes, you’re going to see about 100 Shopbop sale posts today. Why? Because those of us that partner with Shopbop really love doing so and when they ask us to post about the sale we want to give back. As I’ve said in the past, their customer service is amazing and I’ve purchased some of my favorite items of all time from them.

And just what are those items, exactly? I’m going to tell you. Some of them are sold out but I’m sure you can find something similar that you love from their current selection. Especially since almost everything is 25% off until April 7th!


So, let’s move on to my favorite Shopbop purchases!

1. Tretorn Polka Dot Sneakers


2. Velvet Jacket


3. Club Monaco Faux Leather Leggings


4. Sam Edelman Boots


5. Koral Activewear Leggings


And what am I planning to buy during this sale that I hope will become a new favorite? I think I’m going to splurge on a pair of the Paige Denim ultra skinny jeans in black. They’ve gotten great reviews from both Audrey and Bri and my current pair of black jeans are fading. Plus 25% off premium denim? Perfect timing.


March Shopping Summary



Sweater (seen here)| Necklace | Earrings | Leggings

Once again I’ve managed to add items to my closet without dipping into my bank account! How, you ask?

Well, the sweater, necklace and earrings were all purchased from Le Tote where I have credit from being an ambassador and from people using the code ERIN25 to get $25 off their first month.

These AMAZING leggings were purchased using dollars I earned from this here blog, thanks to you guys clicking on my affiliate links.

And speaking of these leggings, I’ll be talking about them and the company in a Fitness Friday post soon. Not because it’s sponsored. Nope. Just because I think it’s an awesome concept.

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February Shopping Summary


Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 5.06.41 PM

Jacket | Scarf | Earrings | Sports Bra

Welcome to what ended up in my closet in February. Just a few more things than in January. But,  my out of pocket costs for all of this totaled less than $30 so I think I’m doing pretty well at sticking to my “no shopping except for with store credit” thing.

I’ve been looking for an olive utility jacket for at least three years but every time I tried one on I felt like a box. This one from Shopbop finally fit the bill! And it was only $18 after my Shopbop credit.

Interesting story about this jacket, though. It came right before I left on my trip to Florida and I knew right away I was going to wear it. It came with the sleeves rolled up and on my way to the airport I finally rolled down the sleeves….and noticed one of the buttons was missing! I immediately got on my phone and emailed Shopbop customer service asking for a replacement and sent them a picture of the missing button. They responded before I was even on my plane! And less then five days later I had a new jacket and was able to ship the damaged one back for free. How’s that for customer service?? Which is why you should definitely check out the sale they’re having this week (details at the bottom of this post).

The scarf and earrings are both from Le Tote where I have credit for being an ambassador and from when people sign up using code ERIN25 (which gets you $25 off your first month). Believe it or not, I actually didn’t have any silver studs! And I think I mentioned that I kept thinking about the scarf after I got it in a previous Tote so I just decided to order it. Now its soft, furry goodness is all mine!

Influenster sent me a 40% off coupon to try Target’s new C9 bras. Some of my bras are over 5 years old so it’s about time I started replacing them. I already wore this one and love it. And it was only $10 after the coupon. I see more of these in my future.

Right now I’m debating whether or not to keep this sweater that’s in my current Tote. It’s more fitted on me than pictured, but I’ve already worn it three times. I just don’t know how I feel about using that much credit on something that’s 100% acrylic. I just worry that it will pill. Thoughts?

Also, I keep hearing rumors that one of the colors for spring is “rose quartz”. Aka “blush”. Since one of my blush tops is on injured reserve, I might keep my eye out for a replacement. I have some money from doing a focus group on grocery shopping and store brands that’s in the form of a Visa gift card that I could use. Plus, Shopbop‘s got a sale this week! It ends on March 5th, though, so I’d better get hopping!


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January Shopping Summary


Hey, remember when I said I was going to cut way back on shopping?



Yep. I did it! The only thing I “bought” in January were the Club Monaco faux leather leggings and I say “bought” because I got them c/o Shopbop credit for having their widget on my blog.

I’d be wanting to replace my current Vince Camuto faux leather pants because they’ve always been slightly too big in the waist. Although these don’t have pockets like I originally wanted, they are ponte material in the back so they fit better than full faux leather leggings. And, the most important thing, they fit in the waist!

So, that’s it. And because I didn’t buy myself anything else I was able to buy Jason a really cool birthday present.

The Vince Camuto pants will be going to the consignment shop shortly, along with several pairs of jeans and a few other things. But I won’t be using that money to buy anything, I swear!

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Best and Worst Purchases of 2015


One of the great things about tracking your shopping and what you wear on a regular basis is that you get a pretty good idea of what you actually wore after you bought it.

To that end, here are what I consider to be my best and worst purchases of 2015.


Tee (purchased in April) | Old Navy workout leggings (purchased in October) | Old Navy jeggings (purchased in November) | Polka dot sneakers (purchased in April)

The leggings and the tee may not have made the blog in outfits, but I wear them all the time. All the time. And I fully admit to having a mea culpa moment with jeggings. I poo-pooed them but, dang, they’re comfortable. Especially when you struggle finding jeans that fit your legs and your waist.

I probably could have gone through all my 2015 outfits and found the items I wore the most often (and I might still do that) but in terms of items that I feel awesome in when I wear them, these four pieces are it. And my white blazer. I suppose I shouldn’t forget that! In fact, it’s probably my most worn item of 2015!

Now, moving on to the not-so-great items.


J. Crew Factory Cardigan (purchased in February ) | BB Dakota vest (purchased in September)

I bought this cardigan because I wanted something that was more comfortable than wearing a gray blazer but would give a similar look to an outfit. Sadly, this cardigan is WAY too casual to serve that purpose. It’s thin and tends to cling instead of just hanging nice and straight. I’ve worn it to work in a few (unphotographed) outfits but always feel like I’m tugging or adjusting it. However, I do wear it around the house so I suppose it’s not a total loss.

The vest, though, I wore once (again, unphotographed) and decided it wasn’t what I wanted. I actually ended up replacing it with a more tailored one. The original one was, again, just too casual. It was unlined and actually had an almost-racerback. Weird. It also had a tie in the back that reminded me just a tad too much of how I dressed in high school. Anyway, I have it listed on Poshmark and, once spring is closer, if it hasn’t sold I’ll take to the consignment shop.

Overall, though, out of all the things I bought in 2015 to only have two that I regret? I think that means I made good purchasing decisions.

December Shopping [and gift!] Summary



The Limited Blazer | La Mer Watch

Not pictured: navy & red polka dot scarf (similar) | white topaz earrings (similar) | plaid wool scarf (similar)

Believe it or not, this is all that I added to my closet this month. And all of them were Christmas gifts!

One of my 2016 goals is to try and pay off my credit cards and, to do that, I need to stop buying things. Well, at least I need to stop buying clothes. I have credit at Shopbop and at Le Tote if I really want something.

Side note: Le Tote is raising their prices after the first of the year so this is your last chance to lock-in the under $50 per month pricing! Use code ERIN25 to get your first month for 50% off.

Anyway, to be honest, I don’t really need anything right now. In fact, I should probably be purging my closet and whittling it down to the items I really wear and not just hang onto things on the off-chance I might be able to create an outfit with them some day.

I have a lot of outfits saved on my Pinterest boards but lately I’ve been gravitating toward neutrals and simple outfits. I just have this weird fear that if I get rid of something then I’ll have a desire to wear it and it will be gone. Am I alone in this?

Regardless, there’s still no need for much shopping right now. I’ve got what I need. And the credit card balance to show for it. Time to get to work on that! So, uh, if you could click on my little affiliate links and help me out that would be nice, too 🙂 Yes, I just said that. Only kind of shamelessly.

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November Shopping Summary


Two interesting things to note from November. The first is that I didn’t buy anything during black Friday (although I did break down and buy the Vince Messenger Bag I mentioned last week…but I actually ordered it on Thanksgiving). The second is that I bought jeggings. And leggings. I don’t know who I am anymore.


Old Navy Black Jeggings  | Old Navy Leggings | Nordstrom Vest | Old Navy Cardigan  | Sports Bra | Not pictured: another pair of Old Navy jeggings, Old Navy mesh workout leggings and top

The sports bra was an add-on so I could get the extra 15% discount at Shopbop. It’s got a fun back, though, so it will look neat underneath the mesh workout top from Old Navy. Which is currently my favorite top to wear to the gym.

And speaking of the gym, that’s totally why I bought jeggings. With all the weight lifting I’ve been doing most of my jeans fit great in the thighs but are too big in the waist. Jeggings seem to fix that problem. Also, my black Gap skinny pants that I’d had for years were just too big at this point so I decided to replace them with black jeggings.

Also, I KNOW I JUST bought a white vest back in September but after wearing it once I decided I didn’t like it that much. So,  it’s now for sale on Poshmark and I replaced it with this one from Nordstrom that I like SO much better. I promise I will wear this one, soon. It’s basically exactly the same as my white blazer but sleeveless. Perfect.

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Attention Friends and Family


First off, I want to apologize. If you’re seeing 101 Shopbop sale posts today it’s because we really want you to be able to take advantage of it. I mean, I’m guessing that a lot of us will be together during the Thanksgiving holiday with our friends and family. Which means now is the perfect time to collate your wish list of items from Shopbop and place one big order together. Because the more you order the more you save and what says “togetherness” more than pooling resources? Plus, you can do it from the comfort of your couch while you’re slipping into a food coma. It’s a win-win!


And in case you need some ideas, here are some outfits I put together from items on my Shopbop wishlist. Some sale exclusions may apply, of course.


Destroyed Skinnies | Plaid duck boots | Plaid Shirt | Messenger bag | Jacket

The jeans and boots are already on sale. The jacket and the bag are total wishlist items because they are WAY out of my price range. And the top, well, I kind of wish I had seen it before I reordered my Cost cialis viagra


Striped sweater | Black jeans | Watch | Booties | Scarf

Keeping it nice and basic, here. Because, really, what more do you need than a sweater, jeans, booties and a scarf? Well, other than a black and gold watch which I is the one item I really want for Christmas. Maybe not this exact watch, but something similar. I have a brown and gold watch but no black and gold. My slightly matchy-matchy nature finds this to be a problem when getting dressed some mornings.


Leggings | Sports bra | Sneakers

Okay, in the spirit of full disclosure, I wouldn’t workout in just a sports bra. Unless it was this one. Maybe. I mean, pizza is my FAVORITE food! Seriously. They also had a Powered by Pinot one that I should have ordered already since wine is my second favorite food. Sadly, that one sold out on Shopbop but is still available directly from Barber.

Anyway, I would not be sad if any of these items found their way under the tree. Which means I think I need to have a discussion with my mom after dinner on Thursday.

The sale begins at 7am EASTERN TIME Tuesday November 24th and will end at 11:59pm PACIFIC TIME on November 30th. 

October Shopping Summary



Old Navy Active TopOnzie Sports Bra c/o Shopbop | The Limited Blazer (seen here)| Koral Activewear Leggings c/o Shopbop (seen on Instagram here)| Heroine Sport Leggings c/o Shopbop | Old Navy Leggings | Dr. Scholl’s Flats

During Shopbop’s friends and family sale I decided to splurge and use the credit I’d saved and get some awesome new workout leggings and a fun sports bra that I could wear under my mesh Old Navy active top. I wore the top, the sports bra, and the Koral Activewear leggings to the gym and my trainer said I looked sharp. I also managed a personal record for deadlifts that day, too. New workout clothes always put a spring in my step!

And speaking of steps, I had a $75 gift card to Zappos I earned from doing some product testing and I FINALLY found some cognac flats. After I ordered and returned at least 4 other pairs, I decided these Dr. Scholl’s ones were the winners.

I also splurged and ordered a shirt via eBay. See, I actually “Hulked out” of my J. Crew black watch plaid shirt one day in the gym locker room! I put it on after my workout and realized there was a huge shredded hole under one of the arms. Not at the seam, though. Nope, just randomly in the middle of the fabric! And since this is one of my favorite shirts I new I had to replace it. Thankfully I found one via eBay even though it was a little bit more than I would have liked to have paid for a shirt that is several years old. Oh well. Worth it.

You may notice that I didn’t put prices on the items I bought. Everything from Shopbop was covered by my credit (except for $16 in tax) and the shoes were purchased with a gift card so no money out of my pocket for those, either. And, to be honest, Old Navy and The Limited have so many sales that it’s impossible to see an item for the same price day-to-day there. I will tell you, though, that the Old Navy items are GREAT quality for the price. Seriously. Just go check them out. You won’t be mad.

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September Shopping Summary


Voting is still open for your favorite outfit of September! 

In September I placed a huge order from The Limited and, in the end, didn’t end up keeping anything except for one of my favorite camisoles (order a size up because I think they run tight/small).

However, when I went to the Randolph Street Market at the end of the month for their last indoor/outdoor market I fell in love with the necklace I posted about last week as well as an awesome local clothing designer, North & Hudson.

september-shoppingPlaid baseball top – North and Hudson ($50) | Layered necklace – Guapa ($35) | BB Dakota vest – c/o Shopbop ($53 but purchased with credit) 

The owner/designer/creator of North & Hudson is the nicest woman! She not only designs everything in her Etsy shop but she makes it all herself! In fact, she gave me a discount on this top because it’s the only one she’s made so far as a sample. It’s just so perfect for casual holiday get togethers, right?

Anyway, she doesn’t have a store front, just an Etsy shop and a truck that is her mobile showroom.

Photo Sep 26, 10 08 26 AM

She drives the truck around to various farmer’s markets, festivals, and is working with this awesome new pop-up store front in Chicago called Boombox. She also wants to start an event which is like a food truck festival but for retail goods. Cool, right?

So, yes, some local shopping for sure in September. I also decided to try another white vest from Shopbop. I don’t know why I keep buying white vests in fall! I swear, though, I’m going to wear this one soon! Maybe I’ll copy this outfit from The Adored Life.

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