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Shopbop Friends and Family Sale: aka my hunt for the perfect shoes


As you probably know, I have a Shopbop widget on my blog and, because of this, I get a shopping credit with them every month. I recently placed a big order BEFORE I learned about the Friends and Family sale going on now. Bummer because I could have gotten 25% off!

image001Ends at 3AM Central Time on Friday, April 10th 

What did I order? Well, two pairs of shoes to start. Sadly, neither of them worked out. So, now they are on their way to being returned and I doubt they’ll make it back in time for me to take advantage of the 25% off sale!

But, you can! And if you order any of these shoes over which I am currently lusting I will be insanely jealous.


Clearly I’m on a sneakers and flats kick right now. Jason wanted to know why I’m buying yet MORE shoes and I said it’s because I’m trying to replace many of my heels with flats.

Annoyingly, I seem to be in-between sizes right now. I used to wear a 7.5 but apparently my feet have SHRUNK! Who knew that was a thing? Anyway, shoes are currently very difficult for me to purchase since they’re usually too loose in the heel width if they fit length-wise or too tight length-wise if they fit in the heel. Thankfully Shopbop has free return shipping!

And, if you’re curious, here are the direct links to the shoes pictured above. Although, if you buy the last one in whatever size I want to order (probably a 7 or a 7.5) I will be very sad.

Also, if anyone has some adorable cognac brown leather ballet flats that they swear by, I’d love to know about it! I just tried some from Banana Republic but I was in-between their sizes. Too bad because they were otherwise perfect.


March Shopping Summary


I’ve discovered something interesting about myself and shopping. I have a lot more willpower at the beginning of the month but when end of the month sales hit I tend to lose control.

Except this month, of course, when Le Tote had a killer sale on items, many of which I’d already gotten in a Le Tote box and knew that I liked. But I swore that was going to be it. And then LOFT also had a killer sale and I placed an order. Much of which is getting returned but I did end up keeping two items.


  • Trading Trunk necklace via Le Tote (same) – $12 on sale (seen here and here)
  •  JOA shirt via Le Tote (same) – $27 on sale (seen here and here)
  • Olive + Oak sweater via Le Tote (same) – $23 (seen here)
  • LOFT skirt – $30 on sale
  • LOFT sweater (same) – $33 on sale

I’ve been wanting a red skirt for AGES and I liked that this one wasn’t a pencil skirt. I have visions of wearing it with a t-shirt and my denim jacket this summer and then with tights and a sweater in the winter.

And the sweater. I know, I know, I already owned basically the same thing. But here’s the deal: the neck on that sweater is just a tad too wide to wear over a collared shirt. And the neck on this LOFT sweater isn’t. So, I’ve decided to get rid of the older one and keep this newer one. I almost returned the LOFT one but then I realized it will be more versatile.

However, I originally ordered it because I’m on the hunt for a lightweight white sweater to wear this spring. Sadly, this is not it.  I’ve almost ordered this one from J. Crew Factory a few times but the price and the fact that it’s a boatneck are deterring me. So, I’m open to suggestions!


February Shopping Summary + Shopbop Sale


First things’s first: have you voted for your favorite outfit of February yet?

Second thing’s second, I told myself earlier in 2015 that after January (aka after my birthday) I was going to try to cut back on shopping. Good thing that it’s so cold that trying to look cute is the last thing on my mind! I literally bought four things in February (and got two items to review) and they were (almost) all comfy basics.


J. Crew Factory Ringer tee – $8.44

J. Crew Factory Cardigan – $24.15

Target Merona long sleeved tees (2) – $14.99 each

Garnet Hill Sweater – c/o

Boohoo Dress – c/o (seen here)

And while I’m lucky enough to have a partnership with Shopbop that allows me some spending cash at their website every month, I haven’t even ordered anything from them, either!

But, maybe that’s a good thing because their spring sale starts today!

image029 (1)If you’ve never seen a Shopbop sale here’s how it works:

  • You save 15% with purchase over $250
  • You save 20% with purchase over $500
  • You save 25% with purchase over $1000

Which means that this is a also a great opportunity to get together and shop with friends. Pool your orders and you all save money!

Personally, I’m planning to order a new pair of black jeans and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these awesome leopard print sneakers come back in my size.

If you’re looking for a white blazer for spring (I FINALLY found one!) then you might want to try one from Capulet, a brand Shopbop just started carrying.

Or maybe some fun earrings? Anyone who knows me pretty well knows that I love star shaped things so of course I love these.

And since allegedly spring will be here soon, why not browse the sandals section? If you order some it means warm weather will get here faster. At least that’s what I’m telling myself to justify drooling over these simple but classy sandals.

I’m also already thinking about swimsuits. Wishful thinking, yes? But this white one from CM Cia Maritima is beautiful and may just be my reward for all the hard work I’ve been doing in the gym since October.

The Shopbop sales starts TODAY and ends on Sunday, March 8th at 4:00 AM Eastern Time.  Anyone want to go in with me??


*Sadly, this sale excludes Stuart Weitzman. You know how some women drool over the Tiffany’s window? I l drool over the Stuart Weitzman window on Michigan Ave.

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January Shopping and Gift Summary



  • American Eagle Jeans (same) – gifts
  • American Eagle Sweater (same) – gift
  • Brooks Brothers Shirt (same) – gift
  • The Limited Sequin Pants – $24 (on sale)
  • The Limited Red Ankle Pants (same) – $20 (on sale)
  • LOFT white jeans (same) – $35 (on sale)
  • LOFT camo jeans (same) – $35 (on sale)
  • Nixon watch (same) – c/o Shopbop
  • Sperry Top Siders Boat Shoes (same) – gift
  • Not picture – striped Brooks Brothers shirt

Some interesting notes about my purchases (and gifts!) in January. Remember my red pants? Well, I never did get them tailored. Instead I replaced them with this pair from The Limited when they were on a crazy sale.

And while I was shopping online, I added those sequined pants to my cart. I figured for under $25, why not? Turns out they fit great and now I just need an excuse to wear them!

Also, I finally broke down and bought some camo print pants. I feel like such a sell out. I had to admit to myself that I couldn’t stop thinking about owning a pair even though I feel a bit conflicted about owning camo print when I have nothing to do with the military. What are your thoughts on camo?

When I visited my dad this month he offered to take me shopping. I took advantage of it and purchased a few staples that I’d been wanting. Specifically the Brooks Brothers no-iron shirt and those silver Sperrys. I was able to wear the shoes while in Florida but I need it to warm up a bit here in Chicago before I can really break them in!

Some interesting sizing notes: I bought both the red pants and the camo pants in tall/long lengths. I am 5’4″ but have a 30″ inseam. Both pants fit me much better in the longer length. Weird, right? Also, I bought the Sperrys almost a full size smaller than I normally wear! Apparently my feet are shrinking. Also weird.

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December Shopping (and Gift) Summary



Not pictured:

Every December I try really hard not to buy things for myself. But, you know, it’s difficult when ALL THE THINGS are on sale. That pink blazer was particularly difficult for me to hold off on. But I did and I got it as a gift from my mom which made it worth it.

I took quite a few things to a local consignment shop, sold a shirt on eBay, and donated some additional items to score a discount at a local boutique where I bought some Christmas gifts.

I also got a new coat from my mom as an early gift. She let me pick it out and since Macy’s had coats on a crazy sale I actually end up getting two because I couldn’t decide.coats

Jason told me I had too many coats so I actually ended up getting rid of THREE older ones! One went to the consignment shop, one was donated to a coat drive, and the other went to Goodwill. Spreading the coat love all around. I’m currently wearing the Michael Kors one and have the Anne Klein hanging in the closet as a back-up.

With my birthday coming up in two weeks I’m sure I’ll be getting a few more gifts (especially since my dad already said he’d take me shopping) but, honestly, right now I can’t figure out what I want! Such a first world problem to have, right?

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November Shopping Summary


In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you that I bought a few things that are either A. getting returned or B. I haven’t decided about yet. One of which is this sweater in heather gray. Do I really need yet another gray sweater? Speaking of which, Jen over at Fashionably Employed featured my gray sweater remix yesterday.

Oh, I also ordered this vest from Express. But it hasn’t arrived yet either. Who else hates FedEx SmartPost?

And, sadly, I ordered a cargo jacket/military jacket/utility jacket from J. Crew Factory for $35 shipped. But it doesn’t fit (too big) and it’s final sale so no returns. I’ll be taking that one to the consignment shop.

So, what did I buy and keep in November?

november_shopping_summary1. Groopdealz Herringbone Puffer Vest - $35

2. H by Hudson Booties c/o Shopbop (originally $300) (seen here)

3. Old Navy Rockstar Jeans – paid for with a gift card (originally $25 on sale) (seen here)

4. Henry & Belle Jeans via Stitch Fix – $118 (originally $148 but I had credit)

5. Karen Zambos Couture Dress via Le Tote – $118 (originally $158) (seen here)

I’m so glad I jumped on ordering the Groopdealz vest. The quality is even better than J. Crew Factory one because this one is actual woven herringbone, not just printed onto the fabric. I’ve already worn it three times.

Also, I decided to spend money on jeans this month because with my current job and winter I’m going to be wearing jeans a lot more now so it’s worth it to buy ones I love. And neutral colored jeans keeps it interesting.

And, yes, you guys convinced me to keep the dress.

The shoes, though. These are now the second most expensive pair of shoes that I own. Gulp. Granted, I am very fortunate to get the c/o gift cards from Shopbop from running ads on my blog but I still feel a teeny bit guilty about owning something that costs so much! Here’s hoping they stay in style for awhile!

P.S. After I wrote this post I did a bit of post-Thanksgiving shopping and ended up with two of the Old Navy plaid flannel shirts – one in red tartan and the other in a black and white buffalo plaid. I also picked up a boyfriend cardigan in light taupe brown to replace one I’ve been meaning to get rid of. All three were paid for with a gift card.

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Small Business Saturday: Shopping Small in Chicago


Have you heard of Small Business Saturday? Started by American Express in 2010 the goal is to encourage us to shop at local, small businesses the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Kind of the antidote to big box stores and Black Friday fever.


One of my goals this year is to do as much shopping as possible at local stores or from small business in Chicago. To attain that goal, here are three places I’ll be spending my money. Maybe not on Small Business Saturday, but definitely before Christmas.

1. Milk Handmade

Milk Handmade’s main store is at 5137 N Clark Street in Chicago but they recently won the Block 37 Pop-Up Shop contest and will have a shop in the Block 37 stores at 108 N State Street (second floor!) for two months.


Photos courtesy of Zapwater

I went to the Milk Handmade Pop-Up shop opening and saw at least 10 things I wanted either for myself or as gifts.


Almost all of the items sold at Milk Handmade are made by Chicago artists as well so not only is the shop itself local but the items are local, too! And Hallie, the owner, puts up little signs telling you about the artist and where the items came from.

Milk Handmade is also doing a collaboration this season with Care for Real where you can bring gently used clothing donations to the store to get discounts and freebies! I’m really looking forward to doing our sibling name drawing at Thanksgiving so I know who I can start shopping for!

2. One of a Kind Show – December 4th – 7th

The One of a Kind show is a weekend long pop-up shop to end all pop-up shops. Did you ever go to craft fairs at the mall when you were a kid? Or maybe a street art fair? This is like that on steroids.  More than 600 vendors will have booths with items such as housewares, food, clothing, and jewelry.  You can see some of the items on their Instagram feed.

Last year was the first time I went and I was in awe. It takes place on one floor of the Merchandise Mart which itself takes up an entire city block. There is a $12 cost to attend but that ticket covers entry for all four days of the show.  Last year I knocked out over half of my gift shopping in one fell swoop so the ticket cost was totally worth it.

Not all of the vendors are Chicago-based but many of them are. And most of the items are handmade and you get to meet the creator in person.

3. The Fig Tree 

Located on Madison Street in Chicago’s West Loop (1037 W Madison, to be exact) The Fig Tree is an awesome place to find gifts. I wandered in there on my way home from work one day to find a bridal shower gift and wanted to buy one of everything for someone!


I ended up buying the bridal shower gift and my first Christmas gift. The selection changes seasonally so if you see something you should get it right then because it might not be there if you wait!

The Fig Tree has accessories for both you and your home, kids clothes, toys and books, and a quirky assortment of cards and random items. And I personally thought everything was reasonably priced.

And since this store is in my neighborhood I’ll definitely be supporting them!

There are myriad other independent local stores in Chicago, though. Two others that come to mind are One Strange Bird (the owner and I go to the same dog park and she’s amazing) and Comfort Me Boutique.

So, this year don’t forget about shopping local whether you’re in Chicago or not.

What’s your favorite place to “shop small”? 

By the way, I was not asked by American Express or any of these stores to write anything. I just like to share the love. Although, I will say that Milk Handmade plied me to with drinks and cupcakes at their pop-up shop opening but that was just to attend, not to write anything nice about them. 


October Shopping Summary


You guys! I was SO GOOD this month. So good. I stayed under budget and put the money I made via ShopSense and thredUP toward my credit card. But clearly I shopped for something since I’m writing this post, right?


Target Scarf – $17 (same) (seen here)

Express Boots – $2.37 after $50 gift card (same)

American Eagle Outfitters Sweater – originally $32 on sale but $0 after c/o gift card (same) (seen here)

Sam Edelman Boots – originally $153 on sale but c/o Shopbop (same) (seen here)

Le Tote – $49 (items seem here, here, and here)

Total – $68.37

I did end up ordering the Sam Edelman boots from Shopbop but I might still get my old riding boots fixed. The Sam Edelman ones are beautiful and the leather is soft but they need to stretch out in the width of the toe box before they’re super comfy. I might try the hair dryer trick and see if that helps.

The black boots might be a replacement for my plain black riding boots although these will probably only last a season. That’s okay, though, because for $2.37 I can live with that.

The sweater is SO SOFT and comfy but the sleeves stretch out like crazy. Still, I will wear it as often as possible and maybe buy it in a few more colors.

And the scarf, well, I’m pretty sure every single blogger bought it in October but I’m totally okay with that.

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September Shopping Summary


Alright! It’s time for another round of how I spent my paycheck. Although, to be honest, I was really lucky this month and got to try some great things for the whopping amount of zero dollars. So, let’s get to it. september-shopping-summary1. Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra c/o Influenster (same in other colors)

2. Victoria’s Secret Capris c/o Influenster (same)

3. Steven Leopard Flats c/o Shopbop (same) (seen here)

4. eShakti Dress c/o eShakti (original in other colors) (seen here)

5. American Eagle Boyfriend Shorts – $16.08 (not pictured)

6. Rent the Runway Yoana Baraschi Dress & Badgely Mischka Necklace – $83.39 (seen here)

7. Rent the Runway Kate Spade Dress & RJ Graziano Necklace – $73.39 (dress seen here)

8. Le Tote box – $25 (items seen here, here and here)

9. Target tees – $28.77 (same and same)

I was initially a little shocked by the sports bra because A. it’s orange and B. it has a zipper. In the front. Turns out it was great for my fitness class at the gym, especially since I’ve been having some collarbone issue that makes getting a regular sports bra on and off kind of painful. I haven’t run in it yet but it seems to hold everything in place. And, you know, it keeps you from having uniboob if that’s something you’re concerned about. Funny story: when my husband and I were first dating we went rollerblading together and I was so worried about my sports bra smooshing my boobs that I wore a regular push-up bra underneath it. No worries about that with this bra!

Although, I’ll be honest, I might actually like the cropped pants just a teeny bit more.

I ended up spending most of my money at Rent the Runway but that’s fine by me. Some people say that if they’re spending that much money they want to keep the dress. But, really, how many times do I need to wear a dress like that? And I couldn’t afford to buy one that nice every time so I think it’s perfect. I’m definitely a convert!

And, yes, I bought shorts. In September. Whatever. I’ll wear them next summer.

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Fossil Watch Giveaway + August Shopping Summary

Giveaways · Shopping

First, before we get to what I spent my hard earned money on in August (because I know you’re all dying to know) I need to tell you a little story about how this giveaway came about.

  1. Earn $25 eBay gift card from Influenster.
  2. Debate what to spend it on.
  3. Go to put your silver circle Fossil watch on and realize it’s missing. Believe it fell off while riding a Divvy bike home from work (stupid Chicago potholes).fossil-circle-watch
  4. Find the same watch (which you bought over 7 years ago, by the way) on eBay and decide to use your gift card toward the $40 cost.
  5. Receive watch in the mail. It’s perfect….and I’m sure you can see where this is going.
  6. Find your original watch in a random reusable grocery bag when you get home from the grocery store the next day.

So, yes, now I have two of the same watch. And, because I know that some of you out there have coveted it for years, I’m giving away the duplicate! It needs a battery but is in otherwise perfect condition.

Which means if you want to follow my awesome watch lead, read to the bottom of this post to find out how to win it!

And now, how I spent way too much money in August.


  1. Earrings via Groopdealz – $5.99
  2. American Eagle skirt – $7.50 on sale (currently $19.99)
  3. Swirlgear capris – $38.25 w/50% ambassador discount
  4. Stitch Fix clutch – $48
  5. Athleta Chi top - $0 w/gift card (originally $39)
  6. Stitch Fix sweatshirt - $74
  7. Sole Society sandals – $4.96 w/store credit (originally $19.49)
  8. J. Crew Factory sweater – $33.95 on sale (currently $41.50)
  9. American Eagle Skinny Jeans – $14.00 for two pairs with c/o gift card (originally $29.99 each)
  10. American Eagle shorts – $15 on sale (currently $39)
  11. Swirlgear tanks -$89 total for three w/ambassador discount

Also, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may recall that I asked if I should order this sweater or these shoes. Well, the shoes won by a narrow margin so I ordered them. And they were HUGE! And they didn’t have a size down. So, sadly, they were returned and now the sweater is on its way to me. As are the shorts and skirt from American Eagle and the sweater from J. Crew Factory. Hopefully those items will all fit!

Okay, now that you’ve endured that rambling, how about that whole watch giveaway, huh?

Well, here you go! Use the Rafflecopter thingy below to enter! I’ll pick a winner on Friday, September 12th.

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