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cat bow tie

Crazy Cat Prints: Dos and Don’ts

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A few months ago I saw a shirt on Fran and emailed the link to my friend Kim with the subject “Classy cat shirt”.  Kim is a HUGE cat person so I thought she needed some cat clothes.

cat bow tieNo, not like that. Like this:

Gap-Boyfriend-Cat-Shirt-Navy, cat print


We have a ongoing joke about ugly cat shirts and how I believe they should not be allowed outside of your house. Ever.

Ugly cat print t-shirts

(Although, to be honest, the top right one isn’t half bad)


So, of course, Kim was excited that there was actually a Loop Looks approved cat print shirt. Which means when I asked for “You Pick” posts for this week while I’m on vacation, she immediately responded asking for more Crazy Cat Lady-friendly yet office-appropriate cat print clothing items.  Believe it or not, they were easier to find than you’d think. This first one I actually saw being worn by Sarah’s Real Life!


Anthropologie Printmaker Shirt

Carousel Animal Print Shirt

Other Items

It helps that fun prints such as cats, birds, household objects, and other animals are trending right now. The key, though, is to keep the print small or in just one or two colors.

Cat print dresses no one should wear

Cat print dresses from Dorothy Perkins

Dress One | Dress Two

Other Items

Three cat print blouses that can be worn to work

Shirt One | Shirt Two | Shirt Three

Other Items


Would you wear a cat print shirt? Are you a cat person or a dog person?

P.S. If you want to see actual photos of my outfit from last Monday, they’re up at Work Your Wardrobe along with my tips on how to incorporated printed pants in to your wardrobe if you’re scared of looking like a clown.

(Full disclosure: I am a dog person all the way)

1 Piece | 3 Days | Day 2

Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring

green_pants_navy_print 003_edit

green_pants_navy_print 007_editgreen_pants_navy_print 005

Top – Old Navy

Pants – Express

Shoes – JCP (borrowed)

Necklace – ???  (borrowed)

Denim jacket – Gap

Day 2 of my one piece, 3 ways challenge with the green pants.  Navy and green are a great combination so it was a given that I would eventually pair this top with these pants.  I also think it gives the pants a toned down yet fun vibe.  I paired it with the silver boat shoes to make the dressier pants feel more casual.  I hope to own my own pair of metallic boat shoes soon!

1 Piece | 3 Days Challenge Day 1

NYC Day 1

Casual Clothes

nyc_day1 004

Top – Old Navy

Jeans – Old Navy

Shoes – Lucky Brand/Marshall’s

Purse – Kate Spade

Necklace – The Limited

Jacket – Gap Outlet

Aaaaaand, here we are!  NYC day 1!  We walked along the High Line, through the Meat Packing District, to Washington Park, down Broadway, and ended in Little Italy for dinner.  Yum!


nyc_day1 008

This was the perfect outfit for sightseeing so far.   And I saw this top in pink on clearance at Old Navy so check it out if you’re so inclined!

New York is amazing.   There’s something on every corner, the residential areas have so much character, and I bought a fun new scarf for $5 on the street.  Score!    Looking forward to seeing what the new two days bring.

The Uniform

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter


Necklace –  NY&Co

Cardigan – Nordstrom Rack

Camisole – The Limited

Top – LOFT

Pants – The Limited

Shoes – Nine West/DSW

Back to work!  This outfit is kind of bland and conforms to my usual work uniform:  black pants, colored top, cardigan.  I actually bought this top to wear with my black suit but since I don’t need to wear a suit every day I take it down a notch with the cardigan.

Do you have a “uniform” that you find yourself wearing day after day?

Weekend Bonus Outfit

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

Cardigan – Nordstrom Rack

Top – The Limited via MJR Sales

Belt – The Limited

Skirt – Banana Republic Outlet

Boots – Cole Haan

Today was the annual Chicago Area Runners Association awards banquet. It was actually a luncheon, though, so I had no idea what to wear! I didn’t want to be too dressy but I also didn’t want to be too casual. Once again, my nightmare scenario. I originally had on a black and white dress with a black cardigan, black knee high heeled boots, and a belt. I felt way too matronly. After pondering my options I ended up with the outfit above. More “fun” even if it was a bit dressier than I was going for.

How about you? If you had a lunch-time awards banquet to attend what would you wear?