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White sweater with floral pants and ankle strap wedges

Shoe Emergency

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

You guys remember Lexapro wellbutrin side effects? The ones I walked all over Chicago to find? Well, I had them on yesterday when some jackass couldn’t wait for me to finish my turn in the revolving metal door at the train station and pushed it into the back of my foot. Sadly, it caused the ankle strap of my right shoe to rip away from the heel.

Thankfully, it’s a clean tear so I think it can be fixed. However, in the mean time I was left with a shoe I couldn’t walk in and only my company-branded flip-flops at my desk. And the End of Summer Bash fundraiser at Hub 51 to attend after work.

All of which added up to an emergency trip to DSW on my lunch break. And finding these Nine West ankle strap wedge heels on the clearance rack for $20.

White sweater with floral pants and ankle strap wedgesSweater – Torn c/o shopbop (same) | Pants – Gap via clothing swap (same on ebay) | Shoes – Nine West via DSW (similar peep toe) | Necklace – NY & Co (similar

In fact, the shoes ended up being my favorite part of this outfit. I mean, I love the pants but the sweater with them just wasn’t what I had envisioned. I wanted a more slouchy look and this one is just a bit too square.  I also felt that by adding the brown shoes instead of my original navy ones that I needed to balance it out with a different necklace. I feel like this one from Bauble Bar would be perfect! And it’s currently only $20. Be still my wallet.

But, since I was attending an end of summer party I wanted to give a nod to both summer and fall. The white and printed pants for summer and the darker closed-toed shoes for fall seemed to fit the bill.  And now I have a new pair of brown heels.

Denim jacket, white sweater, animal print pants


Adventures in Photos

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

With my hair short it’s always a bit of an adventure when I take photos after work. If I go to the gym at lunch or ride a Divvy bike home I never know what it’s going to do. Take last Friday for example.


Shirt – Old Navy (similar) | Pants – Gap via clothing swap (similar) | Shoes – Sole Society (same) | Necklace – JF&A Show (similar)

I swear to you I did NOT straighten my hair. I went to the gym, I got sweaty, I used a blow dryer on it, and the curl just fell out. My natural curl fell out of my hair. I don’t even know what to say about that.

So, I promise you all I did to my hair before I took these pictures was run a brush through it. However, AFTER I took the pictures, well, see for yourself.


Of COURSE the picture I liked the best had a random bug in the dead center of the lens. Of course. And I wasn’t standing far enough way to get the tripod shadow out of the frame. PicMonkey and my minimal photoshopping skills to the rescue.

I actually think it turned out quite well! I really liked the outfit, too. My favorite pants with one of my favorite shirts and my new favorite shoes? How could I go wrong?


Printed Pants and Ankle Straps

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

Voting is still open for the your favorite outfit of May! So far you all agree with my top picks but you never know what will happen.

Now, onto today’s outfit!

These printed pants, guys. I just love them. I still can’t believe Maggie gave them up! I mean, I’m happy she did because they were the perfect addition to my wardrobe but I’m still surprised.


Top – Express (same in other colors) (similar) | Pants – Gap via clothing swap (similar) | Shoes – Sole Society (similar)

Also, I would just like to take a moment to discuss my love for ankle strap heels. I used to hate them. I thought they cut me off and made me look shorter. Turns out that isn’t necessarily the case.

In fact, ankle strap heels are perfect for someone like me who has really narrow heels but wider forefeet. The strap keeps the shoes on my feet so that I’m not constantly walking out of my shoes. Which, as I’m sure you can guess, is super annoying. So, ankle straps are my savior.

Helps that they actually look pretty good, too.


Preppy with a bit of punk

Fluoxetine and abilify

Blue cardigan, faux leather top, black and white windowpane pants, Chicago style blogger


Cardigan – J. Crew (similar) | Top – Express (similar) | Pants – LOFT via Poshmark (similar) (similar on ebay) | Necklace – New York & Co (similar) | Shoes – Bandolino (same)

There’s a part of me that felt quite preppy in today’s outfit. Something about a cardigan with a matching necklace does that to me. But here’s a little secret: my top is faux leather. Which I think takes this outfit from preppy to a little bit of punk.

I could have worn a plain black top with this cardigan and these pants but I wanted to give this outfit a bit more interest. That’s the benefit to having tops in interesting materials and textures. It takes your outfit to a slightly different level. Not particularly ground-breaking information, I know, but I figured I’d share it with you anyway.

Chicago style blogger, what to wear with windowpane print

The Classic and the Trendy

Fluoxetine and abilify

Chicago style blogger, J. Crew Schoolboy blazer, printed pants



Blazer – J. Crew (same) | Shirt – Gap (similar) | Pants – Gap via clothing swap (similar) | Shoes – DSW (similar) | Short necklace – The Limited (same) | Long necklace – J. Crew via Poshmark (similar)

You know, sometimes certain things are meant to be. Like, take these pants for instance. I had a very similar pair saved on my Pinterest wish list (the ones linked above, actually) but couldn’t bring myself to spend money on them. I loved the print but I wasn’t sure if I could justify another pair of black and white bottoms.

And then I attended Maggie’s clothing swap and saw these in the pile. Same cut, similar pattern, but different colors! Thankfully the fit was perfect and they came home with me.

I’ve actually worn this outfit once before but it only made the blog in a small snippet of the Blaze Pizza recap. So, since I loved it so much the first time I knew it needed to get a chance to be in the spotlight. I really enjoy pairing fun and trendy pieces with more classic traditional pieces. Like, in this case putting these printed pants with this classic navy blazer.

Chicago style blogger, J. Crew schoolboy blazer, printed pants

Boutique Week with Comfort Me Boutique: Making the Most of Your Closet Staples Part 2

Fluoxetine and abilify · Shopping

Yesterday I introduced you to Comfort Me Boutique and showed you the original items from my own closet I was using as a base with which to incorporate the beautiful items Comfort Me carries.

Today I have three more outfits for you, two of which include the incredibly on-trend silky jogger pants.

Now, I fully admit that I can’t decide how I feel about this trend. Can they be worn to work? Are they too casual? Do they look ridiculous? Am I channeling MC Hammer? So many questions.

Still, I went out of my comfort zone and tried on two pairs. And you know what? I really liked one of them.

Comfort Me Boutique, printed silky jogger pants, black blazer

Pants (available for purchase online) | Only Hearts top – made in LA | Snug Tank – made in USA | Stylish Girl by Laila necklace – made in Chicago

Comfort Me Boutique, olive green silky jogger pants, black shirt


Madeline pants | Only Hearts top – made in LA |Snug Tank – made in USA |Ali’s Collection necklace – made in Chicago

The colorful printed pants? I actually really, really like them! In fact, I could totally see myself wearing them to work with the blazer and the again on a weekend with a black tank top and sandals. Throw on a denim jacket if the evening is cool and you’d be good to go.

Also, I know it’s just a basic piece, but the tank top I have on underneath the sheer shirt was super soft and SUPER long. If you have a long torso and can’t find camisoles that don’t pull out of your pants every time you bend over, these are for you!

comfort_me_boutique_artArt by Michael Crissie

Now, if the silky jogger pants are too out there for you here’s a calmer outfit that I love.

Comfort Me Boutique Burgundy Shirt and silk scarf


Rho by Cortney Rhodes handpainted silk scarf – made in Chicago (I’ve actually met this artist!)

The burgundy top I have on is also from Comfort Me but it was the last one on the sale rack so it might be gone by now. Maybe I should have snatched up these two items as well because I LOVE the way they take my plain black suit from drab to fab.

One more day of Chicago Boutique Week left! Tomorrow I’ve got the world’s most comfortable skirt and the world’s cutest dress.  So I hope you’ll come back for more of Comfort Me Boutique. And if you see something you just HAVE to know more about, you can always email Comfort Me Boutique directly at info@comfortmeboutique.com or check out their online store.

Note: Comfort Me Boutique did not ask me to write these posts. I’m doing it because I thought the store was adorable, Alyssa was super nice, and their clothes are unique and excellent quality. The only compensation I got was 30% off my purchase.

Printed Pants: From Simple to Smashing

You Pick Wednesday

For this week’s You Pick Wednesday a reader asked on Facebook for ideas on how to wear her new printed pants. This particular pair from Old Navy are adorable and can be paired so many different ways. Below you’ll find four different outfits, at least one of which you’re sure to love!


1. Pair them with a sold colored top. Chambray is a sure thing for a casual look but if you’re looking to be a bit more dressy just add a solid colored shirt. For these pants I would go with pink, emerald, red, or another shade of blue. Throw on a necklace that sits right under the shirt collar and pops against the shirt color and you’ve added some visual interest to your blouse without going too crazy. Sandals make it casual but if you add a pair of heels or wedges you’ve got a more office-appropriate look.

Printed pants with chambray shirt and Bauble Bar necklace

Shirt | Pants | Shoes | Necklace

Outfit total = $100


2.  Another color that goes well with navy or blue is yellow. Old Navy has these AMAZING boucle jackets in multiple colors. The blue one would also go nicely with these pants but for more visual interest the yellow is a great complimentary and spring-y color. Add a tie-neck blouse instead of a necklace and some nude wedges and you have the perfect spring outfit for the office. Not a fan of the boucle jacket? Try a yellow cardigan instead!


Old Navy polka dot printed pants with Old Navy boucle jacket


Jacket | Shirt | Pants | Shoes | Earrings

Outfit total = $154


3. We all know I love pairing stripes with polka dots and it’s honestly one of the easiest ways to dip your toe into pattern mixing. In this case the shirt has blue stripes in it which play off the different blues in the pants. Wearing the bright cardigan over the top only gives you a strip of stripes (say that 5 times fast) so your eye isn’t overwhelmed by the two patterns. This outfit would be perfect for a casual Friday or a weekend out and about.


Old Navy polka dot printed pants with Old Navy striped tank and cardigan

Cardigan | Tank | Pants | Shoes | Necklace

Outfit total = $106


4. But if you really want to go crazy with the pattern mixing, I’m loving this floral blazer from Forever 21. It has two different shades of blues, yellows, and reds all of which go great with the blues in the pants. And because the pattern of the pants is tiny the bold floral pattern doesn’t compete with it the same way a smaller floral print might. The striped heels balance out the bold pattern on the top by bookending the pants with more pattern.  But if that feels like too much to you, nude heels or flats are a perfectly acceptable option. This outfit is bound to get you compliments in the office! Not feeling the floral blazer? A solid colored one in any of the colors in this floral one would also pair just as nicely with the pants.

Old Navy polka dot printed pants with Forever 21 floral blazer

Blazer | Shirt | Pants | Shoes | Earrings

Outfit total = $174


So, thoughts on printed pants? Would you wear them? Which of the above outfits is your favorite?


And don’t forget, I’m here every Wednesday answering YOUR questions! You tell me what you want to see or know about and I’ll make it happen.