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Pink and Preppy

Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring

navy_blazer_polka_dot_shirt_pink_skirt 006 edit

navy_blazer_polka_dot_shirt_pink_skirt 028 edit


Blazer – J. Crew (same) (similar) | Shirt – Gap (similar) | Skirt – New York & Co (similar) |  Shoes – Bandolino (similar)

Approximately a gazillion years ago (okay, it was actually 9 months) I pinned an outfit featuring a navy blazer, a polka dot blouse, and a pink skirt. At the time I had a pink skirt and a polka dot top. That was it. Then I when I finally got my navy blazer for my birthday in January it was too cold to wear the pink skirt. But not today! No, today I finally put the three of them together and I feel pretty awesome.

It’s like, I’m wearing a suit but it’s so much more fun. I’m all preppy up top but having a party on the bottom. I think this is what I love about bright skirts. They add life to an outfit that might otherwise be super traditional. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with traditional but every so often I look in the mirror and want something a little different.

navy_blazer_polka_dot_shirt_pink_skirt 023 edit

Which is why I bought a pink pencil skirt. And it’s why I think everyone should have at least one bright skirt in their closet. For those days when you just want to wearing something fun but you still have to look professional. A structured bright skirt totally fits the bill.

Pink for Spring

Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring


pink_skirt_polka_dot_blouse_2 nude_bow_flats


Blouse – Gap (similar) | Skirt – NY & Co (similar) | Shoes – Sole Society (similar) | Belt – Target | Necklace – J. Crew via Poshmark (similar)

After last week being so dreary, I decided I wanted to wear something fun and bright today. Bright pink, polka dots, and a touch of leopard? Sounds good to me!

Although, admittedly, I haven’t worn this skirt since November and I seem to remember it fitting better then. Does anyone else get a little apprehensive about putting on a piece of clothing you haven’t worn in a while?

Also, you may notice this week that I’m wearing flats instead of heels. That’s because at the end of this week I’ll be running the Illinois Marathon and I’m trying to save my feet, knees, and legs for the 26.2 miles I’ll be running on Saturday!

November Pink

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

pink_skirt_gray_sweater (1)

    pink_skirt_gray_sweater (2) pink_skirt_gray_sweater (3)

White shirt – The Limited | Sweater – Gap (similar)| Skirt – NY & Co (similar)| Necklace – The Limited (similar)| Booties – Liz Claiborne via DSW (similar)

Just because it’s cold and dreary outside doesn’t mean you have to put your bright colors in the back of your closet.  Pairing a bright skirt with black and gray tones down the look and keeps it from shouting “SPRING”!

Also, here’s a hint:  wearing a cotton pencil skirt with tights is not the best idea.  I had to purchase my very first slip to wear with this skirt and these tights to keep the skirt from riding up like crazy.

When you play around in your closet you’re bound to discover that the right undergarments are key to making certain pieces work together.  And in this case if a $9 slip from Target can help me keep wearing this skirt into the winter then I’m all for it.

Polka Dots and Pink

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

polka_dot_chambray_pink_skirt 002_edit

polka_dot_chambray_pink_skirt 008

Shirt – Old Navy | Skirt – New York & Co | Shoes – Target | Necklace – JF&A Expo

It was rough getting out of bed this morning.  I had a great weekend hanging out with a ton of bloggers (too many to list!), running a 5K race, talking about books and blogging, drinking too much wine, and trying a new restaurant with my family.

So I put on my pink skirt and a new top from Old Navy to brighten up my day.  I’ve been wanting to wear chambray with this pink skirt for awhile and my new polka dot chambray shirt seemed like the perfect addition.  A little playful, a little classic, a little dressy and a little casual.  Perfect for what we consider in my office to be the last week of summer.

How did you spend your weekend?

Pinned in Pink

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

pink_skirt_polka_dot_top 001

pink_skirt_polka_dot_top 009pink_skirt_polka_dot_top 011

Blouse – Gap | Skirt – NY & Co | Necklace – Macy’s | Shoes – Nine West

I spent a chunk of yesterday and today reorganizing my Pinterest boards.  Now I’ve created one for all the outfit pins I’ve actually interpreted on this here blog.

I’ve also created one for items I’m lusting after.  So, you know, if anyone is looking for gift ideas…

Do you keep a list of items you love or want? 

Professionally Pink

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

pink_skirt_oatmeal_cardigan 01 (3)

pink_skirt_oatmeal_cardigan 01 (1)

Cardigan – Target | Blouse – Gap | Necklace | The Limited | Belt – Target | Skirt – New York & Co | Shoes – Unisa via 6pm.com

Today’s outfit might be one of my favorites over the past few months.  Why? Something about the bright skirt paired with neutrals just screams professional but fun.

Also, I used a lot of my “tricks” in this outfit.

Trick one?  Searching Pinterest for ways to wear a pink pencil skirt and finding this:


Trick 2? Using a large safety pin as a belt loop to keep my belt in place.

Trick 3?  Making my necklace longer by using a bracelet as a chain extender!


pink_skirt_oatmeal_cardigan 01 (2)


What’s your favorite part of this outfit?

OTI: Masculine & Feminine

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

pink_skirt_white_top 002

pink_skirt_white_top 005pink_skirt_white_top 007

Shirt – The Limited | Skirt – New York & Co | Belt – The Limited | Shoes – Nine West

Welcome to the first day of a whole week of Open to Interpretation!

Erica, Kayla, and Grace are hosting a whole week of Open to Interpretation challenges.  Not sure what this is?  Well last week they posted photos that they thought would make good inspiration photos.  The idea isn’t to copy the look exactly but to let it inspire you to put together an outfit you might not have otherwise thought of.

Monday’s OTI pic?

I have been craving a pink skirt and finally found the perfect one at New York and Company on Friday.  And since I love to wear my new items ASAP, this was the perfect opportunity to put it on.  A skirt is much more work appropriate than shorts!

I took the bright bottoms and paired them with the white button down that has a little sass in the form of the silver threads.  Boat shoes instead of heels give a nod to the casual footwear in the inspiration photo.  An animal print belt gives the look a bit more dimension than just a bottom and a top (and goes with my Three Things rule).  No hat, though.  I look ridiculous in hats.

What do you think?  <b>How would you have interpreted this look?</b>