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The woman from Venus [SIA Post]

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Early last week we had the most amazing weather in Chicago. Sunny, warm, and perfect. That’s when I wore this outfit for this week’s Style Imitating Art challenge.


I suppose that means I can finally put away that snow shovel, huh? Actually, funny story: I was using the snow shovel to scoop up the trash that the rats in our alley were dragging out of our trash cans. See, the rats chewed a hole in our trash can and, even though I contacted the city about getting a replacement, six weeks went by with no new can being delivered.


Then when I was visiting my mom and complaining about the rat situation, she said I should call my alderman. Good idea! I found out who it was, sent her an email, and BAM! Literally the next day we had two brand new trash cans!

As the saying goes, I guess that’s just the Chicago way. I may have lived in the city proper for over four years but I’m still getting used to how things actually work around here, It’s like I’m from another planet or something.


similar top | similar skirt | similar sandals | similar necklace 

Skirt c/o LuLaRoe Annabelle Winters | Sandals c/o Shopbop | Top c/o Le Tote


Pinterest Parallels [Vol. 5]

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If you use Pinterest you know that it tells you when people have also “pinned” something you’ve pinned. Over the past few months I have two pins in particular that have exploded with being “re-pinned.” Both are outfits I saved as inspiration from other blogs and both are quite simple. So, I figured that today I’d show you one of them and how I decided to make it a reality with my wardrobe.

This pink gingham shirt, gray sweater, and black dress pants outfit as originally see on Outfit Posts isn’t that earth-shattering. I mean, I wear a sweater over a button-up at least once a week. In fact, I just wore this pink gingham shirt last week!

But, today, I paired it with a solid gray sweater and black jeans (instead of dress pants) as my homage to MK.

pink-gingham-shirt-gray-sweater-1Shirt – J. Crew Factory (similar) | Sweater – Gap (similar) | Jeans – American Eagle Outfitters (same) | Booties Sam Edelman c/o Shopbop (same) | Necklace – Express (similar)

pink-gingham-shirt-gray-sweater-3At my previous job I would have rocked the dress pants and the heels. But at my current gig black jeans and booties felt more appropriate.

And looking at MK’s original outfit and my parallel I have to say the the wider leg dress pants really help balance out the layers on top. Also, I think her darker gray sweater helps with the color balance between the black pants and the pink. It’s a nicer transition than my lighter gray sweater. Admittedly, I tried this outfit with a darker gray sweater that I have but that one is a v-neck and I just wasn’t feeling the v-neck with the button up and a necklace.

Still, I clearly like the concept and it’s not one that too foreign to me. But trying to parallel the original outfit helps me figure out why some outfits work and some just miss the mark.

What are your thoughts on this particular parallel?


New Spot, New Shoes

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

When I left my old job it also meant leaving my back-up photography spots. I normally try to take my photos on weekends or after work when my husband can use our fancy DSLR or I can attempt to use it with our tripod and remote. But, in a pinch, I was able to bust out my point-and-shoot and my purse-sized tripod and take pictures in the park across the street from my office.

Now, though, I have to find new spots to take photographs if I need to do the point-and-shoot method. So, yesterday at lunch I ventured out to find something.

At first I thought I’d try on one of the bridges but the foot traffic is ridiculous. Then as I was walking around I found a stairway that went down to a path alongside the river. And there was no one down there.

Pink blouse, black moto vest, leopard print flats

Blouse – The Limited (similar) | Vest – Target (similar) | Pants  – Gap (similar) | Shoes – Steven c/o Shopbop (same)

So now I’ve found my new go-to spot when I need to snap some outfit photos on my lunch break!

I’ve also found my new go-to leopard flats. These are my third pair and I think these are the winners. My first pair I wore the faux calf hair right off and they were always a tad bit too tight. The second pair, my D’orsay ones, never fit quite right and I thought that the D’orsay style wouldn’t work very well in the cooler months.

Then I found these on Shopbop and since I get shopping credit for having their widget on my blog I was able to get them for free. And I LOVE them. They have a slight wedge, a pointy toe, and are super comfortable. There may be something to this whole paying more for shoes thing…

Pink blouse, moto vest, and black leggings

There are puppies (and tights) in this post [GIVEAWAY]

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

Disclaimer: The tights I’m wearing in this post were provided courtesy of Hanes but all opinions are my own. But there’s also a giveaway! Which means you could also get free tights!

So, it’s June. And that means I would really like to be able to go bare-legged. But June in Chicago means we have our fair share of Pacific Northwest-like days. Meaning chilly and rainy. And yesterday was one of those. Which is why I’m glad Hanes sent me a pair of their new Hanes Silk Reflections Sunkissed Ultra Sheer tights.

pink-blouse-floral-skirt-1Blouse – The Limited (same) | Skirt – LOFT via Poshmark (similar) | Tights – c/o Hanes (same) | Shoes – Jessica Simpson via Poshmark (same) | Dog – our new puppy, Chewie!

Admittedly, I typically prefer my nude tights to have some texture to them so I don’t feel outdated, but I think it’s okay to wear nude hosiery again. I mean, if Princess Kate does it the rest of us can, too, right?

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by these tights. They have a really wide waistband which eliminates the whole muffin top thing a lot of other tights do. Plus, you can get them in a thong style which also cuts down on the crazy control top sausage casing feeling.


They’re also run resistant. I’ve worn this pair twice and had zero issues. And they’re nice and silky feeling. I’ve honestly always preferred Hanes Silk Reflections when buying my gray and black hosiery so it’s nice to see that these are the same silkiness, if not better!

Oh, and for the taller ladies? I always order mine a size up than the size chart says and these are SO LONG! I mean, I’m mostly legs but I’m only 5’4”. There’s plenty of leg in these to go around.

They come in colors that are supposed to mimic cosmetics. I seem to be right between two colors but that’s because I’ve already been out in the sun some this year. The pair I’m wearing right now in Light Bronze will be perfect in the dead of winter while the Nude Bronze ones would be perfect for August after my legs have gotten more sun.

So, if you’re like me and want to wear skirts even when it’s not really skirt weather, you’re in luck! Hanes Hosiery wants to give TWO readers their choice of a pair of Sunkissed tights. I’ll be picking two winners on Thursday, June 19th so enter quickly!

a Rafflecopter giveaway




Everything Navy Under the Sun

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

Old Navy pink tie neck blouse, J Crew navy and white polka dot skirt, The Limited navy cardigan, Sole Society sandals

navy_polka_dot_skirt_pink_blouse 011navy_polka_dot_skirt_pink_blouse 012

Cardigan – The Limited (similar) | Blouse – Old Navy (similar) | Skirt – J. Crew Factory (similar) | Shoes – Sole Society (same)

Today’s random thoughts brought to by the fact that I am not a morning person and couldn’t think of anything to say while writing this post.

Random fact #1 – I stood in front of my closet for what seemed like forever before coming up with this outfit. I even put on a pair of pants I hadn’t worn in awhile but then quickly decided that I would be adding those to my Poshmark closet ASAP. It wasn’t until I had this outfit on and was taking pictures that I realized I had pinned almost the exact same outfit from Audrey at Putting Me Together. I didn’t set out to recreate a pin today. It just happened.


Random Fact #2 – Since I either take my pictures on the weekends or before work I have a limited number of places that I can get to quickly. One of them is this courtyard between my apartment building and the one next door. The downside? It’s where everyone walks their dogs so it always smells a tiny bit like dog urine. This morning the smell was especially strong.


Random Fact #3 – I guess I’m still stuck in my navy rut. Oh well.


Old Navy pink tie neck blouse, J Crew navy and white polka dot skirt, The Limited navy cardigan, Sole Society sandals

Pink All The Things!

Casual Friday · Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall


pink_blazer_pink_gingham (1)_edit

pink_blazer_pink_gingham (2)pink_blazer_pink_gingham (3)

Pink Blazer – H&M (similar)(similar)| Gingham Blouse – H&M (similar)| Necklace – J.Crew via Poshmark (similar) | Jeans – The Limited | Shoes – Bandolino

More bright pink in November!  I just can’t let it languish in my closet.  At least I didn’t wear it with my bright pink skirt, too, right?

Regardless, this idea I got off Pinterest but instead of a pink blazer and pink gingham the woman was wearing  a navy blazer with navy gingham.  And, serendipitously enough, the person I repinned it from (Whitney) had already written “with my pink gingham/blazer?”  Or, perhaps the person she pinned it from had written that.   Either way, it sparked this idea in my head and I knew I wanted to wear it ASAP.

Seriously, Pinterest is amazing.  There may be nothing new under the sun but sometimes that’s a good thing.

Borrowing from the Boys

Casual Friday · Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

pink_blouse_jeans (4)

pink_blouse_jeans (13) pink_blouse_jeans (8)

pink_blouse_jeans (17)

Blouse – J. Crew Outlet (similar)| Necklace – JF&A Trade Show (similar) | Belt – Target | Jeans – The Limited (similar)| Shoes – Anne Klein

Ever notice how guys have it so easy on casual Friday at the office?  Jeans and a nice button up shirt and they’re good to go!  I decided to borrow from the boys and do the same.  Jeans and a button up shirt.  Add some fun accessories to glam it up a bit and I’m ready to take on my casual Friday nemesis in style.

This top has been in my closet for years and years.  Every now and then I think about getting rid of it but then I decide not to.  Wearing it tucked into jeans is new for me but I think I like it!

Thanks again to Molly for playing photographer for me this week!  Not only did I get to hang out with her but she also showed me a new part of Chicago that I’d never been to.  If you live in Chicago and haven’t wandered down Prairie Avenue or visited the oldest house in Chicago I suggest you do.

Day in the City

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

pink_top_patterned_skirt 002

Top – Old Navy | Belt – The Limited | Skirt – Nordstrom Rack | Shoes – Nine West | Cardigan – Nordstrom Rack | Necklace – NY & Co

Thursday my schedule was a little crazy and I ended up going to meetings and running errands in this outfit.  I think I probably looked a bit out of place in REI in a blouse and pencil skirt!

pink_top_patterned_skirt 003

On the plus side, it allowed me to get these photos!   Taken with my iPhone,  no less.

pink_top_patterned_skirt 007

Of course, it’s pretty difficult to get a bad photo when you have such a gorgeous day.

Pink and Red All Over

Fluoxetine and abilify

red_pants_pink_top (5)

red_pants_pink_top (6)red_pants_pink_top (8)

red_pants_pink_top (9)

Jacket & Pants – Gap

Blouse & Shoes – Old Navy

Belt – Target

Earrings & Necklace – ???

I have an unusual work week this week.  Some days I can be pretty casual (today) and others I have to be pretty dressed up.  I took advantage of my ability to be more casual today and tried out a combo I’ve been wanting to wear for awhile:  red and pink.

My husband told me this morning that I was very “bright”.  Perfect for a sunny, warm day don’t you think?

Red and pink together.  Yay or nay?

red_pants_pink_top (1)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

gray_suit 005_edit

Suit & Top – The Limited

This is what I wore on Valentine’s Day.  I had a meeting of my professional organization and, since I’m the president, I like to look professional.  Hence the suit.  With pink. 

After work Jason and I had a “date” to upgrade our iPhones and then have dinner at La Madia.  I brought jeans to work so I could change into something a bit more casual.

gray_suit 014_edit

Same suit jacket & top

Jeans – Gap Outlet

Shoes – Bandolino/DSW

Amazing how much a blazer really amps up a pair of jeans, right?  To be honest, though, this top has never fit quite right (it’s definitely made for someone with a tiny waist and big boobs) and I keep thinking about trying to get it altered. Until then I just wear it under this jacket with kind of hides the weird fit.   

Oh, and since these pictures don’t really show the pinstriping on the suit, here’s a close-up:

gray_suit 017

See?   It’s pink!  Hence the pink top. 

Finally, how about some flowers for V-Day?

gray_suit 002

Actually, these flowers came on February 7th.  That’s Jason’s birthday.  Why was I getting flowers on his birthday?  Well, he sent them to me with a card that said, “Forgot to send you flowers on your birthday so here are some on mine.”

Yeah, he’s a keeper.