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Weekend Silver Lining

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

So, I mentioned on Friday that I was looking forward to having an entire day to myself on Sunday. I had grand plans! Go to Goodwill and look for jeans to turn into cut-offs. Head to Athleta to cash in some gift certificates. Do ALL my laundry. Guess what I did instead?

Floral skirt with cardigan and silver flats

Cardigan – Van Heusen (similar) | Top – Old Navy (same) | Skirt – White House Black Market (similar) | Shoes – Sole Society (same)

I actually ended up spending two hours at the dog park with my husband and my pup. See, on Saturday Chewie figured out how to play in the doggie wading pool and we wanted him to enjoy it some more.

It took him awhile but, if you follow me on Instagram, you see that he ended the day as one wet pup.

I also took a nap, which seems to be my weekend M.O. lately. I put on some old episode of some forensics show from the Investigation Discovery channel via Netflix and pass out on the couch.

And, of course, since it’s Sunday I made our weekly dinner menu and grocery list and we went to the store.

But what about my outfit?

Mint cardigan, floral pencil skirt, silver shoes

I’ve wanted to wear this skirt with this cardigan ever since I got this skirt! I don’t know why it took me so long. And the shoes? I’m in love with them. I’ve been wanting a pair of silver heels for almost a year but couldn’t find any that weren’t super-duper high. Then I found these silver flats at Sole Society. I still had credit there and flats are more my office dress code speed these days.

These shoes might be making a lot of appearances so hopefully you won’t get sick of them!

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A Sea of Green

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer · Style Imitating Art

Normally I do these Style Imitating Art posts on Monday but yesterday I was talking about all the changes I’ve got going on in my life (as well as a giveaway).

Which means that today I’m showing you how I interpreted Jen’s choice of art for this week: a serigraph from her own collection titled “Sea” by Richard Schallert.


I was immediately drawn to the greens in the print and thought it was the perfect chance to wear my green pants.


mint-cardigan-green-pants-1Cardigan – Van Heusen (similar) | Top – The Limited (similar) | Pants – Express (similar) | Shoes – DSW (same) | Necklace – J. Crew via Poshmark (similar) | Hat – festival vendor (similar)

By the way, it was REALLY windy when I took these photos so I added my new hat. I picked this up for $30 at the Taste of Randolph on Saturday night. Said hat purchase may have been brought on by the two sangrias I drank but it was still a good impulse purchase.

I can’t really explain the brown shoes, though. After I saw these pictures I immediately changed into my black heeled sandals. I was trying to bring out some of the browns and tans in the print but I think these just look too clunky.

Didn’t stop me from having fun while taking the photos, though!


My White Whale

Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring

Chicago style blogger, mint cardigan, red necklace, brown pants


Cardigan – Van Heusen (similar) | Tank – Old Navy (same) | Pants – The Limited | Necklace – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Anne Klein (similar)

Today I want to talk about tank tops. Specifically wearing a tank top to the office. Personally, I am not a fan of wearing a jersey knit tank top to work. But, clearly, people do it all the time. In fact, this outfit in today’s Pinterest challenge is what prompted me to try it out.


I swapped the coral for red and used it in my necklace and put the mint in the cardigan. Mint and brown is a lovely combination so I wanted that to be the focal point.

However, I feel that a jersey knit tank like the one I’m wearing from Old Navy is just too casual for work. I have one plain white shell that I wear all the time instead. In fact, I wore it yesterday. But, as with all things white, it’s probably a good idea to have more than one since they can stain so easily.

Which lead me on the hunt for another white shell I felt was dressy enough for the office.



First up, I went to Express. Actually, speaking of Express, I’ve got a little feature over at On The Daily Express showcasing my current wishlist of items from there. I actually put top number one on my list and even ended up buying it navy. The white, though, was too much of a cream color and since the keyhole hits me a little low it would need a camisole underneath. And trying to match that cream color was going to drive me nuts so I said PASS.

Tops number 2 and 4 I ordered during the 50% off and free shipping sale from Ann Taylor and they haven’t arrived yet. Fingers crossed one of them works out!

Top number 3 I originally saw on Marion of Marionberry Style but haven’t tried it on or gone in search of it. If it goes on sale, though, I’ll be there!

Finally, top number 5, also from Express, looked promising on the hanger but when I put it on the rolled sleeves were so bulky and uncomfortable! Bummer. Otherwise I loved that the fabric was a bit less sheer than white tops usually are.

Searching for the perfect white shell is tough! Even now when the stores are carrying summer clothes and whites and pastels seem to be all the rage. So here’s what I say to that:

Chicago style blogger, brown pants with mint cardigan

P.S. It occurs to me that I’m wearing my sunglasses in all my posts this week. I’m not trying to look like a spy or something. It’s just it was sunny when I was taking my photos and it was either the sunglasses or squinty eyes. Speaking of sunglasses, I discovered I had three of the exact same pair in the bottom of my purse. I guess when you finally find some that fit your tiny head you buy them in bulk!


Putting My Mint Where My Mouth Is

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer




Cardigan – Van Heusen (similar) | Shirt – Gap (similar) | Pants – Gap (similar) | Necklace – J. Crew via Poshmark (similar) | Shoes – 6pm.com (similar)


Back in May we had a You Pick Wednesday post about different ways to pair the color red. Everyone’s favorites? Red with lavender and red with mint! Well, considering I’d never worn red with mint before I decided to give it a try for this week’s Trend Spin Link-Up of color-blocking.

Color-blocking is really just fancy way of describing complementary or analogous colors worn next to one another. This article from Corporate Fashionista does a good job of describing the different ways you can incorporate color-blocking into your wardrobe. It’s definitely not for everyone and it’s something I definitely don’t do very often. Of course, that might be because I actually don’t own a lot of colorful shirts so I tend to wear one bright piece and then the rest neutrals.

What do you think? Color-blocking yay or nay?

Stuck in a Style Rut

Casual Friday · Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

Mint cardigan, navy polka dot shirt, white jeans, navy strappy heeled sandals

white_jeans_mint_cardigan 017Sole Society Navy Sandals


Cardigan – Van Heusen (similar) | Blouse – Gap (similar) | Jeans – AG Adriano Goldschmied (same) | Shoes – Sole Society (same) | Necklace – NY&Co (similar)

Help! I think I’m stuck in a style rut! Looking at all the outfits I’ve worn so far this month I’ve really been gravitating towards white, navy, and black. At least today I wore this mint colored cardigan, right?

In all honesty, I put this outfit together just so I could wear these shoes. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter I was trying to decide between two pairs of Sole Society shoes. I ended up ordering them both. Turns out the adorable pair with the leopard print are just too high of a heel for me. The heel was 4 1/4” with a 1/2” platform which I thought would make it manageable. Sadly, no. However, this navy pair has a much more reasonable heel height of 3”. That’s definitely more my speed.

Mint cardigan, navy polka dot shirt, white jeans, Sole Society navy strappy heeled sandals

So, since it’s Friday I wanted an outfit where I could wear my new navy heels and jeans. White jeans? I may be in a style rut but hopefully it’s a cute style rut!

And in case you want more proof, here are a few other ways I’ve worn this cardigan. With white. And black. And navy. I’ve got to get some new ideas.

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Black Monday

Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring

black_pants_mint_cardigan 025

black_pants_mint_cardigan 030black_pants_mint_cardigan 029

Cardigan – Van Heusen (similar) | Shirt – The Limited (similar)| Pants – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Macy’s (similar) | Bracelet – gift (similar) | Necklace – NY&Co (similar)

Total outfit cost = $132

Good morning! How was your weekend? Mine was super busy. It included, in no particular order: running with Anne, riding my bike, getting a new tattoo, making cookies for a bake sale, re-decorating Kelsey’s kitchen with pictures of Nicholas Cage (don’t ask), having brunch with my parents, and helping Valerie with blog stuff. So, as you can see, I didn’t have a lot of time to think about what to wear for the week.

So, once again, I depended on Two Birds and their Inspiration Monday photos. If only we could all look like Gwen Stefani every day, right?


Inspiration Photo Source

I’ve had all of these clothing pieces in my closet for a long time. I keep wavering on whether or not to keep the cardigan and then it keeps staying. The top is starting to feel too short and I may be looking to replace it soon. Funny, isn’t it, how items can feel perfect for years and then one day you put them on and you think, “Eh, this isn’t really what I like any more.”

Still, for a sleepy Monday morning an easy all black outfit with a few interesting accessories was simple to pull together. I used to love wearing all black and now it’s not really my style, either. But for the sake of not having to think, I’ll just go with Gwen.

black_pants_mint_cardigan 009

Day to Night Music

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

navy_maxi_dress_turquoise_cardigan 001

navy_maxi_dress_turquoise_cardigan 010navy_maxi_dress_turquoise_cardigan 015

Dress – Max Studio via Nordstrom Rack | Necklace – NY & Co | Cardigan – Van Husen Outlet | Sandals – The Limited

Another maxi dress?  You bet!  I made this one office appropriate by throwing a turquoise cardigan on over the top.  Isn’t navy and turquoise a fun color combination?

I wanted something that could go from the office to an outdoor concert…which is where I’m headed tonight right after work!  Instead of bringing a change of clothes I decided to go comfy but not too casual.  That’s the joy of a dress, especially a maxi dress.  They’re almost like a neutral palate that you can dress up or down depending on the occasion.

navy_maxi_dress_turquoise_cardigan 005

I was originally debating between these sandals or my brown strappy wedge sandals but when I stubbed my pinky toe early this morning and ended up limping I decided shoes that didn’t put any pressure on it would be the better way to go.  Ahh, fashion choices determined by injuries.  So chic.

Good Luck Dress

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

lace_dress_aqua_cardigan 001 lace_dress_aqua_cardigan 005 Dress – Marshall’s | Cardigan – Van Husen Outlet | Shoes – Unisa via 6pm.com | Earrings – via Stitch Fix | Necklace – Bergner’s

I’ve decided I’m calling this my Good Luck Dress.  Why?  Because both days I’ve worn it my boss has let us go home early!

Which basically means I have yet to wear this dress for an entire day at the office.  But that’s okay!

The cardigan wasn’t truly necessary today what with the heat index reaching over 100, but, as I’m sure you know, air conditioned offices mean layers.  So, I grabbed this one.  It’s really old but I think it goes perfectly with the dress.

The earrings are one of my latest Stitch Fix purchases.  I hardly own anything gold and I didn’t own any green jewelry so I thought they filled a nice hole in my jewelry collection.

So, there you have it.  My good luck lace dress, a mint(ish) cardigan, and funky earrings.  And getting off work early.

What more could you want?