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Foods to avoid while on synthroid

Foods to avoid while on synthroid Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

brown_pants_bubble_necklace 001

brown_pants_bubble_necklace 009 brown_pants_bubble_necklace 010

brown_pants_bubble_necklace 012

Cardigan – The Limited (similar on sale!) | Shirt – Gap (similar) | Pants – The Limited (similar 40% off with code HOTPERK) | Belt – Target | Necklace – JF & A Show (similar) | Shoes – Karen Scott via Macy’s (similar) | Round earrings – Stitch Fix | Star earrings – gift

Apparently there was some concern among my faithful readers when my post didn’t go up this morning that I might have gone to work naked.  I promise you, that did not happen (although now I’m going to get even MORE weird searches, I bet).

Truthfully, my crazy weekend just meant that I didn’t get a chance to take pictures ahead of time and am now doing it on the fly.  And today I had an early meeting in a Chicago suburb so I had to snap pictures and write this post afterward.  On the plus side, I was able to get in the pictures before the snow started coming down.

Also, I know that so many people in the style blog world are tired of the bubble necklace but I’m here to say that people who don’t read style blogs LOVE this thing!  Seriously, a woman at my meeting today gushed over how cute she thought it was.  I love this grayish purple colored one because it almost seems to take on the color of whatever it’s next to.  Plus, it’s just such a huge statement that it adds personality to whatever you’re wearing.

That Catty Purple Skirt

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

2013-02-07 leopard-cardigan-lace-shirt-purple-skirt (1)

2013-02-07 leopard-cardigan-lace-shirt-purple-skirt (3)2013-02-07 leopard-cardigan-lace-shirt-purple-skirt (4)

Cardigan – Lucky Brand (similar)| Shirt – The Limited | Skirt – The Limited (similar)| Necklace – The Limited (similar) (similar)| Shoes – Tahari via TJ Maxx (similar)

Remember how I mentioned I plan out my outfits for weeks in advance?  Well, sometimes you put on the outfit you planned and it just isn’t doing it for you.  This is one of those times.  I tried this on with a black pencil skirt, black pants, and this purple skirt and didn’t love any of them.  But in the end I decided to go with the purple skirt since it was the least “expected” option.

There’s a lot going on with this outfit.  The shirt is lace.  The cardigan is printed.  The skirt is a bold color.  I’m thinking now that I see this outfit put together that it would look better with a bare leg and a nude pump.  The black tights are too heavy for the top of the outfit leading it to be unbalance.  Otherwise, though, I think I like the mixture of textures, patterns and colors.  Just not with the black on bottom.

What do you think?

And while we’re on the subject of your thoughts, have you filled out the Loop Looks First Birthday Reader Survey yet?

2013-02-07 leopard-cardigan-lace-shirt-purple-skirt (2)

My Faux Fur Friend

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter


striped-shirt-faux-fur-vest-winter-white (2) crop

striped-shirt-faux-fur-vest-winter-white (1)striped-shirt-faux-fur-vest-winter-white (6)

Shirt – LOFT (similar) | Vest – Express via Poshmark (similar)| Pants – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Karen Scott via Macy’s (similar) | Earrings – The Limited | Belt – Target

Faux fur vests were everywhere earlier this fall and winter.  And I totally see why.  They keep you warm without causing you to overheat.  Similar to the concept of wearing a wind-blocking vest when running in the winter.  Keeps your core warm!  I’ve worn my faux fur vest to work at least one other time and I also wore a belt with it then.  The belt helps define your waist so you don’t get swallowed up by the vest.

I actually saved an inspiration photo for this outfit almost 3 months ago.


Original Source

I loved the fur and the animal print with the stripes and the neutral pants.  Apparently this is Joanna Hillman, the senior fashion market editor for Harpers Bazaar and she is known to be quite fashionable.  The fact that I was easily able to recreate her outfit tells me that it can’t be too difficult to emulate looks that you love.  In fact, this outfit may be one of my current favorites!

Of course, it helps that my husband took some rocking pictures!

striped-shirt-faux-fur-vest-winter-white (4)striped-shirt-faux-fur-vest-winter-white (5)

Yes, strangely, the parking garage of our building has the best indoor lighting.  Who knew?

Anyway, faux fur.  Love it?  Hate it?


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Inspiration Monday: Colored Pants

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

blue-pants-white-blouse 2

blue-pants-white-blouse 4 blue-pants-white-blouse 3

Blouse – Macy’s (similar) | Pants – LOFT (similar) | Belt – Target | Booties – Liz Claiborne via DSW (similar) | Necklace – Macy’s (similar)


This outfit looks very spring-y to my eye what with the colored pants and the white top.  You’d never guess it was 20 degrees F outside.  And windy. And my poor husband was taking these photos and freezing his fingers off.  Ah, the sacrifices we make.

I suppose I could have made this colored pants look even more winter appropriate but after I saw the inspiration photo I knew I wanted to wear this blouse.


Original Inspiration Photo: Lauren Conrad

Sure, Lauren’s blouse doesn’t have any black on it, but I knew that my blouse would have enough billowiness to drape the way I wanted it to.  To make this even more Chicago-winter appropriate I’d probably throw a black cardigan on over the top to help stay warm.

And aren’t her ankle boots adorable?  Now I’m inspired to wear these blue pants with my own tan ankle boots in the future.  See, multiple ideas from one outfit!  Score!

Would you wear Lauren Conrad’s outfit?  How would you interpret it with your own items?

blue-pants-white-blouse 1


This Leopard’s Got the Blues

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

cobalt-pants-leopard (3)

cobalt-pants-leopard (4)cobalt-pants-leopard (1)

Blazer – old (similar) | Shirt – Old Navy (similar) | Pants – LOFT | Necklace – The Limited | Shoes – Sole Society

You already know I own red pants.  And green pants.  Now?  Now I own blue pants.  I got these for a steal from LOFT (they’re cheaper in the store than they are online, FYI).  Not only do they fit great, they are actually the right length to wear with flats without needing to be hemmed!  And since I’m only 5’4” on a good day, this is exciting for me.  PLUS!  They come in petite and tall.  And in lots of other colors.  Seriously.  These are amazing pants.  Especially when you pair them with a leopard top.

I sort of threw this outfit together knowing I wanted to wear the blue pants with the leopard top.  But other than that I didn’t know what to put on with it.  Enter the trusty tan blazer and my new nude flats.  I’d like to think these keep this outfit from looking too “old lady” but I’ll let you be the judge.

What do you think?  Would you wear blue pants? 

Black and Leopard: Inspiration Monday

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

black-pants-leopard-cardigan 010

black-pants-leopard-cardigan 034

Cardigan –Lucky Brand (similar) | Shirt – Banana Republic Outlet (similar) | Pants – Gap | Boots – Cole Haan (similar)| Necklace – JF&A Tradeshow (similar)

Two Birds chose a deceptively simple look for today’s Inspiration Monday.  Black and leopard?  What could be easier?

Original Inspiration: Kate Moss

Still, I struggled with this outfit.  It’s strangely warm and rainy in Chicago today so I wanted to wear boots.  But I don’t really have a black top that I like wearing with these pants.  And my turtleneck is at the dry cleaners even if it had been cool enough to wear it.

Kate’s sweater looks as though she has a running race bib on it so I actually toyed with the joke idea of wearing one of my many race bibs for the photos.  But, this weekend was crazy with no chance to take outfit photos.  So I’m sneaking them in before work wherever I can and this AM I didn’t have the chance to take a silly photo.  So I subbed the white of the print with my new pearl necklace.

All of this to say, I love the idea of this outfit but not my execution.  But I’ll still keep playing around with it until I find something I like.  Because, again, black and leopard?  What could be easier?


Blue Leopard

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

cobalt-blazer-black (3)

cobalt-blazer-black (1)cobalt-blazer-black (2)

Blazer – Forever 21 (similar) | Tank – The Limited (similar) | Skirt – Banana Republic Outlet | Belt – Target | Necklace – NY & Co (similar) | Tights – Target | Shoes – Via Spiga via Loehmann’s (similar)

Some days you just want to wear something fun, am I right?  And what could be more fun than pairing bright blue with a touch of leopard?  I actually have several outfits pinned on my Pinterest board that have cobalt and leopard but it just occurred to me to wear my cobalt blazer with my leopard belt.  Crazy, huh?

Anyway, the black top and bottom basically form  a blank canvas to show off the accessories and the blazer.  And I thought about wearing my leopard heels but, in the end, decided to go with the plain black to draw the attention up instead of down.

Don’t have a reason or don’t want to wear a black skirt?  Try this outfit with black jeans or black dress pants.  Don’t have a blue blazer?  What about a blue sweater or cardigan?  Make it your own with what you have!

P.S.  Did you find yourself lusting after a bubble necklace after yesterday’s Gift Guide post?  I’m actually giving one away over at Frills for Thrills!  There are some other great items up for grabs, too.

Buttoned Up

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall



black_pants_green_Cardigan (2)black_pants_green_Cardigan (3)


Cardigan – The Limited (similar) | Scarf – NYC street vendor (similar)| Pants – The Limited | Shoes – Nine West (similar)

It’s funny how you think about cardigans.  They’re meant to be worn over something, right?  But what happens when you have a crewneck style cardigan and you button it all the way up?  It becomes more like a regular crewneck sweater!  That’s what I did with this outfit after I saw an photo on Pinterest with a woman wearing a green sweater with a leopard cardigan.  Darn, I thought.  I wish I had a green sweater.

But, wait!  I actually do!  And even if this had been more of a v-neck cardigan you could still get the same idea with the colors and patterns.

So, this is my PSA to tell you think about wearing your cardigans buttoned all the way up.  What have you got to lose?

Funny story about this photo shoot.  Molly was taking the pictures and a woman walking down the sidewalk stopped and said, “That’s my house!  Do you want me to take a picture of both of you on the steps?” (Aside: this is the Keith House)  No, thank you, we said.  Just trying to get a picture of me by my lonesome.  “Oh, so it’s not a friends thing?”  Uh, well, we’re friends but, no, we’re not taking a friends picture.  Awkward!

Copycat Friday–Black Cat

Casual Friday · Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

pinstripe_blazer_leopard_scarf 016 (2)

pinstripe_blazer_leopard_scarf 016 (8)pinstripe_blazer_leopard_scarf 016 (1)

Blazer – The Limited (similar) | Top – Express | Scarf – NYC street vendor (similar) | Pants – Gap | Boots – Cole Haan (similar)| Earrings – Bergner’s

It’s CopyCats Friday from Fills for Thrills!

I don’t even want to tell you how many images I looked through on my Pinterest boards try find something I wanted to copy.  Not sure why I was having such a difficult time this week.

In the end I settled on this outfit.  It’s a fun cross between Casual Friday and regular office sophistication.  And it’s based on an outfit from Wendy’s Lookbook.


I went with a pinstriped blazer instead of a solid black one because, well, my solid black one needs to go to the drycleaners.  However, this pinstriped one is a little bit too big so it might be going in my Poshmark closet very soon.

What do you think?  Did I hit the nail on the head with my copy?


FrillsforThrills CopyCats