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Gap & Refinery 29 Do Chicago


gap_refinery21_party 002

Last night the Gap and Refinery 29 hosted an event at the Lincoln Park Gap location.  The premise? Modern and vintage looks with a side of cocktails and shopping.

GAP_600x400 (1)

I walked into a busy store filled with music being played by a DJ, passed hors d’ oeuvres and my choice of cucumber vodka, cosmos or white wine (all you could drink!).

The stylists from the Gap and Refinery 29 had put together three outfits complete with an assortment of vintage accessories.  After entering for my chance to win one of the assembled outfits seen above I started browsing the store.  Considering the polka dot and striped outfit was my favorite I knew I wanted to find that top.

But there were so many other cute things!

photo 1

Seriously, I could have spent so much money.  As it was, we got 30% off one full-priced item.  So, I grabbed a few things and headed into the dressing room.

photo 2

Ponte academy blazer in dark heather gray (loved this!!), perfect dot shirt in blue dot, and original fit jeans in worn salvage wash (needed a smaller size)

photo 3

Canvas military jacket in gartland green (too big but a fun idea)

After oogling so many other items (this jacket, these pants, these shoes to name a few), I decided to stick with one item.  And which item was that?  The polka dot shirt I loved from the second I walked in the door.

photo 4

The gals from Refinery 29 were super nice and it was lovely to meet them.  I didn’t do much mingling otherwise, though, because it seemed as though everyone else who was attending came with another person.  Still, it was a lovely event.  I’m glad I went even if now I want to spend all of my upcoming paychecks at Gap.

P.S.  Don’t forget that you want to win $15 in free clothes or accessories

Closet Consultation – Mica


Mica contacted me a few weeks ago about doing a closet consultation for her.  Mica is a graduate student who will be studying in Korea for three months this summer.  As a graduate student her wardrobe mostly consists of jeans and cotton t-shirts with the occasional sweater, skirt or pair of shorts.

However, since Korea is hot and humid in the summer and laundry facilities aren’t necessarily what we Westerners are used to, I knew she needed some easy wash-and-wear items that don’t take up much room and can be versatile enough to wear with multiple pieces.  Not to mention cool enough that Mica doesn’t melt in Korea’s summer weather!

Ideas for Mica

I recommended she start with a few jersey skirts since those are easy to wear and easy to wash.  Then I recommended she get a few fun printed tops that would match at least two bottoms.   I also suggested a white short sleeved cardigan since that can basically be paired with anything and a pair of metallic-colored sandals since those are fairly neutral.

We also talked about the “rule of three” that can help take an outfit from blah to wow.  The rule of three is that you should wear three things: cardigan, tank, skirt; shorts, top, necklace; dress, belt, scarf.  You get the idea. Mica also asked a lot of questions out the items she already owned and we discussed how to make those items work for her.

When I left Mica was excited to start putting some of this into practice and she seemed more at ease with understanding what to look for when she went shopping.

I followed up by sending her the above collage to help her get started.  I’m looking forward to following her adventures this summer!

Want your own closet consultation?  Just fill out the form located here.