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Pinterest Parallels [Vol. 17]

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter · Viagra users forum · Style Imitating Art

When I got my new camel blazer for Christmas I knew the exact outfit I wanted to recreate using it. It was this one from Damsel in Dior. Turns out this outfit also kind of works for this week’s Style Imitating Art challenge from Animated Cardigan.


Blazer – The Limited (similar) | Shirt- Le Tote (same) | Scarf – gift (similar) | Pants – Vince Camuto (similar) | Shoes – Sam Edelman (same)

I know the original SIA photograph that Jess chose is all black and white, but I think the stripes on my shirt echo the trees and the tan jacket just alludes to nature.

In other news, I spent all of Friday and Saturday working at for a local half marathon and a good chunk of Sunday answering post-race emails. Our race shirt manufacturer missed our deadline and, as such, some of our shirts were stuck in transit and didn’t arrive in time for the race. Most people were understanding but there are always those who have to be rude or difficult about things, right?

Anyway, it just reinforces the life lesson that you should try your hardest to be nice to people. Why default to rude when it’s just as easy to be nice, you know?

I fully admit that I am not always the nicest person. Sometimes Jason has to say “Be nice” when I’m getting testy. So even I can stand a reminder now and then. No one is perfect.

Admittedly, even this outfit isn’t perfect. In the interest of full disclosure, I barely wore the blazer all day. After months of being cold our office is finally warm! So, I suppose, that my outfit ended up being a great interpretation of this week’s SIA choice after all.


The Cat is Back

Casual Friday · Fluoxetine and abilify

Chicago style blogger, camel blazer, striped shirt, leopard scarf


Blazer – old (similar) | Shirt – LOFT (similar) | Scarf – NYC Street Vendor (similar) | Jeans – Express via Poshmark (similar) | Shoes – Jessica Simpson via DSW (same)

So clearly I put this outfit together before I realized the weather was going to skyrocket to almost 70 degrees! Still, it doesn’t mean all is lost. Nope, I’ll just ditch the blazer and roll up my sleeves when I’m outside. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment this morning anyway so the fewer things I have to take off the better.

Also, it’s been awhile since I’ve paired stripes and leopard. I used to wear this combination all the time but gave it a break because I was pretty sure you were sick of seeing it. But guess what? It’s baaaack!

In other news, Wednesday night I had the best time with the Windy City Blogger Collective and Blaze Pizza! Blaze was amazing and treated us like rockstars. We even got to go behind the counter and make our own pizzas. Complete with aprons and hats.

Blaze Pizza Chicago

Check me out in the foreground. Thanks to WCBC for the photo!

Blaze Pizza is an awesome concept. You can order straight off the menu or, just like Subway or Chipotle, you can tell them what ingredients you want. Gluten free or regular crust? White, pesto, spicy or regular red sauce? Your choice of five different cheese (or mix and match), tons of veggies and lots of meat.  The crust is super thin so each pizza takes minimal time to cook. Great for when you want to grab something on your way home or just need a quick meal.

Blaze even has a liquor license now so you can have your pizza with a beer or some wine.

Blaze Pizza Chicago

And don’t forget your s’mores pie for dessert!

Blaze Pizza Chicago S'mores Pie

Style Up: The Easy Way to Get Dressed Every Morning

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

camel_blazer_black_pants_black_turtleneck 011

camel_blazer_black_pants_black_turtleneck 016camel_blazer_black_pants_black_turtleneck 017

Blazer – So old I don’t even remember (similar) | Turtleneck – The Limited (similar) | Pants – Ann Taylor (similar) | Shoes – Bandolino (same) | Watch – Groopdealz (similar) | Necklace – Groopdealz (similar)

Pardon me while I take a moment out of the Take One, Pass it On Challenge to tell you about something I think you’ll like.

Do you struggle with figuring out what to wear in the morning? Do you check the weather like 10 times trying to figure out if you should wear pants, tights, or a skirt? Are you stuck in a rut with your clothing? Yes, even I have these moments. Which is why when I read about The Style Up over on Thirties Two Cents I thought it was a pretty neat idea.

What is The Style Up? At its core it’s a free service that emails you a new outfit idea every night! For example, last night they emailed me this:



Photo from The Style Up website

And, as you can see, I took that as my inspiration when getting dressed this morning! Black pants, black turtleneck, camel blazer, patent leather shoes? I have all those in my closet. Why not wear them together?

The Style Up also takes your personal preferences in style and the weather conditions in your area into account.  When you create an account you get to choose your “style profile”.


Images from The Style Up

Then you get to go wild in their image archive saying whether an outfit is “Love”, “It’s Okay” or “Dislike”. If you want, you can add your own feedback as well. This, combined with you entering your basic location via entering your zip code, gives The Style Up the information they need to start sending you outfit ideas. You can give your feedback on every outfit they send you and The Style Up will “learn” more about your style.

I’ve been using it for several weeks and I’ve gotten some good ideas for future outfits. Sometimes you do have to look at an outfit and ignore how it fits on the model (they use photos from online catalogs, mostly) and just go with the idea they write in the outfit suggestions they include with every photo.

The Style Up also has a few other features but the daily outfit idea email is my favorite. And, hello, it’s free! So why wouldn’t you try it out? What do you have to lose?

Note, I was NOT compensated for or asked to write this post. I just think The Style Up is pretty cool and wanted to share it with you.

camel_blazer_black_pants_black_turtleneck 002

P.S. It’s raining and gross outside. I hate taking pictures indoors. Also, I liked this pose even though I cut off my head in the picture. Which is why I’m including it anyway.

Working Outside the Box

Fluoxetine and abilify



Blazer – Macy’s (similar) | Shirt – Old Navy (similar) | Pants – Gap (similar) | Heels – Macy’s (similar)

Total outfit cost = $98

Today is the Third Thursday link-up at Work Clothes, I Suppose and I had grand plans of recreating an outfit that Bri herself had inspired me to wear. However, I totally failed and recreated the wrong red pants outfit! Instead, I put together an outfit similar to one I saw last fall on Lily Says Go.  Either way, it’s red pants and a camel blazer with leopard shoes. I just wore chambray instead of my gold polka dot top. And now I have that outfit to look forward to!

Anyway, today’s Third Thursday theme is “Work Wear”. Considering I wear what I think of as “work wear” every day, this isn’t a stretch. But I think the fact that I paired two pieces that could be considered slightly casual (cropped pants, chambray-ish shirt) but added heels and a blazer that my outfit is work appropriate without being traditional.

I mean, I own several suits (and have even worn them on the blog on occasion) but I think that’s an easy cop-out! One of my goals for this blog is to help women dress for work without feeling constrained by traditional work outfits! So, wear those red pants, add those leopard heels, wear something other than black! You can do it, I promise.


Also linking up with Mix & Match Fashion.

Green with Envy

Fluoxetine and abilify



Blazer – Macy’s (similar) | Shirt – Gap (similar) | Pants – Express (similar) | Shoes – Lucky Brand via Marshall’s (similar) | Necklace – JF&A Show (similar)

First, I need to get a shout-out to Katie for inspiring me to put together my camel blazer with my green pants. She wore it first and wore it well, I must say. My outfit is basically a blatant copy but, hey, that’s the sincerest form of flattery, right? Or is that just what we tell ourselves when we’re feeling uninspired? Anyway, I loved the color pairing so much that I wanted to wear it, too.


I also used my own trick of adding an ankle bracelet between the clasps of my necklace to make it longer. Such a great way to get more use out of a necklace. And, yes, I’m one again pairing leopard print with brightly colored pants. I don’t know why I love to combine the two, but it always looks great to my eye. Especially when paired with neutrals on top.

Casual Friday Five

Casual Friday · Fluoxetine and abilify

camel_blazer_leopard_shirt_jeans 1


Blazer – Bergner’s (similar) | Shirt  – Old Navy (similar) | Jeans – The Limited (similar) | Necklace – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Anne Klein (similar)

As I’ve mentioned before, casual Friday is my nemesis. I want to wear jeans but I still want to look professional.  So what do I do? I default to a blazer! Seriously, I bet if you look through most of my posts on Fridays you’d find that I’m wearing some version of this. So, in an attempt to spice up today’s 5 Days, 5 Ways post, I’m going to give you 5 random facts about me (thanks to Valerie)  to go along with five of my other blazers.  Let’s get started.

Random Fact #1 – I am horribly allergic to cats but didn’t develop the allergy until I was in high school. Now, cats make me sneeze and my eyes itch, but they also cause my lungs to feel tight and, in severe cases, my throat to close up. I have been known to steal hits off my husband’s asthma inhaler when visiting people who have cats. I am, however, not allergic to dogs which is good because I LOVE dogs.


Random Fact #2 – The instant my fingernails grow more than a centimeter past the tip of my fingers I unconsciously bite them off. Yes, I’m a nail-biter and a cuticle-gnawer. I have tried to stop many times, even getting acrylic nails to see if that helped. Nope. I am the only person I know who chewed off her acrylic nails.


Random Fact #3 – I have run 3 marathons (my fourth will be at the end of April), twelve half-marathons, and I’ve lost count of how many other races of other distances I’ve done. Although if I wanted to I could count them up because I scrapbook all of my races. But that’s the only thing I scrapbook. And I’m over a year behind…


Random Fact #4 –  I don’t drink coffee or caffeinated soda and gave it up my freshman year of college. I will drink caffeinated tea but only one cup a day.  When I was in college I worked at the campus police station (random bonus fact!) and the officers and dispatchers couldn’t believe I gave up caffeine as a college student.


Random Fact #5 – I have not seen a lot of tv shows since I don’t watch much tv  but my brain is a sponge and soaks up random pop culture references. So even though I haven’t seen most of the shows, I can usually fake it in a conversation.  We also don’t currently watch tv other than Netflix (and Mythbusters, gotta watch Mythbusters) so I’m always several seasons, if not several years, behind. I prefer police procedurals (NCIS, Bones) and dramas about the supernatural (X-Files, Supernatural, Medium, Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I dislike sitcoms and reality tv. And when a show goes on hiatus for the summer (or longer)? I apt to forget about it entirely!


Retinal bleeding surgery

Retinal bleeding surgery Casual Friday · Fluoxetine and abilify

tan_blazer_black_turtleneck 008


tan_blazer_black_turtleneck 011

tan_blazer_black_turtleneck 012

Blazer – So old I don’t remember (similar under $30) | Turtleneck – The Limited (similar under $30) | Jeans – Express | Boots – DSW (similar) | Necklace – NY&Co (similar) | Bracelet – gift (similar)

Actually, I don’t have zoo photos for you.  Sorry to disappoint!  We ended up having to skedaddle out of the zoo to catch our bus and I felt awkward asking my coworker to hang around longer while I took photos of myself. He doesn’t know about this here blog.

Anyway! On to the outfit.  You may be wondering what’s up with the random blue necklace.  Well, I originally saw this combo of tan, black, and leopard with a blue purse and thought it was something I could recreate.  I don’t own a blue purse so instead I went with blue jewelry.  Sadly, the weather is not conducive to leopard print ballet flats today so brown riding boots it is.

You know what’s also not working today? My brain. It’s been one heck of a week at work and I’ve been getting up early to get in my training for the Illinois Marathon. This will be my fourth marathon but the training never gets easier.  Which is why days like today I love that I’ve saved so many outfit ideas on Pinterest.  Makes getting dressed so much easier.

tan_blazer_black_turtleneck 001

Cymbalta for pain management

Cymbalta for pain management Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter


plaid-pants-polka-dot-chambray 1

2013-02-09 17.20.022013-02-09 17.21.19

Blazer – ?? (similar) | Shirt – Old Navy (similar) | Belt – The Limited (similar) | Pants – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Ann Klein (similar)


Pairing the polka dot chambray shirt with these plaid pants has been an outfit on my mind for a few months.  I loved the idea of mixing the two patterns but breaking it up by wearing the tan blazer over the top.  A great way to do pattern mixing is to do two subtle prints but add in some solids so you don’t look too crazy.

I even mentioned wanting to wear this outfit the last time I paired these plaid pants with a plain chambray shirt.  Yes, I own two chambray shirts.  No, I don’t think that’s too many.   Chambray is just so versatile.  Wear it with black jeans and boots and a scarf and you have a casual weekend outfit.  Pair it with dress pants and a blazer and you’re ready to attend a monthly meeting of your professional organization (at least, that’s what I’m doing today.  Your mileage may vary).


plaid-pants-polka-dot-chambray 2

This Leopard’s Got the Blues

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

cobalt-pants-leopard (3)

cobalt-pants-leopard (4)cobalt-pants-leopard (1)

Blazer – old (similar) | Shirt – Old Navy (similar) | Pants – LOFT | Necklace – The Limited | Shoes – Sole Society

You already know I own red pants.  And green pants.  Now?  Now I own blue pants.  I got these for a steal from LOFT (they’re cheaper in the store than they are online, FYI).  Not only do they fit great, they are actually the right length to wear with flats without needing to be hemmed!  And since I’m only 5’4” on a good day, this is exciting for me.  PLUS!  They come in petite and tall.  And in lots of other colors.  Seriously.  These are amazing pants.  Especially when you pair them with a leopard top.

I sort of threw this outfit together knowing I wanted to wear the blue pants with the leopard top.  But other than that I didn’t know what to put on with it.  Enter the trusty tan blazer and my new nude flats.  I’d like to think these keep this outfit from looking too “old lady” but I’ll let you be the judge.

What do you think?  Would you wear blue pants? 

Oldie But Goodie

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

jeans_camel_blazer_chambray 002

jeans_camel_blazer_chambray 005jeans_camel_blazer_chambray 006

Blazer – Macy’s (old) | Blouse – Old Navy | Jeans – The Limited (similar) | Shoes – Bandolino via Macy’s | Watch – Fossil | Bracelet – Gift (Joe Fresh) | Earrings – Stitch Fix

Jeans plus a blazer may become my new Friday uniform.  It’s just really hard to go wrong with this combination.  The jeans keep it Friday casual but the blazer keeps it looking professional.  I recommend every one have at least one blazer in their closet.

This particular blazer I bought YEARS ago.  In fact, I even have a picture of me from 2007 wearing it.


Not that you can really tell since that’s a scan of a newspaper article about my previous job from 5 years ago.  But, I promise you, it’s the same blazer.

I didn’t spend very much money for it.  And sometimes I’m concerned that it looks kind of cheap.  But it fits so well and it’s so comfy that I’m hesitant to try and replace it.  I suppose, though, now that I know how much wear I can get out of a tan or camel blazer that I could start the search for a more upscale version.

What’s the oldest piece of clothing you still wear on a regular basis?