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Summer Romantic

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

black_skirt_rose_top 004

black_skirt_rose_top 014

Top – THML via Stitch Fix | Skirt – Banana Republic Outlet | Necklace – Overstock.com | Shoes – Tahari via TJ Maxx | Earrings – gift

If I had my way today I wouldn’t leave the house.  I’d crank up the AC in my apartment and sit on the couch watching old episodes of Supernatural.  The heat and humidity was already stifling at 8:30 AM.

Alas, I not only have to go to work I also have to facilitate a professional organization meeting this evening.  What do you wear when it’s going to be a scorcher outside?

Something lightweight!  This top that arrived in my latest Stitch Fix fit the bill perfectly.  It’s 100% cotton and the top is just a little bit sheer.  Unfortunately I need to wear a camisole under it to make it totally work appropriate but otherwise the material is perfect for a hot, summer day.

Sadly, the blazer I plan to wear with this for the meeting this evening is not so summer appropriate.

black_skirt_rose_top 009

That will definitely be going on at the last minute, for sure.

Is it hot where you are?  What do you wear when the mercury climbs?

My Own Advice

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

black_skirt_purple_tank 004

black_skirt_purple_tank 008

Top – The Limited | Skirt – Banana Republic Factory Outlet | Shoes – Nine West | Necklace – gift from my husband | Earrings – Bergner’s

Last night I did a closet consultation with the goal of helping her break out of the rut of neutral bottoms and a plain top.  As someone whose uniform consisted of very similar things for years it was fun to help someone else see how to jazz up plain items.

Which is why I found it funny that this morning I was drawn to the very  mold I was trying to break my consult out  of!  However, I stuck to the “rule of three” I taught her last night.  Neutral bottom (black skirt), colored top (with some fun details), and simple but funky jewelry (big hoop earrings).  We also talked about not wearing two blousy things together.  That just makes you look frumpy!

It can be difficult, though, to talk office appropriate and fashionable outfits when it’s almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside!  When it’s this hot a skirt, tank  and simple jewelry are about all I can handle.

black_skirt_purple_tank 012

Accessory Update

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black_skirt_chambray_top 005

black_skirt_chambray_top 009black_skirt_chambray_top 011

Chambray shirt – Target | Skirt – Banana Republic Outlet | Belt – The Limited | Necklace – Overstock.com | Shoes – Karen Scott via Macy’s

This is the second time I’ve paired this shirt with this skirt but, as you can see, I’ve totally changed the accessories to make it seem like an entirely new outfit.  Different necklace, different belt, and different shoes.

Sometimes changing up the accessories is all you need to make the same pieces seem new again.


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pink_jacket_striped_top 001_edit

pink_jacket_striped_top 005pink_jacket_striped_top 006

Jacket & Top – Dots

Skirt – The Limited

Shoes – Bandolino via DSW

I picked up this jacket and the tank underneath it last week at the Dots Spring & Summer Style Party I attended.  Did you know everything at Dots is under $40?  I’ve been wanting a bright pink blazer for awhile and the price of this one made it too good to pass up.  The tank is a bit big so I layered another black tank top from The Limited underneath it to make it a little less low-cut.

I actually had one of those mornings where I tried on several things before deciding on this.  I had a different outfit in mind but it just wasn’t working.  And of course since I had to leave my house earlier than usual today I was in a bit of a panic.  Still, I think for a last minute change-up it didn’t turn out too badly.

Ahead of the Curve

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gray_peplum_cardigan 004

gray_peplum_cardigan 005gray_peplum_cardigan 007

Cardigan – Target

Tank top & Necklace – The Limited

Skirt – Banana Republic Outlet

Hose – Target

Shoes – Tahari/TJ Maxx

Apparently peplum is all the rage right now.  I didn’t know this when I bought this cardigan on the clearance rack at the end of last year.  I guess I was ahead of the trend for once!

This cardigan is actually just an open cardigan.  No button or zipper.  But I found I was fussing with it too much this morning so I decided to improvise.  Don’t have a button or a nice pin?  Use an earring!  Yes, that’s a stud earring holding my cardigan closed.  Pretty ingenious, huh?

Pattern Explosion

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floral_scarf_striped_top 002

floral_scarf_striped_top 007floral_scarf_striped_top 009

Scarf & Skirt – The Limited

Shirt – Old Navy

Blazer – Gibson/Nordstrom Rack

Shoes – Tahari/TJ Maxx

I’m wearing 4, count ‘em, 4 different patterns today!  Floral, stripes, tweed-ish, and pinstripes.  It’s a pattern explosion!

I used to be very averse to wearing multiple patterns but now, as I believe I’ve shown in many of my outfit posts, I’m really getting into pattern mixing.

This outfit would be just fine without the scarf but I think the greys in the scarf go with the grays in the jacket and the teals go with the neutral black and gray palate.  Plus, the scarf adds a touch of spring to an otherwise wintery outfit.  Finally, the pinstripe in the skirt is so faint that it’s barely noticeable.

If you’re a little wary about the pattern mixing thing, I suggest starting with one small pattern and one big pattern in the same color family.  Once you get comfortable with that you can start going further out on the pattern mixing limb!

P.S.  Yes, I dumped some water on my plant.    It’s already perked up.

Wild Animal

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

zebra_sweater 008_edit

White shirt – The Limited

Sweater – Kohl’s

Skirt – Banana Republic Outlet

Tights – Walgreens

Boots – Liz Claiborne/DSW

Necklace – NY&Co

zebra_sweater 009zebra_sweater 010zebra_sweater 013_edit

I have grand plans for this sweater.   It looks great with black, it looks good with jeans….and it’s going to look amazing with red!  I’m just waiting a little bit longer to bust out my red pants.  Come on Spring, get here faster!

I think this outfit would look better with a more streamlined shoe, but I’m actually living out of a suitcase this week so my shoe choices are limited.   I tried not to bring my entire shoe collection.  Funny story:  when my husband and I went on a week-long cruise for our five year wedding anniversary I had an entire carry-on suitcase full of shoes.   The TSA agent at the airport even commented on it!


Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

denim shirt_skirt 001_edit


Necklace – JC Penney

Denim Shirt – Target

White Camisole – The Limited

Belt – The Limited

Skirt – Banana Republic Outlet

Tights – Target

Booties – Liz Claiborne/DSW

I’m stupidly in love with this outfit.  And I never would have thought to put it together except I saw the idea on a fashion blog:


And thanks to Pinterest, I was able to pull the photo up on my iPhone while getting dressed Wednesday morning and recreate the outfit!

I got quite a few compliments on my necklace, as well.

All in all, a feel good outfit for me.

Weekend Bonus Outfit

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

Cardigan – Nordstrom Rack

Top – The Limited via MJR Sales

Belt – The Limited

Skirt – Banana Republic Outlet

Boots – Cole Haan

Today was the annual Chicago Area Runners Association awards banquet. It was actually a luncheon, though, so I had no idea what to wear! I didn’t want to be too dressy but I also didn’t want to be too casual. Once again, my nightmare scenario. I originally had on a black and white dress with a black cardigan, black knee high heeled boots, and a belt. I felt way too matronly. After pondering my options I ended up with the outfit above. More “fun” even if it was a bit dressier than I was going for.

How about you? If you had a lunch-time awards banquet to attend what would you wear?