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Did you buy that top because it looked good on the mannequin but aren’t sure what to do with now that you have it home? Do you have items in your closet that still have the tags on them?  What about those articles of clothing that you wish you could wear more often but aren’t sure how?

Never fear, Erin is here!

I specialize in showing you new ways to wear things you already own.  It will be like you just went shopping but without buying anything new! I’ll also give you tips and tricks you can use when putting together your own outfits so the next time you’re out shopping you will know what to look for.

Just ask my previous clients who discovered they had so many more options in their closet than they originally thought.

Kelly says:

I ended up with at least a week of new outfits and a ton of tips and tricks that I’m looking forward to implementing. It’s great to have someone else look at my clothes, too, because it gave me a new perspective on different ways to wear the stuff I already have.

Kim says:

I went through my closet with Erin, pointing out the tops I never wear because I have no idea what to wear them with, and she put together some cute outfits for me. She even made a beige jacket and black skirt appear that I could not recall owning. Sweet!

Emily says:

She took one look at my closet before spinning out a seemingly endless array of mix-and-match ideas and tips for new outfits that I would never, ever, ever have thought of myself.  She generated a ton of ways to utilize the many items I previously had laying around serving as dust bunny receptacles.

Kelly W. says:

If you are feeling tired and bored with your wardrobe (which seems to happen more often in the winter), I would highly recommend a closet consultation with Erin! Thanks again to Erin for coming all the way to my neck of the woods, giving my wardrobe a breath of fresh air and a fresh set of eyes! I’ve incorporated some of the combos you had recommended. My husband even noticed!

Kelsey says:

I knew Erin did closet consultations but I never in a million years thought that it would be as helpful as it was!  I really liked her approach-she came in, sat on my bed and said, “Ok, I want you to pull out anything you only wear 1 way or anything you hardly ever wear.” Loop Looks came to my rescue! And the best part is, she made me excited about my clothes instead of me constantly thinking about the next time I could go buy more clothes.

Interested in your own closet consultation? Use this form to contact me!  Get in now at the introductory rate of FREE!  Although I also work for wine and desserts.

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    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Yes, Tiffany, really! Just ask the people listed above. If you’re in the Chicago area and want one yourself, just let me know. I don’t do this professionally (yet) or for money so there’s no risk.

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