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Is it bad to take nexium long term You Pick Wednesday

For my birthday this year my husband bought me a new pair of earrings. He likes to buy me jewelry and he usually does a good job. This year he bought me a pair of ear crawlers. This is an earring trend I’ve found intriguing but wasn’t sure if I was ready to commit. See, I have relatively tiny ears and I just didn’t know if they would work.

So, husband to the rescue!



Admittedly, they do take some finagling to get on just right. However, I discovered that you can actually wear them three different ways. At least, I can since I have two holes in each ear.

The first way is as designed, where you thread the back through your ear and then turn the earring up so the back lays along the back of your ear and the gems are on the front. If you have tiny ears like mine this may require some bending of the earring back to get it to stay in place.


The second way is to just wear them like regular drop earrings. In fact, turns out that I actually already owned a pair of ear crawler earrings that I was wearing as drop earrings: these star ones! I just didn’t realize they could be worn as ear crawlers. But lo and behold, take a look:


same from Le Tote | similar

Finally, if you have two (or more!) holes like me, you can wear the ear crawler in the higher hole and a regular earring in the lower one.


This is how I wore them out to dinner for my birthday last week. My husband also gave me the other earrings for Christmas and wanted to show off all my new bling.

Again, though, if you have tiny ears like me not all ear crawlers will work. Take, for example, the pair I just recently got from Le Tote.


There is no way these are going to stay on my ears if I move my head. They are cute, though. If a little over the top.

What do you think of the ear crawler trend? Would you wear them? Which of the three above is your favorite? 

Le Tote Party: Choose My Outfit

You Pick Wednesday

As part of my Le Tote ambassadorship, tonight I am hosting a party for Le Tote members and those who are not yet members but who are interested in learning more about Le Tote.

email_chiacago_FINAL (1)

If you’re free this evening, feel free to stop by! We’ll have drink tickets and pizza. And special gifts for those who get there before I run out! Including something that I think is pretty awesome for those who aren’t current Le Tote members.

In the mean time, I need your help picking what I should wear! Of course I want to wear Le Tote pieces, so I pulled two outfits together based on items I have in my current Le Tote box as well as items I’ve purchased from prior boxes.


The dress, earrings, top, and necklace are all Le Tote items, for those who are curious.

So, what do you think? Should I go dressy or casual tonight? You decide! Let me know in the comments.

You Pick Wednesday: 11 Ways to Wear a Button Up Shirt

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall · You Pick Wednesday

Did you know that technically a button-down is a shirt where the collar actually buttons to the shirt and a button-up is a shirt that has buttons from top to bottom in the front? A button-up can also be called a button-front shirt but unless the collar buttons to the shirt it shouldn’t be called a button-down.

The more you know, right?

Anyway, recently a reader contacted me to say she had a closet full of button-up shirts from J. Crew and was getting tired of wearing them the same old way. I know that we tend to get in ruts of tucking our button-up shirts into dress pants, adding a belt, and going to work. So instead of the usual, try one of these 11 other ways to wear your button-up shirt!

11-ways-to-wear-a-button-up-shirtShirt in this image seen here

  1. Add a vest or sleeveless blazer over the top of the shirt and pair with ankle pants and flats.
  2. Add a puffy vest over the shirt and wear a belt at your waist over both. Pair with a pencil skirt and heels to dress it up for the office.
  3. Add a skirt and a cardigan but instead of tucking in the shirt knot it at your waist.
  4. Wear the shirt under a crewneck sweater but do some pattern mixing.  This could go with jeans, a skirt or dress pants.
  5. Button the shirt all the way to the top and add a cropped collarless blazer/jacket over it.
  6. Wear the shirt open over another top so it’s more like a jacket or cardigan.
  7. Add a blazer, scarf, skinny pants, and riding boots.
  8. If it’s cool enough out, wear a crewneck sweater over the shirt and then put a blazer on top of that.
  9. Layer two button down shirts over one another.
  10. Wear a button down underneath a sleeveless dress or a long-sleeved sweater dress.
  11. Wear with a pencil skirt and a scarf

There are probably lots of other ways you could wear a button-up shirt that I haven’t even mentioned! What’s your favorite way?

You Pick Wednesday: Cute and Comfortable Shoes

Shopping · You Pick Wednesday

Last week Maggie asked me via Twitter for help finding cute and comfortable shoes. In her words, ballet flats aren’t supportive enough and “good” shoes tend to be ugly.

Well, I suppose that if what you remember are the Aerosoles, Clarks and Naturalizer shoes your grandmother wore then, yes, comfortable shoes are ugly.

But, believe me when I say that shoe brands are starting to get the message. In fact, I bet you can’t guess what brands the shoes below are!

Cute and comfortable shoes


Clockwise from top left: Aerosoles wedges | Aerosoles flats | Clarks flats | Naturalizer flats | Naturalizer wedges | Anne Klein wedges | Sofft flats

I’m personally in love with those leopard print smoking loafers from Clarks. Seriously in love. They also come in other colors but if Zappos wanted to send me a pair (or if a spare $100 fell out of the sky) these are the ones I’d pick.

Overall, I went for shoes that fit my two main criteria for not looking like a frumpy grandmother:

  1. No square toes. Stick with almond, round or even pointed.
  2. No block heels. Unless it’s a wedge, make sure the heel is no more than 1/4 of an inch.

I’ve also heard good things about the Cole Haan Air series but those are pricey. Definitely try on a pair in the store and then look for them online for sure.

Personally, the brand I wear the most is Bandolino but that’s because they fit my wide forefoot and narrow heel the best. Still, I sit at a desk all day so other than the walk to and from the train I don’t necessarily put a lot of mileage on them. Now, though, I have a slightly longer commute so I might be looking for my own pair of cute, comfortable shoes soon!

Do you have any suggestions? Which pair do you like?

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What happens if u take viagra and dont need it

What happens if u take viagra and dont need it You Pick Wednesday

Valerie recently commented on another post of mine that she had a question that she wanted me to address: what do you wear with a seersucker blazer?

See, she has this one but wasn’t sure how to wear it. As she said:

I have a seersucker blue print blazer and I am never sure what to wear it with…I feel like dark colors don’t work with it so it doesn’t leave me many options, and the print may not work with other prints.

I do not own anything seersucker so I turned to the personal stylist to the Internet: Pinterest. And created a board just for Valerie!


As you can see, I found her quite a few options. They include:

  • Seersucker with jeans
  • Seersucker with white skirts or pants
  • Seersucker with red, coral, yellow, burgundy or green
  • Seersucker with navy or cobalt
  • Seersucker with floral print
  • Seersucker with stripes
  • Seersucker with a graphic tee

The Limited also currently has a light blue blazer on sale that could give Valerie some ideas on how to pair her light blue seersucker blazer.

For example, they’ve put it with these floral shorts. And although shorts aren’t office-appropriate, I think the print is a perfect pairing!


So, Valerie, I hope this has given you some more ideas on what to wear with your seersucker blazer!

What is your favorite outfit pairing?

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Is bactrim good for uti Shopping · You Pick Wednesday

It’s getting to be that time of year when invitations to spring weddings, graduation parties and baby showers appear in our inboxes. Plus, we’re all so tired of cold and nasty weather that any excuse to break out a fun spring dress is a welcome one.

A reader recently asked me for suggestions of what to wear to her daughter’s graduation party at a nice restaurant. I told her that she’s in luck because the latest trend of fit-and-flare dresses are perfect for the occasion AND perfect for just about every body shape.

Spring party dress, spring dress sandals

Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Dress 3 | Dress 4 | Dress 5 | Dress 6 | Dress 7 | Dress 8

Shoes 1 | Shoes 2 | Shoes 3

Not a fan of showing off your arms? Throw on a shawl or a colorful cardigan and you’re good to go! Let the dress stand out by pairing it with some fun heels and keeping the jewelry simple.

Feel like you need to define your waist? Try a belt! Some of these dresses come with a belt but feel free to add one to others if your waist is the narrowest part of you and you want to show it off.

But no matter what you wear, don’t forget to have fun at those spring parties!

What to Wear to Business Casual Interview

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter · You Pick Wednesday

What to wear to a business casual interview


A reader recently contacted me to ask about what she should wear to a business casual interview. She’s been out of the interviewing game for a few years so she wasn’t sure what was appropriate.

I’m pretty sure this is a question we all ask ourselves. Do I wear a suit? Is a dress okay? What about a skirt? Here are my thoughts.

1. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed so wear a suit if you feel comfortable in it. But don’t wear a suit just to wear a suit. Black dress pants and a fun jacket or a nice cardigan can be just as professional.

2. See if you can do some research on the company beforehand and see if you can find any images of employees online. That might give you an idea of how they dress. But if they’re wearing jeans in the photos that doesn’t mean you can wear jeans! But maybe you can go with something more fun like some beautiful cobalt blue dress pants instead of black.

3. Dresses and skirts are fine but since tights and nylons are coming back into style it’s a good idea to wear a pair. Sheer black is always a good move with a closed-toe heel.

4. V-necks are totally fine, but just be sure to wear a nice camisole underneath so you’re not flashing all the goods.

5. Keep the jewelry minimal. No jangly bracelets or huge statement necklaces. Those are fun but save them until after you get the job.

I chose the pieces above because many of them you could mix and match to suit your own personal style. Black suits are fine and dandy but, hey, don’t forget to let a little bit of your personality shine through!


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Metformin and clomid together You Pick Wednesday

What to wear to a winter wedding

Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Dress 3 | Dress 4

Has this happened to you? You live in the Midwest. It’s cold. It’s snowy. It’s miserable outside. And you’ve been invited to a wedding. What do you wear?? Thankfully I’ve only faced the what to wear to a winter wedding question once or twice in my life and even still it strikes fear into my heart. My spring and summer dressed are too cold. Layering them can make me look like I’m just going to work instead of to what might end up being a fun party. Any long-sleeved dresses I have might be too matronly.

What’s the solution? The four dresses above are great choices for a winter wedding. Why? Because they follow some of what I consider to be the dos and don’ts of picking out a winter wedding guest dress.

Do: Wear something with some texture or visual interest. Colors this time of year are pretty subdued so go for texture or pattern instead of a bright color.

Don’t: Wear white. Alright, some people are okay with this but basically the rule of thumb is that only the bride should wear white.

Don’t: Wear animal print, sequins, or anything too glittery. This is a wedding, not a dance club.

Do: Wear long sleeves, even if they are lace or sheer. Leave the sleeveless for those summer weddings.

Don’t: If you MUST wear sleeveless, bring a shawl to wear over your shoulders. Leave the cardigans at home.

Do: Wear something in a nice fabric. Lace, crepe, or a heavier high quality polyester are all excellent choices.

Don’t: Wear jersey knit, lightweight polyester, or cotton. Those are either too casual or too summery.

Do: Make sure your dress fits appropriately.

Don’t: Wear anything that is considered body-con, shorter than your finger tips when your arms are straight by your sides, shows all your cleavage or your entire back.

Don’t have anything your closet that fits these criteria and don’t want to go shopping? Perhaps Rent the Runway has something for you!  Admittedly, I’ve never used them although I spent a large amount of time at a recent shindig talking to an acquaintance who had and I think I’ll be using their services next time I need a dress. For under $70 you can rent any of these dresses below that fit all the criteria above and would look amazing at a Midwest winter wedding.

Winter wedding guest dresses from Rent the Runway

Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Dress 3 | Dress 4

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Seroquel prn use Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall · Fluoxetine and abilify · Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter · Shopping · You Pick Wednesday

How to wear sequins to work, office style

It’s the holiday season which for many people, me included, means it’s time for all things sparkly! But, I actually love sequins all year round and I don’t think they should be relegated to just those evening and weekend holiday parties. And after wearing my sequin skirt to work yesterday and getting so many compliments that I lost count (including from the baristas at Starbucks and the security staff of my building) I think everyone should try to wear something sequined to work and get their own compliments!

There are some rules to wearing sequins to the office appropriately. Fail to follow these and you’ll look like you belong in Las Vegas and not leading a meeting.

The Four Simple Rules for Wearing Sequins to the Office

1. Stay away from black sequins

Go with silver, blush, light gold or, if it’s Christmastime, red. Black is for night clubs, not offices.

2. Wear your sequins with tailored pieces

Notice I pair mine with plain blazers, pencil skirts, turtlenecks and cardigans along with simple shoes.

3. Keep the accessories minimal

Sequins don’t need a lot of accessorizing. They’re pretty awesome all on their own.

4. Nothing too tight, short or low-cut

Save those sequin mini skirts and skin-tight shirts for Vegas, please.

Need some shopping ideas? Here are 14 of my picks that are office appropriate! Note: the black Old Navy tank comes in lots of colors. I just couldn’t get anything other than black to show up in the slideshow below.

Nine Faux Leather Items for Under $40

Shopping · You Pick Wednesday


One of the biggest trends for this fall and winter is faux leather accents on just about everything. And one of the ways you know a trend such as faux leather is going mainstream is when you can find amazing items incorporating the trend at stores like Target. And Target is really hitting it out of the park this fall with their faux leather accented items with every single item shown here being under $40.

Every time I go to Target I do at least one pass through the clothing section and drool over the items that I don’t NEED in my closet but that I really, really want. So, here’s some window shopping that will hopefully satisfy my current craving for paneled faux leather leggings or a blazer with faux leather sleeves.

Or, you know, if you’re looking for a Christmas or birthday gift for me, I’ve already done your shopping for you.


Clockwise from the upper left-hand corner:

Pants| Jacket | Dress | Blazer | Dress | Pants| Jacket | Leggings| Dress