The Best in Summer Accessorizing


Hi y’all! I’m Jen from Librarian for Life Style, where you can follow my personal style journey through a mixture of work and casual outfits. I’m so excited to be guest posting here at Loop Looks, as I’m a regular reader and fan of Erin’s cool, classic style. So while Erin is off enjoying her vacation, I’m here today to share some ideas on fun summer accessories.

Here is my Polyvore inspiration board with accessories to beat the heat, along with some personal examples. Happy summer!

Accessorizing to beat the heat
Accessorizing to beat the heat by jjwsb — click for info about individual items

So how do you accessorize to beat the heat? With high temps and heavy humidity, you don’t want to add heavy layers or accessories that stick to your skin. My go-to accessories for summer include earrings, straw hats, and scarves:

  • Bracelets and necklaces can feel heavy (and sticky) in the heat, but earrings are always good options in summertime. Focus on lightweight, colorful earrings for maximum impact — and when your hair’s back in a braid or updo, your earrings will stand out even more!
  • Hats keep you cooler with built-in shade, and straw adds texture (and ventilation).
  • And scarves aren’t just for winter — lightweight, cotton options are great for summer, providing coverage when you walk from the hot outdoors into air-conditioned spaces. Try twisting one around your straw hat to add color when you don’t need to wrap up, or using it to keep your hair off your face and neck.

3 in 1! Sporting lightweight chandelier earrings and a colorful scarf wrapped around a floppy straw hat.

Using a scarf for a colorful ponytail

My favorite straw hat is this classic Stetson fedora. Also, two men’s ties stitched together, like this one that I made, is a fun variation on a traditional scarf or belt tied around your waist.

I love these bamboo hoops! A classic shape that’s lightweight and eye-catching.

Pulling your hair back helps highlight colorful dangly earrings.

This time, I wrapped my scarf around my bag for an extra mix of patterns.

You can see more of my summer accessorizing ideas over at Librarian for Life Style. What are your favorite accessories during the summer?

Thanks again, Erin, for inviting me over for the day!