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Like a rainbow on the water [SIA Post]

Style Imitating Art

First, I want to thank everyone who participated this week! I could go on and on about my feelings but, to be honest, it’s more fun to look at all the different outfits. I’ll still look forward to that on Jen and Salazar’s blogs and I hope to participate myself even if I’m not blogging or hosting Style Imitating Art.

That being said, I’ll probably still pop in here now and then so don’t unsubscribe from the little blog just yet!

Anyway, this week saw some great prints and a nice mix of patterns. As a reminder, here’s the artwork we’re interpreting:


First is Nancy and her Oriental print skirt. I also think the tree in the background fits the inspiration perfectly.


Mike. Oh, Mike. I think I shall miss your lovely emails the most. Always thoughtful. Always detailed. Thank you for being such a wonderful SIA participant when I’ve hosted!

Mike said, “I didn’t really have anything that was sepia toned, as seen in the image, but I think that I got the grays and blacks down pretty good (they are my favorite colors after all!)” And he looks great in the plaid shirt.

Co-host Salazar also has the perfect printed top. What is it with everyone having such wonderfully printed items? I love it and clearly need to up my print game.

Both Jen and her husband Sam participated this week! Jen (and Sam) will always have a special place in my heart. Jen inspires me so much, even though she says it was ME that inspired her, Plus, she’s a librarian who actually works in a library. I mean, I have a degree in library science but haven’t work in a library. Maybe someday! And did you know I once bought a book Sam wrote as a gift for my mom?

Finally, there’s me. I did indeed wear this outfit to work. Some day it will be warm and I won’t have to wear sweaters and scarves, right?

I wish I had something profound to say, but honestly, I don’t. I cherish the relationships and experiences I’ve made through blogging, both here and in my previous life as a running blogger (missed that? It’s still online!)

I’ll still be on Instagram and I’m sure I’ll still post here now and then, if only to fulfill my agreement with Shopbop (hey, that gift card they give me every month has bought me a lot of things, including the jeans I’m wearing in this post) and keep you guys updated on what I’m up to. So, as I said early, don’t go too far! Just don’t expect to see me here every week.

And with that, I’m off!

The willow crackles now, its earlier
green bitten by the frost;
Like a rainbow on the water, the
reflected bridge hangs down.
Drinking deeply we feel the sorrow of our
Tomorrow our paths will part—yours to the
west, mine to the east.
Your laughter will be gone, and we,
reminded, ungrateful for full moons;
Sticking to fair winds, your journey
will be safe and sound.
Back home you will talk of how you passed the time,
Until the candle on the stand has burned its wick away. – Source