All the snow and clouds [SIA round-up post]

Style Imitating Art

It’s time for the Style Imitating Art round-up where we see how everyone interpreted this week’s choice. Lots of gray and black and shiny things this time around and a nice mixture of dresses and pants.

As a reminder, I chose a photo of Cloud Gate (aka The Bean) in the winter since it’s in Chicago, I’m in Chicago, and I think we were both covered in snow.

Now for the outfits!

In no particular order…

A newcomer (at least to me!) is Amber who blogs at I love her scarf (it reminds me of the cardigan I chose).

Next we have another new-to-me participant, Gail, who blogs at Her outfit incorporates everything, even the shine!

Then we have co-host Salazar with her edgy jacket.

And co-host Jen, who sent several awesome photos, including one from a trip to Chicago in 2009 where she was apparently psychic and knew to wear something that would work for 2018!



Finally, there’s me and my snow (that has actually since melted).

Did you miss your chance to participate this week? No worries! We’ll have a new choice on Monday so you can play along.

2 replies on “All the snow and clouds [SIA round-up post]

  1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

    Yayyyy, love this round-up! It’s so good to see Amber and Gail again for SIA, and they both knocked it out of the (Millennium) Park! Gail, your shiny sneakers are the besssssssst! And thank you, Erin, for posting my 2009 photo collage — I just couldn’t resist 😀

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