A Galaxy of Inspiration [SIA Post]

Style Imitating Art

A while back one of our long-time Style Imitating Art participants, Mike, sent us photos of a mural that had recently been painting in the library where he works. Titled “Galaxy” and painted by Julie Hogarth, it has tons of beautiful, rich colors to use as inspiration.


Honestly, Julie could come paint this in my house and I’d be okay with that! I have some empty basement walls that could use some color.

As for an outfit, I don’t know what I’ll be wearing, but I won’t be lacking in colors from which to pick!

If you’re inspired to create an outfit from this work of art just snap a picture (selfies and flat-lays work, too) and send it to librarianforlifestyle@gmail.com by Tuesday, October 10th to be included in the round-up on Jen’s blog on October 11th.

One Reply on “A Galaxy of Inspiration [SIA Post]

  1. Mike

    This is such a cool mural! I actually had the opportunity to watch Julie paint this as I was working. It’s really fun to see an artist at work. 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing what we come up with for this one!

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