How we all take our coffee [SIA Post]

Style Imitating Art

This week’s Style Imitating Art challenge was super fun because I got to see a side of some people I don’t usually! It was almost like having coffee with them. Appropriate since this week’s art was all about coffee!


We also have giveaway winners listed at the bottom of the post. But first, let’s see how everyone  took this week’s coffee.

Mike submitted some great photos and I chose my favorite of the bunch. He wrote, “I went all neutral (no black at all this time; a rarity for me) for this one with my cream colored sweater and khaki pants to mimic the color of the coffee cup. And the buttons on my sweater fit perfectly for the mimicking of the coffee beans that are shown on the side of the cup!”

Grow Arts SIA 4(b)

Mike also tells me that he takes his coffee fairly dark, with a little cream, and two packs of sugar. Good to know!

Next we have co-host Jen who is also showing us her coffee corner! As well as her outfit that has all the colors in the painting.


Clearly co-host Salazar and I were on the same wave-length and wore basically the same shirt. And see her full post for a snapshot of her own tea mug since she isn’t a coffee drinker. I can relate! I only started drinking coffee a few years ago.


Xat did a great job with the colors of her outfit and her necklace which reminds me of the coffee beans. She tells how she takes her coffee in her blog post, which you can read here.

2017_09_11 SIA

Then we have newcomer (at least to this blog), Jamie from Michigan and her blue and black outfit AND her coffee!

coffee photo 2

Finally, we have me!


I love all of these outfits and finding out more about each of you! Thank you to everyone who participated.

So now, based on randomly drawing names out of a hat, here’s who wins the artwork and who wins the notecard made from the artwork.

  • Artwork Winner – Mike!!
  • Notecard Winner – Xat!!

I’ll email each of you so I can get your mailing addresses.

And, what do you think? Should I do another artwork giveaway as part of the Style Imitating Art series in the future?

5 replies on “How we all take our coffee [SIA Post]

  1. Mike

    So awesome!!! We all did wonderful! And you took the words right from my mouth, Erin as I too said that it felt like we were all meeting for coffee/tea. 🙂 Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

    A big welcome to Jamie to SIA; happy to see newcomers always. 🙂

    And thanks Erin! I will e-mail you my address later this morning. Too cool! I look forward to receiving the artwork!

  2. Penny

    Loved the art contest and your blog! Definitely do again. My picture would have looked like cardboard boxes (to match the coffee), as I haven’t unpacked anything more than my work and run clothes, haha. And congrats to Mike and Xat, awesome colors in their outfits!

  3. Xat

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy!! This was a fun one (pretty sure I say that every time) and I loved seeing all the coffee. If I ever quit caffeine again I’ll definitely need to replace the ritual with something else, maybe herbal tea.

  4. Kezzie

    This was a,great one! I loved the variety and the similarities plus poses! Alas, I had an outfit planned for this one but failed to organise myself!

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