A little Throwback Thursday

Casual Friday · Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

Remember when I lived in an apartment building with a rooftop deck that had a great view of the Chicago skyline? No? Well, I did. It was awesome. I loved it. Thankfully, I still have friends who live in that building who have an annual end-of-summer barbecue party up there.


Kimono via Belle on the Roe | similar jeans | similar shoes | same tank

Which of course meant I had to take some outfit photos for old times sake!

This is actually the same kimono I wore back when I went to an event at 360 Chicago in the spring. And who says kimonos aren’t versatile?


I’ve also worn this outfit to work, albeit with different shoes. Our office is mostly tile and unfinished ceilings and “open office” concept which means wedges like these echo when you walk. Since I don’t want to annoy all my coworkers, I stick to quieter flats and sandals most of the time.

But, give me a party and I’ll bust out my fancy shoes!


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  1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    That’s fun that you got to go back to your old rooftop deck! AND got to wear your fun shoes for the occasion 🙂 They’re super cute, but I totally understand – nothing makes me more self-conscious when I’m wearing heels (you know, the like two times per year that that happens haha) than feeling like I’m making a racket every time I move.

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