My experience at Barry’s Bootcamp [Fitness Friday]


For many years my fitness routine consisted of running and the occasional group exercise class.  Even now that I focus on weight lifting and the occasional cardio, I still enjoy a good group exercise class. I particularly enjoy classes that are full of HIIT (high intensity internal training) workouts or ones that combine cardio with weights, such as Lexapro and hair loss. I’d heard of Barry’s Bootcamp but, honestly, didn’t know much about it when I was invited to attend a workout at their location in Lincoln Park.


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The studio waiting area is quite “Instagram-able” and also has it’s own smoothie bar. I fully admit that when I go to a workout class, even if it’s a free perk, I’m really bad about taking pictures. I  mean, I’m there to get in a workout!


And maybe a smoothie…

So, uh, here’s what the empty studio looks like.


Barry’s helpfully sent an email beforehand explaining their workout so that I would have a basic idea what to expect.


I was there on a Sunday so I got the “full body” workout. I was assigned treadmill 6 and told to start there. We did mainly 30 second jog/run/sprint/ intervals followed by one minute recovery walks for the first 10 minutes. Then it was down to the floor to do some stuff with dumbbells and body weight for 10 minutes, mostly in sets of 30 seconds.

The workout itself was fine, although the treadmill portions felt rather repetitive. The instructor was super high energy, even with a broken arm! Yes, he had his arm in a sling so he had to demonstrate everything one-handed. For the strength portion we did typical dumbbell moves (chest press, tricep press, curls, rows), squats, step-ups, planks, and some various types of crunches. So, again, nothing groundbreaking.

Overall, I wouldn’t say that my experience at Barry’s was worth the hype that it’s gotten in some fitness circles. I’m still a bigger fan of Orangetheory or Fit36 if you’re looking for a class of this type. Although, I did only take one class at Barry’s Bootcamp so maybe my experience was atypical.

Have you taken a class at Barry’s Bootcamp? What did you think?

6 replies on “My experience at Barry’s Bootcamp [Fitness Friday]

  1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Super interesting! I’ve never been to Barry’s Bootcamp and assumed it was unique in its workout style, but it sounds like it’s actually pretty similar to all the other run + strength studios, at least in terms of setup/concept. Seems like you’d get a pretty well-rounded workout if you went every day of the week, but I can only imagine how expensive that must get! I’d like to see a fitness studio open that wouldn’t put me in the poorhouse if I went every day – now THAT would be a unique studio!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I assumed it was unique, too. But it’s the same as other run/strength classes. At least from what I saw. I do think most of these studios have a monthly charge, just like a gym, that allow you to go every day. It’s just that I can’t afford to pay both a gym membership AND have a group fitness membership to a separate studio so I’d have to pick.

    2. Maggie

      The original pricing for ClassPass allowed unlimited classes for $99/month, I always wondered how that was sustainable … well, it wasn’t, now it’s 10 classes per month for $115. Which is still much cheaper than a membership at a single studio.

  2. Maggie

    I’ve only taken classes at Barry’s Bootcamp in Boston, and felt it was exactly like Shred415, just more intense. And the instructors were very high energy … but they are at Shred as well. One thing I really like about their format is that they yell out the workout as it’s happening so 1) I don’t have to remember anything and 2) Latecomers can jump in. I’ve been to other studios that won’t let you in if you’re late and you have to sit around and wait for the next class (or, skip altogether if you can’t wait around). (Actually, I don’t know what Barry’s policy is but I know Shred will let you jump in.)

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