When you might want to try a meal kit service even if you like to cook


Last week I wrote about why you might want to try a meal kit service even if you like to cook, but this week I’m writing about when you might want to try one.

As I mentioned last week, I set up a Blue Apron delivery for when I was going to be out of town for a weekend. That way when I got back we would have dinner taken care of for a few nights without me needing to go to the grocery store or worry about sending my husband.

I did the same thing when I went on my Sonoma vacation but this time I tried HelloFresh. I ended up enjoying that process so much more. We got Chicken Parm Salad, the Juicy Lucy Burger, and Zesty Crusted Catfish.

Each meal comes in it’s own little box which I LOVED! The meat is separate but all the other items are corralled together. This warmed my organization loving heart.


First up, I made the catfish. I’m always a bit hesitant to make fish, but HelloFresh made it super simple. The fish seasoning could have used a little more kick, but the rice was outstanding. I never thought to add lemon zest to rice! It really takes it up a notch. I ended up doing the same thing with a lime later that week on my own. So, thanks for the idea!


Next, I made the Juicy Lucy Burger. That recipe taught me how to make onion jam which was, in a word, amazing. I want to eat it on everything. This burger tasted just as good as a gourmet one I could have gotten at a restaurant, except I wasn’t tempted to order fries with it. The nutrition stats are a little higher than I would like, but I didn’t use all the cheese they sent and I had plenty of onion jam leftover.


The Chicken Parm Salad was also a winner. Mixing the roasted potatoes with the dressing and spinach was something I wouldn’t have thought to do but it worked really well. Also, they sent us an extra chicken breast so I ended up having leftovers. Score!


Overall, all three recipes were simple to make AND I got some ideas I can put into practice on my own. Most of the veggies were pre-chopped (not so with Blue Apron) and the recipes didn’t require me to use every pot or pan I own.

I actually ended up getting a second HelloFresh order this past week because I forgot to skip the week. Oops. But, it ended up being a nice way to get some more info about how HelloFresh fits into our life.

The second box had recipes that were a bit more involved and required a few more “pantry staple” items (butter, olive oil, sugar). If you’re absolutely a kitchen novice or you never cook then this might be a problem. I have all those things on hand so it wasn’t an issue for me. Of the three recipes in the second round I loved two of them and thought one was just okay.

I do find that the HelloFresh instructions aren’t quite as thorough as Blue Apron and that they tend to underestimate how long to cook the meat items. So, again, maybe not the best for kitchen novices.

However, I think using a meal kit delivery service like this is perfect for:

  • When you won’t have time to go to the grocery store for a full week’s worth of meals
  • When you’re traveling (you could have it delivered to your AirBNB!)
  • When you’re tired of making the same recipes over and over again

Many of you commented that you wouldn’t use a service like this every week and I actually agree. But, I definitely think it’s a nice ace to have in the hole when you just can’t fathom meal planning.  If you want to try HelloFresh you can get $40 off your first delivery when you use my referral link!

2 replies on “When you might want to try a meal kit service even if you like to cook

  1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Man, this is such a positive review that now I’m tempted to stop ignoring the Hello Fresh people who always try to get my attention on the sidewalk! I like your point about doing this on weeks when you don’t have time to go to the grocery store for a full week’s worth of food. When I’m out of town for the weekend, finding time to grocery shop around my travel plans always stresses me out. I’ll have to remember this the next time I go somewhere!

  2. Jessica

    I’m so glad you did these reviews, I have been so curious about both companies. And you make a really good point about getting them for the return home from vacation…I always dread that first trip to the grocery store because there is NOTHING in the fridge! I wish I had thought of this for our recent 3-week road trip! After sitting in Chicago traffic for about an hour after driving across the midwest the VERY last thing I wanted to do was head to the grocery store! ugh!

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