A deck sneak peak

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Remember when I said we were decorating our deck? Well, the chairs came and I bought a rug and it all matches the hand-me-down tables perfectly!


same chairs | same rug

I still need to hang our cafe party lights and find an ottoman (any suggestions??) but it’s definitely coming together! And if you want to see it person I’m still having a brunch party on June 24th and I’d love to have you there.


I actually wore this outfit when I explored two neighborhood spots with my friend (and former neighbor) Margaret. She’s super into the food scene in Chicago so she knows all the places. We had brunch at Cellar Door Provisions and then more coffee and pastries from the Bakery at Fat Rice. Both are within walking distance of our apartment!

Cellar Door Provision is the cutest space and has simple but tasty food. Fat Rice is more energetic with some very interesting flavor combinations. But, I discovered that both have coffee bars so I know where I can go when I run out of coffee at home.

And then when we got back, she even helped me get the deck chairs set up! I’m sure she can attest to the fact that they are quite comfy. Chewie seems to think so, too.



This outfit is also really comfy and I think I’m going to wear it on the plane to Sonoma ON SUNDAY!

Yes, my mom and I are taking a girls’ trip to California and I am so excited. I have already planned to pack all my new dresses (two from Moonfish!) and will get my mom to take some pictures. So, stay tuned!

similar dress | same jacket | similar sandals | similar scarf

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  1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    More Chewie smiles!

    Your deck setup sounds awesome. I’ve never invested all that much into decorating my deck, aside from flowers and a bistro set, since I’m not really in a “settle in to live here for the long haul” place in life and didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on deck decor, only to move a couple years later and not have a deck at all. That being said, I had CONSTANT deck envy over my upstairs neighbors’ deck. It’s seriously a work of art. Sometimes I approach my house from the alley just to admire their beautiful deck haha. You can really do a lot to make an outdoor living space amazing if you want to!

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