Deck Party Time

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When we moved from an 8th floor apartment in the hottest neighborhood in the city to a two floor apartment in a house in a neighborhood no one has heard of, I admit I was a little heartbroken.


But, of course, we moved in January and nothing is fun in the winter in Chicago. However, as spring and summer approach, I’ve been enjoying our back deck and making plans for making our yard and outdoor spaces into a true extension of the house.

I ordered two of these chairs from Target (in teal, not white, though) and plan to get a rug, some ottomans, and some cafe lights for our back deck. Combine that with the two tables we already have that I’m planning to spray paint and we’re going to have an awesome little outdoor room!

By the way, all the outdoor stuff at Target is on sale until Sunday!


similar cardigan | similar top | similar jeans | same shoes | similar necklace 

I’ve also got plans to plant some more flowers in the flower beds and in the pots I brought over from our previous apartment balcony.

And if you want to enjoy my outdoor space with me, I’m having a get together on Saturday, June 24th! 


Yes, I will have a Stella & Dot stylist there, but it’s really just an excuse to finally have people over to our house! Consider it a girls-only housewarming party with no pressure to shop. If you want to come, let me know and I send you the info via email!

I don’t usually have parties because I feel like a loser when no one comes. So, uh, help me feel like less of a loser? I promise to be a good hostess AND you’ll get to sit in my awesome new chairs.



5 replies on “Deck Party Time

  1. Julie Emms

    Looking forward to bringing all the summer style of Stella & Dot to you Erin and all of your friends on June 24! Let’s show Erin some love! I promise you will have a blast!

  2. Valerie

    Those chairs look so comfy! I love a good outdoor space like a living room…I want to get some of those cute string lights to give our deck a bit of a lighted ceiling effect. And I totally want to come and see your new place but I have a baby shower that day. Next time!

  3. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Aw MAN! You get to plant in your flower beds?? I’m so jealous! Granted, I suppose I don’t really have flower beds to plant in in the first place, but I’ve spent the past two days agonizing how I’m going to fit all my flowers into my current container supply without buying more (I already have 18 containers, 21 if you count the planters that hang from the deck…I do not need any more containers!!) and I basically came to the conclusion that my only solution is to buy a house with space for gardening. Hahaha. Either that, or develop some self-control when it comes to flower purchasing, but since that clearly hasn’t happened at all over the past three years, I don’t imagine it’s going to start any time soon >.<

  4. Maggie

    Hey, I’ve heard of Avondale! And maybe it’s because I take classes at in Avondale, but I know a lot of people who live in Logan Square / Avondale. It’s a hip place to be! Probably the next Logan Square of the north side (since I assume Pilsen is the next Logan Square?)

    Anywho, as much as I love our little balcony, I would love a place with a yard in the city. Really, I just want a place where I can entertain, inside and out. (Although, like you, I worry that if I host something, no one will show up.)

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