The flowers are back [SIA Round Up Post]

Style Imitating Art

Seeing all the wonderful photos from those of you who interpreted this week’s SIA artwork was a much needed bright spark in my week. I was just worn out on Sunday and I think that contributed to my funk. The fact that Chicago has also had two weeks of below average temperatures isn’t helping either!


But these photos sure are. Here’s Jodie and her models of all ages from Jodie’s Touch of Style. The first one is her step mom, Nancy, (the 60’s model). then Jodie (the 50’s model) and then her mom, Charlotte (the 70’s model).

DSC05211 (447x800)


_DSC0034 (2) (719x1280) 8A (450x800)

I personally love Nancy’s outfit the most because I’m pretty sure I’ve worn something very similar!

Next we have Mike and his very nice and classic outfit of neutrals. Mike asked if this painting had a name and, honestly, I don’t think it did. I’ll have to ask the GrowARTS program director the next time I see her.

Grow Arts SIA 3

Of course co-host Jen went above and beyond and found some flowering trees of her own!


And co-host Salazar had the perfect top to wear for this piece!


Kezzie pulled out a beautiful purple print tunic for this week that has flowers and paisley and all the things. She also found some flowering trees!


Finally, there’s me (and Chewie). We didn’t find any flowering trees but it’s okay because everyone who submitted photos this week is my flower. Thank you, everyone!



6 replies on “The flowers are back [SIA Round Up Post]

  1. Salazar

    Argh, why is everyone in vests and cardigans and tights and I’m over here sweating my ass off? Oh right, that’s because I live in a tropical climate…

    I personally like Charlotte’s outfit the best – the pastel looks great on her. And of course, Jen’s photos are gorgeous.

  2. Kezzie

    Another great, varied selection! My favourite look is Nancy’s as I too am sure I’ve worn a similar.outfit. love the trousers. I was lucky that my little tree/large shrub was covered in flowers in my back garden.

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