Where did all my flowers go? [SIA Post]

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Sometimes photo shoots come together with little effort. Sometimes we find awesome backgrounds and great lighting and the smiles are genuine and the dog behaves and I love my outfit and what I pick matches my own Style Imitating Art choice perfectly.


Then there are days like yesterday. In the interest of keeping it real, I will tell you that I haven’t actually worn this outfit yet other than for these photos. I tried on a bunch of different things but didn’t like I how I felt in any of them. That while purple is one of my favorite colors, I actually own very few purple items.


Sunday was a struggle for me. I had almost zero motivation to do anything. Everything was making me grumpy. I woke up dehydrated even after drinking a ton of water on Saturday. I did;t feel comfortable in any of my clothes. I’d ripped a hole in the crotch of my favorite go-to jeans the day before. I told Jason that the photos didn’t matter because “no one reads my blog.”

Yeah, I’m just a ray of sunshine, aren’t I?


I know it will get better. I know I can turn my own attitude around. Perhaps I need to try that routine of writing down three things for which I’m grateful or that make me happy each day. Have you ever tried that? Does it work?

Or maybe I just need to drink more water and wear more purple. Or remind myself that people do indeed read my blog as evidenced by the SIA submissions I’m getting already! Don’t forget that if you want to participate just snap a photo of an outfit you put together as inspired by this week’s painting and send it to me before Wednesday, May 10th so I can include it in the round-up.


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7 replies on “Where did all my flowers go? [SIA Post]

  1. Mike

    I’m sorry to hear that your Sunday was so crappy, Erin. Believe me, I know that feeling you shared about the whole blog thing. I sometimes feel that way too; that no one is reading my blog. I think it’s just the frustrations of being a new blogger. I’m still learning as I go.
    But like you, I need to remind myself that I do have followers and people do read my blog. I just have to get over myself and keep going with mine, just like you keep going with yours. 🙂

    I read your blog, Erin. I may not always get to comment, but I do try to read whenever I get the opportunity, either on the computer, or from my iPod (if there’s Wi-Fi in the area I’m in).

    If it’s cool with you, can you follow my blog as well? I have 4 followers right now (myself included, which doesn’t really count). Even if you don’t write a comment on there, it’s still nice to have people that I interact with regularly follow my blog.

    And yes, I have tried what you’ve done in the form of a “happiness journal” where I try to write down something positive that has happened to me every day; getting an e-mail from a friend, meeting my quota at work, having my favorite meal, etc. It does seem to work, and when I look back at past entries, it is quite gratifying to see all the good that has occurred. Maybe start there.

    Awesome outfit for this SIA! You and Chewie are looking super! 🙂

      1. Mike

        Thank you so much, Erin! I really appreciate it. And you’re welcome. Us bloggers got to stick together, right? 😉

  2. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    I’m always reading, even if I don’t always comment 🙂

    The day after Wisconsin is always super rough, so I don’t blame you (nor do I find it surprising) for being a grump at all. That’s such a long and exhausting weekend! Two very long days of work, barely any sleep, eating like crap – it’s really tough! Plus, on top of that, you lose almost your entire weekend to it, so any of the usual stuff you would’ve done on Friday night or Saturday all has to get done on Sunday (because let’s be honest: nothing is happening on Saturday after the race), so then you have to deal with all of that, and where’s your time to relax? Nonexistent. All of that stress and exhaustion is bound to wear on anyone! Hopefully you’re feeling better now that a few days have passed 🙂

  3. Jen

    I’ve been following your blog for at least 2 years now. I have about 15-20 fashion blogs I follow and you’re part of the group I’ve had bookmarked since I first started looking at fashion blogs. I rarely comment on the blogs I follow and I don’t do any other social media. I like to follow fashion bloggers who seem like “real” people and who wear outfits that inspire me to remix the clothes in my own closet. I’ve come up with many cute outfits after seeing something you put together for your blog. I’m sure there are others like me, faithful followers who don’t like to comment, but are following nonetheless.

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