My unintentional fitness modeling gig [Fitness Friday]


Last year Chewie and I ran the Super Sunny 5K and, before the race, one of the volunteers snapped a photo of the two of us.


Little did I know that that photo would become a full page ad in a local magazine!


Isn’t that just the cutest? And, yes, we’ll be there again this year. It’s a great local race benefiting a great cause, and it’s one of the few in the area where you can actually run with your dog.

If you’re in the Chicago area and are looking for a 5K to walk or run, come join us! Chewie promises to be on his best behavior.  Plus, maybe you’ll get a chance to unintentionally become a fitness model, too.

2 replies on “My unintentional fitness modeling gig [Fitness Friday]

  1. Jessica

    Great! Jason has been looking for a race that he can do with Odi!
    great photo of you two!

  2. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Oh man, I wonder if CARA pimped out my photo to Chicago Athlete in addition to Facebook and Instagram. Accidentally becoming a digital model is one thing, but becoming an accidental print model as well would be even better! Haha.

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