The closet clean-out that only kind of happened

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I first saw a pair of leopard print sneakers on Shopbop a few years ago but I didn’t buy them when they had my size. I debated purchasing them on eBay, but never pulled the trigger. Then I saw these and knew it was a sign.


same shoes | same jeans | same watch | similar shirt | same tank 

Yes, I know, this makes three pairs of leopard or cheetah print shoes that I own (sneakers, wedges, and flats). I recently took my leopard print heels to a clothing swap, though, so at least I don’t have four pairs!


I recently read an amazing post on Style by Joules on how she got rid of a huge chunk of her wardrobe and paired it down to essentials. It’s very motivating, albeit a bit scary, to see how just her shoe collection diminished!

I got rid of a bunch of stuff when we moved but there are still things I can’t seem to part with. Like my navy J. Crew blazer. I longed for that thing but now I rarely wear blazers. Still, I am loathe to move it out of my closet. Even if my uniform most days is skinny jeans with a top like this or with a tank or tee and a cardigan. Because, yeah, this outfit is very similar to one I wore a few years ago…but that one had a blazer!


Heels, though, I’m slowly donating. Some have ended up in Annabelle’s LuLaRoe boutique so if you’re trying on a dress you can see how it looks with heels (if you’re a size 7.5 or 8, anyway). Some have just gone to clothing swaps and ended up in thrift shops. Some I can’t get rid of just yet, though. Like these pink puppies.

Speaking of getting rid of things, these particular jeans I have on this photo gave up in the waistband (they’re actually jeggings and the elastic gave out), so I just bought them again. I’m not a fan of Old Navy’s “sculpt” jeggings, but their regular ones are some of my favorite things to wear.


I’m also in love with these tanks from Target and will buy them in every color given the chance. Although, honestly, I should just buy 10 of the gray one and move on. I would wear it every day if I could.

Sigh. I should really just realize that all those fancy business clothes in my closet are just taking up space. Anyone need a blazer or two?

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4 replies on “The closet clean-out that only kind of happened

  1. Valerie

    This outfit is awesome- casual yet totally put together! The leopard just elevates it- love! And congrats on doing some clean out…I’m taking my last batch of Poshmark stuff over to the consignment store to just be done with it. Yay!

    And those Target tanks look perfect (price being a big one) for workout wear. Do they fit loose?

  2. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Well, at least the three pairs of leopard print shoes you have are all different styles, so you’d most likely wear them for different, non-overlapping occasions!

    I’m a little more than a year out of making my capsule wardrobe for my new job, and I have to say, it’s really worked out for me. I honestly couldn’t even tell you what I got rid of anymore – I’ve forgotten my old clothes entirely. It’s also made shopping a lot easier (on the very rare occasions that I’ve gone shopping), because I have a guideline now for what I need in terms of color and style. I did hang onto a few things I just could not convince myself to get rid of, either for practical (“I only wear this black t-shirt for dance graduation, but I *always* wear this black t-shirt at dance graduation every eight weeks”) or sentimental (“This came from a boutique I LOVED that no longer exists, and I’m really attached to it even though it’s ratty and I won’t wear it”) purposes. Yes, they take up space in my closet and no, I don’t wear most of them, like, ever, but they’re there for me if I ever need/want them, and it’s SO few items that even with my tiny closet, it doesn’t make that big of a difference space-wise. I think capsule wardrobes, like so very many things in life, are all about finding the balance that works for you, but also not being afraid of taking some low-risk chances (like maybe getting rid of your least favorite blazer first instead of your favorite one).

  3. Maggie

    I really need to do a more serious clean out of my closet. Although every time I do one, it’s in preparation for a clothing swap, and I come home with a new bag of clothing.

    I own three pairs of leopard shoes – 2 flats (one loafery, one ballet) and one pair of loafer-sneakers. I love them all.

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