Cats and Tattoos [SIA Post]

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You probably all know I’m a dog person. If Chewie’s occasional cameos didn’t give that way already, I mean. In fact, I have three tattoos dedicated to our three previous dogs. But, this week’s Style Imitating Art pick by co-host Salazar is about cats. Tattooed cats.


The official title of this artwork is  “Monmon Cats” (Tattooed Cats) by California-based Japanese artist Kazuaki Horitomo.

I appreciate that Salazar choose another painting with black, red, and white as the primary colors since I have a lot of that in my wardrobe. In fact, I think I’ll take this opportunity to showcase a new top I bought from Moonfish!

If you want to showcase an item in your closet, just snap a picture of an outfit you created as inspired by this painting and email it to by Monday, April 10th so it can be featured on her blog. Selfies and flat-lays are also welcome!

As a side note, the studio where I got my last two tattoos is doing another event where proceeds benefit a local dog rescue. I got my three dog-related tattoos after my pups passed away, but in this case I might make an exception and go get the one I need for Chewie during the event. What do you think?

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  1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

    Oooh, any chance you can highlight your dog tattoos in the inspiration photos? That would be SO PERFECT for this challenge. But tattoos can also be super-private, so no pressure. That’s a great event to benefit a local dog rescue organization! BTW, my husband gets tattoos for each new book he gets published.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I can definitely highlight the one on my foot. The two on my back might be more difficult since they’re covered unless I’m wearing a swimsuit 🙂

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