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When I posted this week’s Style Imitating Art challenge art, my mom commented that she immediately thought of the red, black and tan plaid top that I wore to Thanksgiving one year and that I gave her for Christmas after she commented how much she liked it (no, I didn’t give her mine. I bought her one for herself!)

So, of course, because mother knows best, I went with that top for this week.


similar cardigan | similar top | same jeans | similar booties | similar scarf

This outfit is basically the casual version of one I wore back in 2013 when I worked my more “business casual” job. I kept the top the same and kept the same color outer layer and bottoms but swapped out everything else.

I also added my coffee mug since it matched perfectly. Shout out to the local NPR affiliate! This was our thank you gift for donating over the past year.


I’m really looking forward to warmer days when I can sit on our back deck on weekend mornings and drink coffee. I never thought I’d be someone who would say that but, hey, it’s amazing how you can change over time.

Chewie dog, however, has not changed. He still wants to be outside with us when we’re taking photos, even when it’s ridiculously cold. Although, we have had people over three times since we’ve moved (even if two of those were for brief stints) and he barely ate anyone. He really just wants everyone seated in the same room and then he can relax. Such a herding dog.


2 replies on “A study in casual [SIA Post]

  1. Anne

    Sitting on the porch with my coffee was my favorite thing to do on summer and fall mornings at my old condo. There’s a lot to be said for having some outdoor space like that. Glad you’re liking your new place! 🙂

  2. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    My absolute favorite thing about my current apartment is my front porch. It’s entirely enclosed and faces east, so there are no bugs and it doesn’t get too hot in there (which gives it an advantage over my back deck, which faces west and is not enclosed, and is therefore buggy and hot. Also, I realize how spoiled I am, having an apartment with both a front AND back porch.). Being able to sit outside and let the world pass by is seriously such an underrated pleasure.

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