Renting the Runway…in Person


I’ve mentioned Rent the Runway in the past a few times. I rented a dress from them for a friend’s wedding, wore one of their dresses when I went to the horse races for the first time, and rented a tulle skirt from them when I wanted something fun to wear to a dog prom.

The first Saturday in November Jason and I attended the Illinois Science Council Science Cocktail Party and I wanted to use it as an excuse to dress up. Their emails always say to wear “weather appropriate cocktail party attire” but also go on to say that if you don’t feel like dressing up you can wear jeans and flannel, too. So, really, it’s anything goes!

I was debating wearing my gold dress (sans blazer and tights) or renting something from Rent the Runway. I debated until it was too late to order something online. But, wait! Rent the Runway has a brick-and-mortar location here in Chicago! I made an appointment and showed up on Saturday afternoon to a dressing room full of dresses for me to try on.


1 (same in red)| 2 | 3 | 4


1 |2 | 3| 4

Plus a few others (like this one and this one) that I didn’t take pictures of. Although many of these look great in photos, they didn’t all fit perfectly. Until I tried on the one on the bottom right. fullsizerender-3It was kind of like when I was trying on wedding dresses; I knew this was THE one. It fit perfectly, the slit made it more fun than a regular sheath dress, and the colors, pattern and fabric made it a great choice for a fancy-but-not-fancy event.

Being able to try on so many dresses was the perfect way to choose something. Plus, since I was   doing a same-day rental I was able to get accessories for $15. The dress itself? $30 to rent! It retails for $465 so this was a great deal. Plus, as I tried on dresses my stylist would go out to the floor and find more things for me to try on as she saw the items on me. I didn’t even have to leave the fitting room area!

Plus, after I wore it I just put into a bag and dropped it at the UPS store! I didn’t even have to go back to the physical location to return it.

I highly recommend using the Rent the Runway location in Chicago (or find one near you) if you need a dress for an occasion. They also rent fancy clothing (blazers, jackets, tops, etc) and accessories (purses, jewelry). It’s so much fun to try on so many fun things that I could never afford normally. Now, I just need more reasons to wear fun dresses!

This is not a sponsored post. I just had such a good time and wanted to share it with all of you! 

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  1. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    I am a VERY firm believer in dress destiny (which I define as finding the dress that was meant for you for a particular occasion). When I was in high school, I bet I tried on dozens of prom dresses before finding The One, but as soon as I put The One on, I knew it was exactly what I wanted. It sounds like that’s what happened with your Rent the Runway dress! It looks great and totally perfect for the occasion. I saw a Rent the Runway brick-and-mortar location in Vegas last weekend and thought that was SUCH a smart idea. Renting a dress there would be infinitely easier (and cheaper!) than buying something (or multiple somethings) for your nights out, plus you’d save so much suitcase space!

  2. Maggie

    I stopped by Rent the Runway last year when I was renting a bridesmaid dress for my best friend’s wedding. I still ended up ordering the dress (so I could have it delivered to Boston two months later) but it was a pretty great experience, and it definitely eased my mind to be able to try on the dress first (albeit in a different color). I would definitely go back the next time I have a special occasion.

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