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SIA Round Up: 108 Years and Four Outfits

Style Imitating Art

Chicago is still full of “W” flags celebrating the Chicago Cubs first World Series win since 1908 so I feel it’s more than appropriate to dress as though you were inspired by the 1908 scorecard I chose for this week’s Style Imitating Art.


First up we have Salazar who went with a striped scarf and loafers to echo the socks and shoes depicted on the cover. Plus, like me, she chose a blazer!


Next up we have Jen who, as always, nailed the details! A baseball tee, blue and red, and a baseball diamond? Amazing.


Then we have Mike who says he doesn’t normally wear hats but was feeling it was appropriate this time. I’d say he definitely nailed the menswear look, too, but I think he has an edge on some of us.

Finally there’s me in my black blazer and plaid top.


Thanks to all of you for participating! Stay tuned for next week’s pick!