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Hiking at Starved Rock [Fitness Friday]


So, we’re all still here, yes? Some of us might not want to be right now. I know I’ve spent the past few days with that feeling you get when you could cry at any minute and there’s a heavy ball that moves between your chest and the pit of your stomach. But, I have to remember that there are still beautiful and wonderful people and places in this world and that we all fight for what we believe in, yes?


One of those beautiful places (ugh. I feel so ridiculous writing that. Anyway…) is Starved Rock State Park. I distinctly remember going there as a kid but, until last weekend, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been there. My friends Margaret and Vinod invited Jason and me to tag along on a photography outing last Sunday. I honestly had no idea what to expect since it had been so long.


We met up with another one of Margaret’s friends and they chose our starting location. We ended up hiking from Parkman’s Plain to Kaskasia Canyon, which I’m guessing is about two miles. I was wearing my GPS watch but didn’t turn it on because I just wanted to enjoy the walk.


Oh, yeah, I was also carrying all Jason’s camera equipment. He’s been my sherpa at enough races, we figured it was about time I did some work around here!


The boys taking photos

I figure it was about a four mile hike, round trip to the waterfall in the canyon and back. We started our hike around 9:30 or 10:00 AM so there weren’t that many people on the trail. It was lovely and peaceful. img_1902

And we would have stayed out there for longer if we had brought more food! As it was, we (okay, I) got hungry and needed to find a real meal STAT.


I think this farmhouse is a little too far away to ask if they have sandwiches

So, back to the car we went and, after a few snafus, we ended up at a great restaurant in downtown LaSalle called the Uptown Grill. I highly recommend it if you find yourself in the area!

Overall it was a nice day with some fun memories and something I’d like to do again. I hear it’s quite lovely in the winter, too. If you need an escape and have the means to get to Starved Rock, I would recommend it.



  • Monday 10/31 – Upper body strength workout + 4 mile run
  • Tuesday 11/1 – Upper body strength workout + 4 mile run (6×400 on treadmill w/ warm up & cool down)
  • Wednesday 11/2 – Rest
  • Thursday 11/3 – Lower body strength workout + 6 mile run
  • Friday 11/4 – Lower body strength workout
  • Saturday 11/5 – 9 mile run
  • Sunday 11/6 – 4 mile hike