Shoe Shines at Shoe Drop


At the end of October I hosted an event with Shoe Drop, the company in Chicago that is working to make getting your shoes repaired and shined easy and simple. They have a retail location at 353 N Clark Street that they nicely opened up for event attendees to get free shoe shines and discounts on shoe repair.


If you’ve never had your shoes shined, let me tell you: it makes a huge difference! And it’s not just for men, either. All of us ladies in attendance got our riding boots shined and polished.


Most of us also dropped off shoes to be repair. I dropped off my red ballet flats that had insoles that were falling apart and cracks that were forming in the leather on the outsides. I picked them up this week and they are beautiful! Yes, if you look closely you can see where they patched the crack, but considering these shoes are over 10 years old and I bought them off the clearance rack, the fact that they were able to fix them at all is amazing.


Those who attended who have picked up their repaired shoes have also said that they look brand new.

While we were getting our shoes shined (and watching the Cubs!) we sipped on wine from Madison Vine Wines and nibbled on appetizers from Siena Tavern. For as many times as I’ve run past Madison Vine Wines or seen their free wine and beer tastings posted on Twitter I still haven’t been. Did you know they are dog friendly? Now that patio weather is over I know where we’re taking Chewie to get more people exposure! screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-8-39-10-pm

Photo from Marzlet. Food courtesy of Siena Tavern.

Martine, the man who works at the 353 N Clark Street location, is very friendly and will remember you by name if you go in often enough. In fact, I stopped by on way home on Tuesday to pick up my ballet flats and get my black riding boots shined and he knew me right away. I LOVE service like that!

And no worries if you’re wearing a dress! They’ll give you a nice cozy blanket to make sure you stay decent while Martine shines your shoes.


Plus, shoe shine are only $8, which includes tip! Seriously, if you’ve never gotten your riding boots or any other shoes shines you HAVE to stop by Shoe Drop. Or, if you can’t make it to their retail location, you can use any of their almost 200 drop-off spots. Additionally, if you have a Pressbox location near you then you can just use that since Pressbox partners with Shoe Drop. You drop off your shoes, you’ll get a text saying they’ve begun work, and when they’re ready you pick them up where you dropped them off. It’s that easy!

Thanks again to Shoe Drop, Madison Vine Wines, and Siena Tavern for putting on this event so I could show off one of my new favorite Chicago-based businesses! If you’re in Chicago I hope you’ll consider using Depo provera hormone for your future shoe needs.