October Shopping Summary


So, I totally fell off the wagon in September and October when it came to shopping using only store credit. I went a little wild on workout clothes and bought quite a few lovely things at a friend’s Stella & Dot party.


Watch | Necklace | Earrings | Shorts | Fabletics Tank | Fabletics Capris

And, yes, I decided to try Fabletics. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a monthly workout clothing subscription where you can pick an outfit starting at $49.95. You can typically get your first outfit for under $25 and then you can choose whether to spend the money every month.

I wasn’t super thrilled with my Fabletics options for November so I decided to skip the month. Either that or I was feeling a bit of regret for shopping in October. Especially since I didn’t really NEED the earrings or necklace. Or really the shorts or the other workout clothes.

The watch, though, I’ve worn a ton since I got it. I had a leopard print watch I bought several years ago for cheap and it fell apart. I’m happy to finally have a replacement!

My credit card, though, is not so happy. I think I’ll be back to deleting sale emails and not tempting myself for the rest of the year!

6 replies on “October Shopping Summary

  1. Valerie

    You did SO well this year…and at least the purchases you did make were warranted– you will wear those workout clothes a lot, you are replacing a watch you wore a ton, etc. I applaud ya! The last quarter of the year is always hard for my budget with Black Friday sales, holiday shopping, etc. We can do it!! (help me ahhh!)

  2. Emily @ Out and About

    That white tank looks great! So what do you think about Fabletics? I’ve been tempted to join several times, but I’ve always held back since I already have too many race shirts, et al. Love that animal-print watch, what a lovely and versatile accessory!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I will say the quality of the Fabletics pieces is REALLY nice so far. But, it is a little misleading when they say you can get an outfit for $49.95. Yes, you can, but you can also spend a lot more money than that. Also, you can’t mix and match pieces from the outfits. You get some color choices but if you like the leggings in one outfit and the top in another you can’t swap them around. You’d have to buy both outfits.

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