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I’ve heard several other people say it and it seems totally cliche, but what the heck happened to October?? Why it is November already?? Seriously, this is ridiculous.

I almost didn’t write this post because, as I mentioned on Friday, I feel like I’ve been slacking on blogging. But, it turns out I do have some outfits to share in the monthly voting round up.

First, though, how did I spend my month?

  • Running a 10K PR
  • Volunteering at the Chicago Marathon
  • Attending an event at a friend’s jewelry store
  • Trying a new brewery
  • Going to my first Stella & Dot party
  • Being in a bar when Chicago found out the Cubs were going to the World Series
  • Attending a clothing swap hosted by Mag Mile Runner
  • Going to an F3 meeting
  • Learning how to weld at Arc Academy 
  • Brunching at Highline 
  • Running the Lake Bluff Pumpkin Chase 5K
  • Hosting an event at Shoe Drop
  • Running almost 80 miles
  • Working my day job

So, yeah, I guess thats where October went!

Anyway, since I also wore clothes in October and took a few pictures of some of those outfits, did I have a favorite of the ones I shared? Well, if I went based on the number of times I wore an outfit, it would be this one.

But, in terms of the one I like the look of best, it would be this one:


And what about you? Did you think October flew by? What were you up to? And what was your favorite outfit? Vote below!


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      We’ve only taken one class, but Jason wanted to learn because after you take two classes you can pay a drop-in fee and use their facility for your own projects. It’s something he’s been wanting to do for awhile so he found the place, scheduled the classes, and I said, sure, why not?

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