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Here we are with another month gone! September was a busy month, though, which is probably why it went fast. Did it go fast for you? Anyway, what was I so busy doing?

  • Ate dinner at Three Greens Market with Jason
  • Tried City Mini Golf and explored Maggie Daley park with Jason
  • Got concretes from Shake Shack
  • Had dinner at Umami Burger with friends
  • Ran the Park Ridge 5K
  • Grilled on our rooftop deck
  • Took Chewie to Nellcote
  • Signed up for a marathon (!!)
  • Attended a usability study for the CUTGroup
  • Attended a fundraiser to raise money for science scholarships
  • And, of course, working my day job, my contract job, and blogging

It’s a good thing I had some outfit photos saved up, huh? Speaking of which, one of the photos I took very early in September ended up being my favorite outfit of the month.


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I just loved how this outfit felt, looked, and took advantage of an item (the sports bra) I didn’t even buy with the intention of wearing with this dress. Sometimes my sub-conscious must be working overtime.

Anyway, now it’s time for you to vote for your favorite! Just use the poll below the collage to make your choice. Hopefully it will be less contentious than the U.S. election season, am I right?


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What was your favorite outfit of September?

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3 replies on “Favorite Outfit of September

  1. Emily @ Out and About

    Wow, you had a very busy and productive month!!! Woo hoo for the Miami Marathon – you are going to thoroughly enjoy being in south Florida during the brunt of the Chicago winter. What is the concrete from Shake Shack? And I want to hear more about the usability study for the CUTGroup!

    The lavender dress and sports bra were my favorite. I am still bummed that I wasn’t able to redeem that Lulu gift card from the SoulCycle event. You made out like a bandit with that sportsbra!!!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      A concrete is kind of like a Blizzard but with way more interesting ingredients! And better ice cream.

      You should definitely sign up for the CUTGroup! I think you’d really like it. This study was looking at a website/app that would help people find mental health providers in their neighborhood. I’ve done a couple others with them, too. They take about 45 minutes and you sit in front of a computer with the website pulled up. They ask you questions as you navigate around the website or app and you give them your feedback. It’s a lot of fun! They do them all around the city and you get paid $20 each time you participate. I just did another one this week that was on podcasts.

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