SIA: The POSE Round-Up

Style Imitating Art

It’s time to post the round-up of outfits submitted for this week’s Style Imitating Art choice! As a reminder, I picked a Detroit street art mural by an artist called POSE.


So, without further ado, here’s how everyone interpreted it!

Mike went out on a limb (for him!) and wore his Mario t-shirt because, as he says, “t’s the only t-shirt that I own that has any kind of graphic (at least in this form) on it. And with the rather “cartoon-like” piece, Brummel, this just seemed to fit the bill so well.”

Considering my husband is a huge video gamer and lover of pop culture t-shirts, I also think this shirt is perfect for this week! Thanks for sharing, Mike!

Next we have co-host Jen in one of my favorite tops of hers. The polka dots and the colors are so great. You have to visit her post to see the back of the top, too. It’s fun!


Salazar, our other co-host, went with a loose interpretation of stripes to echo the strong graphical lines and said she picked the belt since the mural is in an alley called “The Belt”. You can get all the details on her post.


Xat used this week’s art as the impetus to share an interesting hand-made piece. She wasn’t sure what to do with it but I personally like it as a skirt. You can find out more in her blog post.


Kezzie has the perfect skirt for this week! Cartoon-esque clouds? I love it! Plus she tried to pull in some of the other colors in the art. She says she was super busy so she didn’t get a full outfit photo. Hopefully we’ll see her recreate it on her blog soon!


Finally we have my outfit with my colorful, patterned top and silly pose.


Stay tuned for next week’s pick from Salazar! I, for one, am looking forward to it.

8 replies on “SIA: The POSE Round-Up

  1. Mike

    Hahaha, thanks Erin! I must admit that I was a little nervous about wearing my classic Super Mario shirt. But as I stated earlier, I wanted to sort of go out on a limb for this SIA because this piece was pretty wild (but cool!)!

    And truth be told, I am not a gamer by any means of the word. But I do like Mario. I used to play Super Mario Bros. when I was younger as we had the original Nintendo system. But I sucked big time at it and could never get past level 1!
    But like your husband, my brother is a big gamer too and he couldn’t stop laughing at the fact that a non gamer like me would wear such an iconic video game character shirt. He couldn’t even take my picture properly he was laughing so hard!

    Great job everyone as always! Looking forward to seeing what Salazar will come up with for our next challenge!

    1. Kandi

      I think Mike nailed this week’s challenge. The red and blue bricks make me want to smash my head into them to break them Mario-style. 🙂

  2. Salazar

    Ooh, I like Xat’s skirt! And Kezzie’s outfit is adorable, as always. This one’s such a fun inspiration, because everybody looks so different!

  3. Kezzie

    Doh, in retrospect,seeing Mike’s t-shirt and your comments about graphic print, I could have worn my comic strip dress and bag, was also the right colours! Love the diversity!!x

  4. Mike

    Haha, thanks everyone! This one was really fun for me to do (and thank you for not laughing at me!). Even when I was thinking about what I wanted to wear for this, I tried to think of something that would sort of “shock” everyone (including myself) but do it in a sort of fun and whimsical way. And to me, who is more fun and whimsical than Mario? So I just went for it. It was the only shirt I had with a graphic on it and for street art like this, incorporating something a little more fun seemed to be quite appropriate. And it came out great; everyone’s did. I love Erin’s stance in her picture (and her zigzag shirt), Xat’s well made skirt (so cool!), Kezzie’s fun and colorful cloud skirt, Salazar’s scarf used as a belt, and Jen’s polka dot shirt. I have to say it; we rock! 🙂

    1. Kezzie

      Ha, we doo!!!!
      I can’t get onto your blog Mike- I tried but it said I had to have a WordPress account (which I don’t have) !

  5. Emily @ Out and About

    It’s always so fun to see the different interpretations people come up with!!! I love Mike’s Super Mario Bros shirt because it brings back so many childhood memories for me! Plus the theme song is now playing in my head, hehe.

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