Sports bra to the rescue

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A few summers ago I bought this maxi dress at Old Navy but it’s so low cut that I always had to wear a camisole underneath it. But then I read about Jen’s idea to wear a sport bra under tops and dresses instead and I thought, “hey, I need to do that.”

However, all my sports bras were too, well, sporty. Until now.

purple maxi dress with sports bra crochet back sports bra worn with a dress

Dress- Old Navy (similar) | Sports bra – c/o lululemon (same) | Sandals – Sole Society (similar)

When I attended the grand opening of CycleBar back in July I got a gift certificate for a free lululemon sports bra. Now, I fully admit I’d never tried on, let alone purchased, anything from lululemon. But, I wasn’t about to turn down a free bra!

So, off to the lululemon in Oak Brook I went. I originally had my eye on this one but it was too…short? I dunno. I felt like I was going to have some under spillage. And I’m not even that well endowed! Anyway, I ended trying on this one. Turns out, it works perfectly with my maxi dress!

img_8375 how to wear a low cut dress with a sports bra

I’ve even surprised people by pointing out it’s a sports bra and not part of my dress! I’m now probably only going to wear this dress with this sports bra instead of the camisole I used to wear. Hooray for sports bras with fun backs! I’m really loving this trend.

13 replies on “Sports bra to the rescue

  1. Valerie

    What a great idea! The sports bra is GORGEOUS. I’m a sucker for fun detail beyond the regular racerback…especially when you have clothes that have cutouts in the back. What a sweet deal to get it for free too!

  2. Allyson Clark

    Hi Erin! I think both Lulu links go to the same sports bra, the one that was too low. What’s the name of the one you’re wearing? I love how it looks and have just the dress for this!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      It’s called the True Self Bra II. It’s sold out on the lululemon site but you can probably find it on eBay or Poshmark. In fact, I just changed the first link to the eBay search for it.

  3. Emily @ Out and About

    That sports bra is BEAUTIFUL. I love the back detailing!!! Everything about it goes perfectly with that dress. It’s like the two were made to go together!!! Presumably the sports bra is comfortable, too? (I have issue with all the ones out there that create the “uniboob” effect and/or flatten you out too much.) I am bummed that I didn’t have time to go redeem the Lulu offer before it expired!!!

  4. Jill Will Run

    Brilliant! Now I may stop avoiding some of the cute maxi dresses that I’ve seen that are too low. I never wanted to wear the additional layer of a camisole AND a bra when it’s 115 outside, but this solution will work!

  5. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    What a smart idea! I’ve never particularly understood the concept of decorative sports bras (when I’m wearing a sports bra, it’s certainly not to make a fashion statement…but I’m also not the type of person who goes out of my way to make sure I look good doing a workout, so perhaps I just don’t fall into the target demographic for fancy sports bras), but this is SUCH a great way to wear one! Love it.

  6. Maggie

    I love it! I’ve been buying lacey bralettes lately but have yet to wear them in any kind of exposed way. They also have very boring straps.

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