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Can prednisone cause weight gain Style Imitating Art

This week’s choice of art to imitate with an outfit is Le Chat Noir aka “The Black Cat.”



Jen chose this because she said that the tans, reds, blacks, and mustard colors felt very fall appropriate. Also because she’s a cat person and has it hanging in her house.

I, however, am a dog person*, so I’m pretty sure my interpretation is going to be Le Chien Noir and, will, of course, feature Chewie. The actual outfit is still up in the air, though. Stay tuned!

And, as always, if you want to participate just snap a photo of an outfit you wore inspired by this art and send it to librarianforlifestyle@gmail.com by next Monday evening, the 19th. She’ll post her round-up on the 20th.

*It should be said that I like cats just fine. I’m just horribly allergic to them.