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Five Goals for September

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Can you believe we’re already talking about goals for September? And that it’s practically a week into the month and I’m just now posting them? Yeah. Fun times! Like I said yesterday, I was busy in August!

Anyway, let’s do a quick refresher of what I wanted to accomplish in last month and whether or not I did it.

  1. Complete another sprint distance triathlon – Yes! I did the Iron Girl sprint triathlon in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. Recap here.
  2. Finish in the top three in the fitness competition at my gym (I’m currently in second place)  And second place was where I stayed! However, I found out I only lost to the woman who came in first by two points and that the third place person was definitely more than two points behind me. So, basically, it was neck-and-neck for first and second. If only I’d been able to bench more weight I would have won!
  3. Try the new Umami Burger that opened in our neighborhood – Yes, and Jason even ordered the speciality Monte Cristo burger. It was amazing. img_7062
  4. Start an 8 week training program to try and PR at a 5K at the end of September –  As evidenced by the training recaps I’ve been putting up on Fridays, I’m sticking to my training plan as best as I can. I’m struggling a bit with hitting my goal speedwork times but I blame that on the heat
  5. See the new Ghostbusters movie – Did not happen and I fully admit I didn’t even try to make it happen. I suppose now I’ll just wait until it shows up on Netflix.

And what do I want to do in September?

  1. Break 23 minutes in a 5K
  2. Take Chewie to one more patio
  3. Revive my NSCA studying
  4. Finish writing and developing the online training course I’m building at work
  5. Clean out my closet and go to the consignment shop

What about you? Any plans or goals for September?


  • Monday 8/29 – Leg strength workout
  • Tuesday 8/30 – 3 mile run & upper body strength workout
  • Wednesday 8/31 – Rest
  • Thursday 9/1 – 7×400 run and leg strength workout
  • Friday 9/2 – Upper body strength workout
  • Saturday 9/3 – 6 mile run
  • Sunday 9/4 – 45 mile bike ride