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Last year the Chicago Triathlon was my “big” race for the year. Although it wasn’t technically my first triathlon (I did the Esprit de She tri earlier that summer), it was the one I’d been training for for most of 2015.


This year I had plans to sign up for the sprint distance again but then my neighbor and friend ended up getting injured and needed someone to fill in for her as the runner on team “Tri Me a River.” They were signed up to do the Olympic/International distance as a relay team. One person would do the 1 mile swim, one person would do the 25 mile bike, and I would do the 6.2 mile run.

Although I attended the mandatory course talk before the race there was very little information provided about the relay portion of the event. To be honest, the two other times I’ve done a triathlon as part of a relay team they also provided very little information! Something about the relay aspect just always feel tacked on. Still, I knew as the runner I had ALL morning to figure it out. As long as I showed up near the “Run Out” sign before my cyclist got there, all would be well.


My knee was acting up a bit so I got it taped at the expo on Friday. Not pictured? The iced coffee I went and got while I waited for my turn.

Interestingly, for as strict as they claim to be about who can get into transition, there were NO volunteers manning the relay corrals. For all the warnings we got about not leaving bags laying around unattended, that’s mostly what was going on in the relay area. We had two fenced off areas outside transition where swimmers come in and runners go out. Thankfully our cyclist had her bike racked within spitting distance of the relay transition area so I could easily see her coming.

However, other than the slightly weird logistics, our race went well. Our swimmer did better than she expected and we had no missed hand-offs with our timing chip. The run was HOT though. Oh so hot. Thankfully some of the aid stations had ice that I was able to dump down my sports bra and the Chicago Fire Department had a water truck out and were spraying water on the course.


By the time I finished I was just as drenched as if I’d done the swim myself!

I ended up having a lot of fun but was really glad that I wasn’t doing the whole race all by myself┬áin that heat. Whew! Hopefully next year, when I plan to do the Olympic distance on my own, the weather will be better.



  • Monday 8/22 – Leg strength workout
  • Tuesday 8/23 – Upper body strength workout
  • Wednesday 8/24 – 35 minute tempo run
  • Thursday 8/25 – Leg strength workout
  • Friday 8/26 – Upper body strength workout
  • Saturday 8/27 –┬áRest
  • Sunday 8/28 – 10K run portion of the Chicago Triathlon