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Favorite Outfit of July

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

When  I put together these collages it’s always fun to see if there were any patterns to my outfits. Turns out for July the theme appears to be “dresses”. Seriously. I think I wore every dress I could get my hands on!

But what was I doing during the rest of the month whether or not I was wearing a dress?

Well, here’s a summary:

  • Trying to hit my July goals
  • Swimming a full mile in Lake Michigan
  • Going to Mahalo and Jeni’s ice cream with Emily
  • Enjoying happy hour at Formento’s with Margaret
  • Having dinner at Green Street Local
  • Working at packet pickup and as a course marshall for the Waterfall Glen Xtreme 10 Mile race
  • Volunteering at the Hemingway 8K in Oak Park
  • Riding my bike 40 miles with Live Grit
  • Buying a new dishwasher
  • Watching Jason race his car and visiting his grandmother in Indiana
  • Attending book club at Emily’s
  • Not writing as many blog posts as I would like
  • Playing Diablo II with Jason
  • Working the day job
  • Watching Slasher on Netflix (SO GOOD!)

But back to those dresses. I didn’t do nearly as many outfit posts this month so there are only five outfits to choose from when voting for your favorite. That might make it easier or harder, I’m not sure!

My favorite, though, was the outfit I put together for my Style Imitating Art challenge.


Do you guys agree with me? Vote below!


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What was your favorite outfit of July?

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Five Goals for August

About Me


First, let’s talk about last month. What were my goals for July?

  1. Have lunch at 3 Greens Market and then show Jason my office at work. – Totally did not happen. Jason raced his car quite a bit in July and when he wasn’t racing I was either working or volunteering at races of my own. Two different kinds of racing, though. Anyway, this could still happen in August but our weekends are already filling up!
  2. Do one open water swim. – YES! I did it AND I swam an entire mile, which is my longest open water swim to date.  In fact, I’m now planning to do one more sprint triathlon this summer and then next summer I’ll go up in distance and do at least one Olympic/International distance tri instead of just sticking to Sprint distances.
  3. Get a boozy sno cone at Expat – Our dishwasher broke last week and the silver lining was that I had to take the dog to daycare and stay home to wait for the repair guy to come over. Once Jason got home after work we walked to pick up Chewie from daycare and stopped at Expat on the way. I not only got a boozy snowcone but I also tried their boozy freeze pops.expat-drinks
  4. Read In the Unlikely Event for book club  – Yep! And I enjoyed it quite a bit. I recommend it if you like a good story filled with lots of interesting characters.
  5. Take Chewie to the dog beach – This didn’t happen, either. My main issue with the dog beach is that the traffic to get there and back is usually horrible and I HATE sitting in traffic.

So, I suppose three out of five isn’t bad! This exercise of doing five small goals a month, though, is starting to give me the confidence to lay out some bigger goals, especially for 2017 and beyond. But let’s start with August:

  1. Complete another sprint distance triathlon
  2. Finish in the top three in the fitness competition at my gym (I’m currently in second place)
  3. Try the new Umami Burger that opened in our neighborhood
  4. Start an 8 week training program to try and PR at a 5K at the end of September
  5. See the new Ghostbusters movie

What do you want to accomplish this month?

July Shopping Summary



Leggings – Onzie c/o Shopbop (sold out but these are similar and adorable) | Sandals – Sam Edelman c/o Shopbop (same, seen here)

If you follow anyone via social media who occasionally blogs about clothes you probably saw about 1000 posts dealing with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale over the past two weeks. But you didn’t see one from me.


Because I’m still sticking to my not spending my own money on clothes challenge! Both items above I got courtesy of my partnership with Shopbop and were paid for by my monthly Shopbop stipend.

And while, yes, I certainly “window shopped” the Nordstrom sale, I honestly didn’t feel like I HAD to buy something. And since I wasn’t buying I didn’t feel like it would make sense for me to blog about it. Although I’m sure the affiliate link income would have been nice.

Speaking of which, those links above do not earn me any money per-click but they do let Shopbop know that people are visiting their site because I’m talking about it. Which in turn allows me to continue my partnership with them. Also, I’m bummed that those leggings sold out before I posted about them here. I did share them on Twitter and Facebook when they were still in stock, though, so definitely follow me there for more up-to-the-minute announcements of things I love.

To be honest, though, I did almost break down and buy a few things. Mostly for the gym. Like this shirt from Jekyll & Hyde Apparel, this top from Old Navy or these shorts, as recommended by my personal trainer.

But, I have other things I want to save my money for so I stuck to my guns and didn’t bust out my credit card. Although, it was tempting!

SIA: Una and the Lion

Style Imitating Art

I feel like I’ve seen this painting before. Or maybe I’ve just seen something similar. Either way, this week’s Style Imitating Art choice from Jen is “Una and the Lion“.


Artist – Briton Rivière

This painting is full of neutral colors which is probably appropriate as we move into August, which, sadly, sometimes we think of as the winding down of summer. Thankfully it doesn’t mean it’s time for faux fur, though! Although that would go well with this painting.

Anyway, I haven’t decided what I’m wearing yet. So, come back next week to see what I end up picking as well as for the round-up on Jen’s blog!

Want to participate? Just come up with your own outfit inspired by “Una and the Lion” and email it to Jen by Monday, August 8th!