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SIA: The Great Wave

Style Imitating Art

Happy Monday! Did you have a busy weekend? Because I sure did! It was Chicago Triathlon weekend which, second to Chicago Marathon weekend and Good Life Race weekend, is one of my busiest. However, I still took some time for fun. I hope you did, too!

But I couldn’t leave you hanging on this week’s Style Imitating Art choice. This week Salazar chose a rather iconic painting – The Great Wave off Kanagawa


Also known as “The Wave”, one of the interesting things about this painting is that, as Salazar read in A History of the World in 100 Objects.

This is not a Japanese blue – it is Prussian blue or Berlin blue, a synthetic dye invented in Germany in the early eighteenth century and much less prone to fading than traditional blues.

So, yeah, I suppose that means you could wear blue! Or tan. Or something with a wave component. I currently have a top from Le Tote that could work or I could come up with something else. We’ll see!

Don’t forget to send your pics to 14shadesofgreyblog@gmail.com by next Monday, September 5th!