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SIA Round Up: The Door Within

Style Imitating Art

I’m loving the comments on my SIA post where I unveiled this week’s choice. I’d love to know the story about why someone threw this painting away, but I suppose we’ll just have to make up our own stories!

IMG_7130 2

Many of you were inspired to create outfits based on this painting, too.

First we have my friend Emily who chose a very colorful top and paired it with white capris.


Next we have Jen in her AMAZING teal dress and pink accessories. And her purple background. She always finds the best places to take photos. Even more amazing to me since she just moved to Tacoma and is still exploring!


Next is Karen from She Thought She Could, So She Did (which is currently one of my favorite mantras). Karen says she wore blue and coral since they were two of the main colors of the painting and found some stairs on which to pose to mimic the stairs in the artwork.


Xat wore a dress with a brushstroke pattern and many of the same colors of the painting.


Kezzie’s dress and shawl were perfect for this week! Kezzie said that she never knows what to do with this shawl so I’m glad this painting inspired her to pair it with her colorful dress.


SIA co-host Salazar was worried that she wouldn’t be able to participate since she doesn’t have a lot of abstract prints or bright colors in her closet. Thankfully she found a great outfit to put together! She says the “print on my shirt can recall the brushstrokes in the painting. I added my house pendant to mimic ‘the door within’, and wore my burgundy heels because there is a quite a bit of purplish red in the painting.” This is totally an outfit I would wear, too!


Leslie found a very colorful top and pants that bring in quite a few colors from the painting.


Finally, there’s my outfit.


Thank you to everyone who participated this time around! We had a great turnout and some wonderfully bright colors.

Stay tuned for next week’s pick which will hopefully inspire you just as much!